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SFN Supporter Info


Registered members can donate here.
Thanks for checking out what being a SFN Supporter means. Basically, it's a way for members to help SFN by donating a couple bucks and keep our website running.

SFN runs on 3 dedicated servers and pushes out close to 100 million page views to over 3 million unique visitors each year. That's a lot of hardware & bandwidth. Most advertising companies aren't interested in our type & those that are too many times that not are ads we'd rather not run. That's why every sponsor we do get is precious to us but even with advertising it's difficult to cover the expenses of running a website of this size. Your contributions really make a huge difference and all support money goes towards the bills associated with SFN.

What do Supporters Get?
So what do you get other than a warm fuzzy feeling by helping out? Supporters get additional features that would be too costly or risky for us to give to every member.

  • Most of the generic ads are blocked for Supporters. SFN Sponsor ads however are still displayed.
  • All members can upload a static avatar but supporters can have large animated ones.
  • All members can have a signature but supporters can have images and links in them.
  • All members can upload an attachment to a post but supporters can upload multiple attachments to each posts making it possible to create galleries of photos. Additionally supporters can upload larger files, photos with larger dimensions, and extra file types that others can't like .zip or .mp3.
  • All members can receive & reply to Private Conversations (PCs) but supporters can initiate them and add or remove people from the PC. You will also be able to upload attachments to PCs.
  • You will bypass the posting flood check which means you don't have to wait 30 seconds between posts or searches.
  • You can customize the "What's New" page to ignore forums that you aren't interested in.
  • Some of the message editing / deleting restrictions are removed.
  • You will be able to post events in the calendar for things like comedy shows, birthdays, get-togethers, etc. (NOTE: the events are moderated)
  • You will get extra album & media gallery permissions.
  • You can request to have your screen name changed. (within reason)
  • When it's available, you will be able to tag users in your posts. The user will get a notification that you tagged them w/ a link tot he post.
  • When it's available, you will be able to customize some pages & hide certain parts of it. Things like the modules on the homepage, sections of the forum you don't visit, the sidebar, etc.
  • When it's available, you will have access to the "Live View" of the site. This lets you sit in a thread and have new posts appear as they are made and scroll past you instead of you scrolling past them.
  • I am considering a private ad free Supporter only forum with relaxed posting guidelines but I'm not sure if it would get enough use to justify it.
  • Access to raffles for Sponsor giveaways when they occur. ( this is to weed out Mults entering the raflle multiple time with multiple accounts )
  • Various other little tweaks.

How & How Much?
Donations can be made via paypal or credit card on the Account Upgrades Page in your control panel.

  • $25 makes you a Supporter for 6 months. When your time is up, your account will revert back to regular member and you will lose the perks that came w/ being a Supporter.
  • $40 makes you a Supporter for 1 year. Like the 6 month Support, when your time is up your account will revert back to regular member.
  • $100 makes you a Gold Supporter which is non-expiring.
  • There is an auto renewing $5 month to month option which will make you a Supporter until you tell PayPal you'd like to stop.
Online account upgrades are handled immediately. At this time there is no way to donate online to make someone else supporter.

Optionally, you can mail a check or money order payable to iMonkey Inc. to PO Box 662 Warminster PA 18974. Be sure to include the screen name of the account you want made into a supporter in the notes field and email Mutt with a heads up. Expect a 2-4 week delay with postal mail donations.

NOTE: All contributions to iMonkey are non-refundable. You are not purchasing something. Becoming a supporter does NOT mean you can blow off the site rules or Posting Guidelines. Violating our TOS will resulting in having your account closed regardless of whether or not you are a site supporter.

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