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Feb 23, 2015
Jan 7, 2010
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Feb 23, 2015
    1. crazyalicerox
      I know what you mean. My brothers' dogs are like members of our family. I am as excited to see them soon when I go on vacation soon as his children & he,lol. I have heard a difference in the show this week too. I think Howard needs a fire under him, like it sounds like he is raging a war with the authority once again in his career. Maybe that's what is needed to get him back to his old self & the show rolling in the right direction again.
      I understand your frustration & if you ever need to vent, don't hesitate.
      Family probs are very difficult.
    2. BenBas's been a tuff 3yrs with my Mom in a NH (a BEAUTIFUL NH)..I didn't put her there...and fought a long EXPENSIVE battle with an older sister (who I do not speak to & lives on the outer banksNCNEVER saw her Mom)and yet had the DPOA!
      So my Mom gave up her will to live after my beloved Sis died...
      I don't know how I would have gotten thru the past 5yrs without the SHOW! and the SFN!
      NOW I'm dealing with my Dog Ben who is 14..blind/deaf...watching him decline is JUST AS DIFFICULT!!!
      The show's been GREAT this week! LOVING the show! (not so much the WUS haha) all their whining and fake fights haha
      Thanks agan! LOVE your posts too!!
    3. BenBas
      Hey...thank u so Mom was in hospice for I was prepared..however I fought a long court battle with an older sister who placed her in a NH in NJ ...she never saw her Mom...I was her caregiver for the past 5yrs...VERY difficult miss their calls/their voice....I lost my beautiful Sister last year so it's been difficult...thanks to Howard & Co. for making me laugh ..and the SFN..I was here all last week just not posting....thanks...xoxoBenBas
    4. Pukyak Lover
      Hi Dan -- great name! Glad you're enjoying the book. You should bring it to Gary's book signing and ask him to autograph it. That would be funny.
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