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Posting Guidelines


These aren't really rules. They are more like guidelines on how to be a good member of our community. We like to keep the site laid back and normally almost anything goes. Problem is there are haters out there that are drawn to the site and would love to see Howard and SFN die. We need to keep the shitheads in line while letting the fans enjoy the site and it's a tough line to walk. Please help us keep it fun.

This isn't a place to bitch about Sirius, the show, Howard, his vacations, his days off, etc. It's a fan site and it's about enjoying the show. For most people that's just fine. To the people who want to complain, I don't want to hear your speech about freedom or censorship letting me know how you should be able to say anything you want just like Howard. Let me clear this up, you aren't Howard and this isn't your personal stage. This is how we run the site and if you do not like it, there are lots of other websites out there. We have a ton of great members and I hope you become one of them.

Ignoring these warnings will get you booted from the site. I'll sum them up for ya. Don't post anything that will cause problems for the site, our advertisers, the show, or the people involved with them. Obvious flames where the intention of the post is to irritate or start problems will be removed and the member warned/banned based on the severity of the post from my point of view.

1. Do not argue with the staff. Do not debate the SFN policies and whether or not you technically broke the rules. Do not dispute the Staff's decisions. Do not debate whether someone should be a VIP or not. We do not want to explain why every single administrative move was made. Just accept it was for the good of the site. If your post was deleted it's for a very good reason so don't post it again. Don't make a new thread bitching about how it was deleted or about how the mod is on a power trip.

2. Do not harass the VIPs. VIPs are somehow associated with the show and are protected members. They have custom titles under their usernames identifying them. Using the excuse that you don't consider that person a VIP doesn't hold any merit. If you know their name because of the show, they're a VIP. You can discuss them and play with them but don't fuck with them. You do not have to like them or agree with them but you can't be mean. If you make them uncomfortable, you'll be the one who's booted. IF they attack you, you are allowed to defend yourself but that doesn't mean you can be a total asshole. Please use some sort of restraint even if they are out of control.

VIPs include but are not limited to the following

  • Stern Show Staff & their significant others
  • Stern Show Regulars / Comedians
  • Stern Show Regular Callers - the guys on the show know by name
  • Stern Show Wackpackers
  • Stern Show Interns
  • SiriusXM Staff & DJs
  • The Howard 100 News Team
  • Howard TV Staff
  • Ferrall Show Staff
  • The staff of the other H101 shows
NOTE: Don't trash BethO. We all know you are just doing it to try and get Howard's attention. It's not fun or funny. You aren't clever. You're just an asshole.

3. Leave the real world out of it. Don't dig into people's (on the show or on the site) private lives or their families. You can all fight online. Hell, sometimes I think that's why Al Gore invented the internet. What you can't do is bring your online board war home. This is all for fun. Don't start calling people at home or at work. People shouldn't be afraid to come here because you might cost them their job on knock on their door.

4. This is not the complaint department. I'm sure you have complaints about Howard's days off, the vacations, how much SiriusXM charges, your broken radio, etc and venting a little is normal but posting one long diatribe after the next about how you're getting fucked, the show sucks, you're cancelling, etc is too fucking much. If you are unhappy w/ something, move on. You aren't going to convert the rest of us that are enjoying the show each day.

5. We don't care who you think sucks. I'm tired of thread after thread of "so & so sucks, get him off the show". If you have real comments about something that happened on the show thats fine but so many of you just seem to be loving the hate. You are not allowed to harass the VIPs or the Staff so get your angry ass out of here. If you must vent, post it in the post it in the "Who Gives a Shit" forum. In there the gloves are off.

6. Don't bother telling us your bullshit about how your shock jock is better than Howard. Go tell it to your retard friends because we aren't buying it. We don't care to debate it. It's a dead issue. Accept it now, your guy sucks ass. It's not that we can't take your "evidence", it's just who the hell cares about you & your shock jock. Again, if you must vent, post it in the "Who gives a Shit" forum.

7. "Howard Read this!!!" I know we are all excited and sure it would be great for someone from the show to read your message but try to refrain from making the site all about trying to get their attention. It's one of the things that made Howard's official board hard to read. If you want someone's attention, be a funny creative poster and start contributing. The only sure way to get a VIP a message is email them. Visit our contact info page for show & VIP contact info.

8. Don't bump an ancient thread ... unless you have a really really good reason. Posting "she's hot" in a 5 year old thread will cause the other members to become angry. Don't do it.

9. Watch what you post and where you post it. There are several forums here and we have them for a reason. Take it upon yourself to post in the appropriate forum. This is mainly to keep things neat but adult material is something that you MUST post in the appropriate forum. All nudes or other not safe for work material belongs in our Adult Forum.

10. Don't scare away the chicks. I don't want this to be a sausagefest so when a female makes a post you don't all have to jump all over her to ask for nude pics, tell her she's a fat slut, or take out your personal issues on them.

11. Don't be a racist jerkoff. It's not funny. The occasional off color joke or photo goes with the spirit of the Stern Show but sometimes this place can look like a clan/skinhead rally. Ease up on the racism. This is sort of like #10 don't scare off chicks. I don't want you scaring off anyone becasue you were "just being funny" when you went off on blacks, gays, Jews, asians, etc. Nobody's asking you to be politically correct. Just don't be a scumbag.

12. No Soliciting. I can not let every tom dick and harry come onto SFN and beg for money. No more buy me boobs, help pay my bills, send me money posts from people we don't know. Even if we know you, it still shouldn't be done unless it's been OK'd by me. Don't try to sell your crap or promote your website. Don't even post affiliate links. Basically, don't try to make money off of SFN or scam our members. Nobody should be soliciting for anything what so ever without permission from Mutt. Your account will be closed. If you have some legitimate thing you need promoted, run it by me first.

Please don't quote these rules or point fingers at other members who you feel are breaking the law. This is not something that you can study and look for legal loopholes defending why you shouldn't be in trouble. It's just a list of things that will piss me off if you handle them the wrong way. If you don't want to get banned, pay attention.
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