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by Mutt at 4:05 PM
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If you don't win Howard Stern Birthday Show tickets, you can still have fun on Jan 31st. Head out & have fun w/ fellow Stern fans. These are unofficial events being put together by fellow fans. If you put something together in your home town, let me know and I'll add it to the list and do my best to promote it.


NYC Fan Listening Party

NYC fans will hit the Hamerstern Ballroom Red Carpet first to catch a glimps of Stern Show stars. Afterwards fans will listen to the show from the 2nd floor of The Playwright Irish Pub on 35th. It's only a couple blocks away and the room is reserved of just Stern Fans

Playwright Irish Pub
27 W. 35th Street, New York, New York 10001 (Google Map)

Details can be found here. Be sure to RSVP


PITTSBURGH Fan Listening Party

Hough’s Bar is Hosting a Listening Party – Great Bar in the neighborhood right outside the City - Greenfield.

563 Greenfield Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15207

We will have our own Speakers in our Reserved Section. I won't be able to be able to be there and set up for the Red Carpet - I will be setting up around 5:30.

Happy Hour at Hough’s is until 6:00 (Half off drafts / $1 off appetizers and $1 off well drinks)


NYC Fan Ater Party

There will be a NYC Fan After Party at Stout on 33rd for all fans whether they got into the Birthday Bash or not. It's only 1 block away from Hammerstern. Wackpackers & show regulars are encouraged to stop by. I'm sure some Stern fan would love to buy you a drink.

Stout NYC
133 West 33rd Street, New York, New York 10001 (Google Map)

Details can be found here


If you are planning a listening party in your hometown, let me know the details.

I will be sure to plug the events on my Jan 30th Howard Stern Birthday Bash Eve Super Fan Roundtable.
by Mutt at 12:47 PM
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Howard Stern Birthday Show
The Howard Stern Birthday Show is a SiriusXM sponsored event which will be held at Hammerstein Ballroom on Jan 31st 2014. It will be hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and will be broadcast on Howard 100 live that Friday night at 6PM. There will a pre-show starting at 4PM & a post show.

Howard, Robin, Fred, & Benjy will be on stage.

SiriusXM subscribers can sign up to win tickets here.

Howard will also be giving away tickets. The following post has a very short list of people that are confirmed to be attending. (LINK) I'll keep adding to it as more people are announced.

I just searched for photos of Hammerstein Ballroom and I can't believe this is where the party will be. It looks amazing. 1500 people will be in attendance and the theater will be set for dinner seating. Guests will be served drinks & food catered by Nobu's Richie Notar. I expect celebs will be on the floor and fans will be in the balcony.

CHECK BACK FOR UPDATES: I will keep updating this post as I learn more about the event.

STERNTHOLOGY: A birthday show Sternthology special will run all morning with segments from previous birthday shows.

RED CARPET PRE-SHOW: Jillian Barberie will host a pre-show from the red carpet. Pre-show starts at 4PM.

POST SHOW: No details yet other than it is NOT a Jon & Gary Wrap Up Show.

LISTEN LIVE FREE: Subscribers can listen to Howard 100 as usual. Non-subscribers will be able to listen live for free. Just go to and there will be a listen link. Click it & listen without having to install any additional software. It should work on PC, Mac, iOS, & Android. Details can be found here.

LISTENING PARTIES & AFTER PARTY: If you didn't win tickets you can listen & hang with other Stern fans. Details can be found here.

MUTT NOTE: This is the 1st Birthday Show that fans have been invited to and hundred of us will be there. If you got in, considered yourself lucky as hell. If you didn't, stop with the "this is bullshit" comments I'm seeing all on SFN, facebook, & Twitter and hearing on the Wrap Up Show. More fans will be at this event than any other SiriusXM concert. Not everyone can get in but all of us can listen and at the end of the day, this is a radio show.

01-14-14 UDATE: The event will include dinner & open bar. Richie Notar from Nobu is catering the event. Steven Tyler will perform w/ a special guest. I got the impression that it will be a cover & not an Aerosmith song. Jon Bon Jovi will perform. John Fogerty will perform 2 songs which were picked by Howard. Daniel Mendelson the Howard Stern opera guy is also performing. Sarah Silverman, Louis CK, David Letterman, & John Stamos have been confirmed as guests / announcers. Howard says to dress your best. As more is announced I'll add it.

01-21-14 UPDATE: It's either been announced on air or tweeted that Elephant Boy, Ham Hands Bill, Bobo, Mariann from Brooklyn, Medicated Pete, Mutt, Lisa Lampanelli, Psych, Eli Bradon, & Lil Mikey will be at the #HowardBDayBash.

01-22-14 UPDATE: Howard says there will be 10 musical performances & all of late night will be there. I assume Jimmy Fallon will sing Neil Young and both Jon Stewart & Steven Colbert seem like possibles. The H100 News says Sour Shoes, Wendy the Retard, & Gary the Retard are going. Eric the Midget, Crackhead Bob, Hanzi, & Beetlejuice have been invited but it's unknown if they will be able to make it. Natalie Maines & Mark McGrath tweeted that they'll be there.

01-27-14 UPDATE: Beth leaked on Rachael Ray that Jewel & Natalie Maines will be there. She didn't say perform but that's my assumption. King of all Blacks & Mark the Bagger are in. Chelsea Handler said she and David Spade will be there.

01-28-14 UPDATE: Howard said the bash will be 4 maybe 5 hours long. There will be a Sternthology special with best of clips from previous birthday shows Friday AM leading up to the 4P Red Carpet Show. The birthday show will repeat Monday at 6A.

by Mutt at 1:59 PM
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SiriusXM Assigns Three Top Talk Execs To New Roles

September 9, 2013 at 12:28 PM (PT)

A memo to staff at SIRIUS XM RADIO from Pres./Chief Content Officer SCOTT GS announced that the top management of the company's Talk programming is being shuffled, with three executives being given newly-divided responsibilities.

JEREMY COLEMAN, longtime SVP/Talk and Entertainment, has been named SVP/HOWARD STERN Channels. COLEMAN, former OM/PD at WJFK/WASHINGTON and WNEW/NEW YORK, has been with SIRIUS XM since 2003.

TIM SABEAN, who has been in charge of the STERN channels, has been named SVP/Entertainment and Comedy, overseeing the service's Comedy channels as well as personality shows, including OPIE & ANTHONY, PIOLÍN RADIO, JASON ELLIS, RON & FEZ, COVINO & RICH, and DINO COSTA, as well as the RADIO SEX channel. The veteran programmer came to SIRIUS XM in 2005 from CBS RADIO Rock WYSP/PHILADELPHIA.

And DAVE GORAB moves from VP/Original Talk Programming to VP/GM, Talk Programming. GORAB joined SIRIUSXM in 2004 after serving as producer of JIM CRAMER's syndicated talk show, VP of Programming for LAUNCH RADIO NETWORKS, and Dir./Programming Operations for SONY WORLDWIDE NETWORKS.

All three will report directly to GS.
by bluedevil30 at 7:48 AM
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Recap added by Mutt

for 15 months Howard has said this is Robin's story to tell. today he told us the story. it was around 7:30a this morning & stretched into the 8 hour

15 months ago she couldn't urinate while at a wedding in Pittsburgh. she went to the emergency room who drained her bladder and told her it would be fine. When she got back to the hotel it happened again. She went back and they had to give her a catheter.

she had a mass in her pelvis but they weren't sure what it was. they eventually determined the tumor was cancer and said they needed to open her up to see it. They scheduled an operation for the memorial day break. They did 1 last show before the operation and she didn't want to mention it on air. the surgery was 12hrs long. when she woke up at midnight nobody was around to tell her what happened. She had no idea how bad it was going to be. it was possible that she'd have a permanent colostomy bag or much worse.

the tumor was about the size of a grapefruit. it took 8 hours to remove it because it was on all of her organs. they had to remove some lymph nodes. After the surgery she thought everything seems great but 2 weeks later they started talking to her about trying to prolong her life. It was a rare form of uterine cancer that formed outside of her uterus. Her boobs are cancer free.

She went to Sloan Kettering & had a team of people who advised her on treatment & a cure instead of just prolonging life. They gave her radiation & chemo. The treatment ran through the rest of the year. She still couldn't pee. She wound up w/ an ileostomy (urine bag & crap bag) strapped to her leg.

Out of all this she only missed 2 1/2 shows. She worked right through the chemo. She handled the radiation really well. She even made it out to see a Broadway show & dinner w/ friends during it. She still felt good. After the 1st round of chemo she got home & passed out. She did 4 rounds. She lost all of her hair. (including pubic hair) She's still without eyebrows & eyelashes. In Jan 2013 they did a surgery to reverse the ileostomy.

3 1/2 months ago (June) the doctor said she's cured.


Howard said how he would get into horrible crying sessions thinking about going on without Robin.

Robin got choked up today explaining how there quality of life were things she wouldn't be able to live with. it was possible things would go down that road and she'd rather not go on if that was the case. she didn't think she's be able to live like that. howard's love for her made her realize that she could might be able to go on even under those circumstances.

robin said she can no longer do colonics

Howard says he prayed for her.

Robin says she can now bike 2 miles but is still recovering from the treatment.

Robin says she doesn't have a whole lot of masturbation desire but she's tried it out & is happy that all the feelings are still there.

at the Christmas party Howard told Robin, have fun at your barium enema

Howard gave Robin a gift basket with a photo of himself. That will make her feel better.


Dr Agus consulted Robin and came up with the plan to save Robin's life - @DavidAgus

Dr Elliot Newman at NYU performed the surgery to remove the tumor
by Mutt at 3:24 PM
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Check out the new because they've been busy and it's more than just a new skin.

Here's a video tutorial of all the new bells & whistles
by the block at 1:39 PM
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I was going through the new, which was in great need of a revamp and I think they did a great job I might add, and I came across a staff profile for Marci Turk, "Chief Operations Officer".


I don't recollect Howard or anyone else ever making mention of her before. If she's not going to ever be on-the-air, I don't know why she has a profile on the site. Her LinkedIn page is up to date and says she works for HSS, leaving her last job in "2013", so this must have been a very recent hire.

I wonder if this is what Howard was announcing when he had that big meeting the same day ra ra retard double booked Jewel and Jenny McCarthy.

I'll be interested to see what kind of presence/impact she'll have on the show.
by Mutt at 9:55 AM
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Richard Christy sent over this message and a link to his new heavy metal cartoon. Hope you enjoy it.


For Lovers of Heavy Metal Viking Rock Opera Homoerotic Medieval Animated Musical Cinema, There Is Finally A Cartoon For You. Its Name Is Majestic Loincloth. The Brainchild of Charred Walls of the Damned Drummer and Comedian Richard Christy, Majestic Loincloth has been over 10 years in the making. Featuring music from Richard Christy and fellow Charred Walls of the Damned member Jason Suecof and animation by Dicko Mather and Chris Prynoski from Titmouse Animation (Animators of Metalocalypse), Majestic Loincloth is 10 episodes of idiotic heavy metal hilarity. In the premier episode Manly Metal Warrior Gunnar Steedhorn must help his studly son Oliver defeat Orloff the Gravedigger, the evilest evil guy in the history of all evilness! New episodes will appear every other Thursday on the Rugburn Channel on Youtube.

UPDATE: Episode 2 is now up.
by Mutt at 9:42 AM
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America's Got Talent will be live from Radio City Music Hall this year. Howard Stern says he's so proud to bring this show to NYC and it being at Radio City is especially meaningful to him. This is a gigantic venue which easily hold twice as many people. We'll all have to go out and see Howie, Mel B, Heidi, & Howard. Mariann From Brooklyn is ecstatic because they have beautiful boxes there. I can't wait to join her there.


RCMH is across the street from SiriusXM (google map) so it will be easy to swing by before / after SFRT. Obviously Howard doesn't walk in & out of the front door or he'd have seen the giant neon lights. The corner in the photo above faces the corner of the SiriusXM building where Del Frisco's is. I expect lots of fan get togethers at area bars before and after the shows. Last year in Newark was a great venue & an exciting way to meetup w/ other Stern fans but this really takes it to the next level.


Only the live shows will be at RCMH. The auditions are happening now. The NYC auditions are next week (April 8 to 10) and will take place at the Hammerstein Ballroom. You can sign up for free tickets here. It's a long day but Stern fans should hit it at least once.

BEtVL-3CYAEzRwZ.jpg large.jpg
by Mutt at 12:40 PM
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Does Benjy Bronk look like Bradly Cooper like Elyssa says? She says you have to look close at his face. Here they are side by side.

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