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Jul 28, 2006
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Dec 14, 1974 (Age: 40)
Faubourg Marigny

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    1. carlito_tx
      wear them jaguar print panties later. I'll be waiting. Waiting to TAKE you.
    2. carlito_tx
      I'd like to play out a little rape scenario with you later on. Cool?
    3. carlito_tx
      let's fuck in the dining room tonight. It will be exciting.
    4. whatsit101
      that was cool of you carlito
    5. bobtraw
    6. carlito_tx
      I'm having sexual feelings for you. big time.
    7. bobtraw
      bobtraw > woman
    8. bobtraw
      I meant what I said. I'm sorry that you don't like me.
    9. CathyMitchell
      Dude it's me. I don't know why you don't believe me. Maybe I'm not as neat as I used to be.
    10. Swayze
      No, it's not gay, but I am, I want to be inside you right away, no delays ok
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    11. bobtraw
      Hi Carlito, how's it all hanging? Are you letting it all hang out?
    12. Amarett
      Hello :)
    13. bobtraw
      So what is the culture of the Lounge?
    14. bobtraw
      Carlito_tx, what does it all mean????

      "a poster that had magnificent star power before he/she started caring about the Lounge culture too much.

      Comparison-wise, I just meant, bobtraw is a recent 'discovery'"
    15. P-B
      Here's a message, Mr "Full Member."
    16. yamoron
      Yeah...it's tough going through the healing process with the dog. Our first day home was so tough, my wife asked, " do you think we did the right thing?"

      The dog doesn't understand what they can and can't do, and not allowing them to do the things that they regularly do, is stressful!

      $3000.00!!! Man, ours was a deal at $1555.00, I guess, but the main thing is that it's all worth it in the long run. Take care. See ya on the forums!
    17. yamoron
      I'm glad to hear it went well. Sounds like the surgery was a lot less invasive than what mine went through. Good luck!
    18. yamoron
      hey, carlito...

      How'd your dog make out with the ACL repair? Mine's doing OK, but when she tries to walk , she moves the bum leg the wrong way, sometimes, and lets out a yelp. Take care.

      • This user has been removed from public view.
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    Dec 14, 1974 (Age: 40)
    Faubourg Marigny
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