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Jul 27, 2015 at 12:56 PM
Jan 6, 2006
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August 16
DFW yall

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Full Member, from DFW yall : you doin ok? May 9, 2013

geodork was last seen:
Jul 27, 2015 at 12:56 PM
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    1. kace
      we were evacuated on sunday.. looks like it may miss our home..but many friends lost theres

      really sad to see our lake scarred like this..we are safe in a hotel ..
    2. 1BadMF
      I accidentally took a breath next to an Armenian guy.
    3. DrSublux
      Sorry to hear that. You have a few options other than surgery to try first. Steroid injections may help or spinal decompression (high tech form of traction). Yoga helped me with strengthening the back muscles. I guess it all depends on the amount of degeneration you have. Good Luck
    4. Namber
      Thanks for the Birthday wish. xoxo Amb
    5. 1BadMF
      Tried really hard to wink at someone yesterday but ended up farting instead.
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    6. salafibrigades
      Are you sending me that keyboard?
    7. 1BadMF
      Don't push the envelope. Take a shit in it and mail it to God.
    8. Acid Lad
      Ha ha no problem, Luv.
    9. lesbian seagull
      aHa! thanks
      it worked, but then i realized i was posting show material and deleted it.
    10. 1BadMF
      Stop being so stuck up. "Great pussy" is a compliment!
    11. 1BadMF
      If your husband didn't have a Lexus underneath the Christmas tree for you, then he's a piece of shit who doesn't know what love is.
    12. MaddoxMisery
      Met some good people. My fear has dissipated for the most part. Smacking down egotistical sociopaths is a specialty.
    13. MaddoxMisery
      Thank you thank you. I absolutely appreciate it. I'm glad I'm finally here too. To think I was apprehensive and lurking 2 months ago.
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      • This user has been removed from public view.
    14. jdwhatever
      whats a mult
    15. DrivenByDemons
      My Boss is a little bitch and I will put my rawckin cock on top of his head before I send you the pic.
    16. Pretty Princess
      I really do not like fake drunks.
    17. 1BadMF
      I finally broke down and put up a Christmas tree. Not to get in the holiday spirit but to show I can still kick the shit out of nature.
    18. neesie1
      Saw your message. What happened now??? :doh:
    19. 1BadMF
      I just installed a pop-up my pants.
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    August 16
    DFW yall
    MS and more
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