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Feb 3, 2009
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May 28
Chico, CA

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    1. djenkin8
      What has been going on is I say a positve opinion of the show and the same old people bash me(Sound familiar,put up false info(sound familiar or continue to call me names and hate on me.Your friends can't take it.Why if you or any of them that don't like the show,do you come on SFN....And I don't "Sh*ttalk..I can't figure you out buddy.Why do you crap on people that have a positive opinion.
    2. djenkin8
      I haven;t called anyone a "Hater"(Because they can't take it.And I haven't "Sh*ttalked anthing.
    3. Ryan_lever
      where you been?
    4. djenkin8
      No more name calling or sh*t talking from me.My opinions are sometimes stupid and I just have to be aware of it.
    5. djenkin8
      Hey man.Are we finally squashing this beef we have.I have no intrest in fighting with you or the rest of the guys that dispise me on here..I can deal with the ribbing if I say somthing stupid.But will the personal attacks keep on??What do I have to do to cool it off?
    6. sternski
      thats why i dont get why hes trying to play a victim and get people in trouble here......dudes a malicious fucking retard and deserves a punch in the fucking face...tellin me hes gonna fuck up my wife and daughter if he sees me?lol.....dude jerks off to gaping assholes and feet.nuff said.
    7. sternski
      tom from toronto emailed me this morning to "just drop it"....and i did,we all did because nobody cares about that mental midget darius the rat cunt snitch pussy starts that thread tonight bringing it all back up like hes a faggot victim makin shit up that we gave out his home address...........fuck that goof.

      hes embarrassed he jacks off to gaping assholes and feet and hes trying to make it out hes a victim cuz hes ashamed.

      what a fucking goof.
    8. jgsanti
      ID #440840
      password: mac hine (actually, just "machine")
    9. Holtz
      I banned Sally. You were right.
    10. Holtz
      Feel free to get back in. See the info below.
    11. Holtz
      You know you could have sent me an email about your concerns. I would have listened. I sent out a league email on whether the league wanted him in or not a few minutes ago. I'll keep you posted if you want to get back in.
      • This user has been removed from public view.
      • This user has been removed from public view.
    12. salafibrigades
      I just unfollowed your ass on Twitter. You asshole.
    13. salafibrigades
      Jacob Aagaard (Denmark, Scotland, born 1973)
      Alexander Baburin (Russia, Ireland, born 1967)Anjelina Belakovskaia (Ukraine, USA, born 1969)
      Liudmila Belavenets (Russia, born 1940)
      Sergey Belavenets (Russia, 1910–1942)
      Alexander Beliavsky (Ukraine, Slovenia, born 1953)
      Jana Bellin (Czechoslovakia, England, born 1947)
    14. salafibrigades
      Jacob Aagaard (Denmark, Scotland, born 1973)
      Manuel Aaron (India, born 1935)
      István Abonyi (Hungary, 1886–1942)
      Gerald Abrahams (England, 1907–1980)
      Tatev Abrahamyan (Armenia, USA, born 1988)
      Leonardas Abramavičius (Lithuania, before 1912–1960)
      Jude Acers (USA, born 1944)
      Peter Acs (Hungary, born 1981)
      Michael Adams (England, born 1971)
      Weaver Adams (USA, 1901–1963)
      Utut Adianto (Indonesia, born 1965)
      András Adorján (Hungary, born 1950)
      Yochanan Afek (Israel, born 1952)
      Vladimir Afromeev (Russia, born 1954)
    15. DICKWAD
      I was looking for WDM. I already have Dem. Acct. thanks anyway I'll erase the code so you can use it. thanks.
    16. Trap-Jaw
      Whats up man? Doing ok? Ready for the season without fat boy, I am.
    17. A mysterius man
      I see the 101 feed there, but no metion of a current 100 feed. Not a problem really. I download most of the shows daily from That will be good enough for now. Hey, it's free, right? :)
    18. A mysterius man
      Old news is so exciting.. This has been talked about ad nauseam for 6 months, and it's not $22 a year, it's $24 , or $2 per month..

      It was a deal breaker for me.. I was happy to pay the subscription fee even though I download the shows anyway, but guess what, now you get nothing..

      This is a product you can get for free on the internet from at least a dozen sources, including live streaming..

      Join the revolution..
      When you say live streaming, are you talking about just when the show is live, or a live 100,101 feed all day? If it's the latter, please enlighten me as to where!
    19. InjunCharlie
      I agree. Steve Harris FTW~!!!
    20. Trap-Jaw
      I'm still buzzed from last night lol
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