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May 12, 2015
Dec 8, 2006
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Easy Street

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Full Member, from Easy Street

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May 12, 2015
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    1. Dream Theater69
      Yup...missed that...went right over my bald head.
    2. Dream Theater69
      Hey Benny, I was just kidding this morning...we cool? :worried2:
    3. 1BadMF
      I used to suspect that old people having sex was disgusting until I became old myself. Now I'm sure of it.
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    4. 1BadMF
      You should make a Christmas card with pictures of your dog's best shit piles over the last year.
    5. 1BadMF
      I just figured out that God is a woman and bad things happen when she's on her period.
    6. 1BadMF
      Did you ever notice that if a woman can be observed doing something, some creep has a fetish about it.
    7. 1BadMF
      FYI: Pottery Barn has huge knockers
    8. deadlarrygreen
      Happy Halloween.............
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      • This user has been removed from public view.
    9. potato
      Speak to you in Jan. You really should do something in December whether at Lexus or anywhere else. You'll get the best deals as they all have sales in December.
    10. potato
      Hey Bennie, It's me Tato. Not on much anymore. But I check in once and a while. Saw your post from last night. I'm a sales manager at a Lexus dealer. If your interested, send me an e-mail. cbrescia@newcountry.com I'll take care of you.
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    11. Chiva
      Hiya :hw:
    12. deadlarrygreen
      Hello.......How are you doing??????
    13. deadlarrygreen
      Thank you be my friend. Have a wonderful day.
    14. kace
      wife swap is on
    15. Chiva
      Chuckc is a faggot
    16. kace
      wait...THATS NOT YOU IN YOUR AV... maybe i dont love the bee..maybe i love that girl in your av..
    17. HelloYooHoo!
      Lol, I also thought your av was you. I think you are lovely and witty and I hardly know you.
    18. enimim
      whaaaaaaaaaaaaa, it is just weird to see you differently, as your av is, because after all those years, I thought that was you.
      You are more beautiful, that that girl in your av, you should put that pic as your av.
    19. kace
      i love the bee
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    Easy Street
    anything that makes me cry.
    Books & Magazines:
    fiction. and People magazine.
    SiriusXM Subscriber:
    unfortunately, yes.
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