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Sep 23, 2014
Feb 8, 2009
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Jul 1, 1976 (Age: 39)

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SFN Supporter, 39, from Arkansas

Holtz was last seen:
Sep 23, 2014
      ur a pos just cuz

      jelly cuz i iz the most famous hoosier here
    2. boeing46
      They got me pretty good even though I hate to admit it. I'm the getcha guy not gotcha guy. I hate pedophiles worse than anything so you can maybe understand my concern. i hope you're doing well. I gave up on the Debbie blog because she was doing it so seldom for awhile. Is she back to doing it on a daily or at least a somewhat continuous basis?
      Peace Holtzy
    3. boeing46
      What's up Holtzy? Can I asume you got caught up in Mutts April fools joke? They got me big time.
      1. Holtz
        Not too bad. I knew that something would be done.
        Apr 3, 2012
    4. salafibrigades
      ur a pos just cuz

      jelly cuz i iz the most famous hoosier here
      • This user has been removed from public view.
    5. mike25
      spazz is not gone
    6. jgsanti
      Like I even need to ask...(Saturday, 11:30am MST. you're there, right?)
    7. boeing46
      The show isn't on much. The SFN is full of trolls and boring posters and the pet lady has no regular schedule.
    8. jgsanti
      Did you disband the league, man??? Total bummer...:(
    9. salafibrigades
      Cool! Bookmarked!
    10. salafibrigades
      If you have any folks drop out of your league, let me know. Would love to rejoin.
    11. jobbey
      pass wont work dude
    12. salafibrigades
      Thanks for the help!
    13. salafibrigades
      Thanks! I wanted to consult with someone before I did anything. Should I tell this Gilbert69 guy to fuck off?
    14. salafibrigades
      Yo, are you gonna help me? What does grant OPS mean? Should I grant it to Gilbert69?
    15. salafibrigades
      I love that place! Thanks for the invite!
    16. cha cha cha
      You really know how to suck the fun out of teasing you, don't you?
    17. cha cha cha
      You'll be fine Holtz.
    18. boeing46
      I've been pretty busy with other things. Howards show is getting shitty and not on much. We don't have as many good and funny posters worth commenting on. Bunch of dumb asses. I Just got a large LCD TV with WI-Fi and Netflix so I've been watching a lot of TV. I went from a 27' TV on it's way out to HD 1080p.
      Deb UN-oped me again. I've been staying up late watching the tube and getting up real late. It's nice if ya can do it. My back has really gotten worse so i have to go and get new X-rays and and an MRI. I think the spinal fusion I had came loose.
      Thanks for checking in on me. If deb had a definite start time i would be there. She's off the hook. later, boeing
    19. jobbey
      heya holtz i tried the id and pass for the fantasy football team didnt work.
    20. salafibrigades
      I thought you retired, pussy boy.
    21. Advaita
      hi.. I was born the same day as you (1st july 1976)
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    Jul 1, 1976 (Age: 39)
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    Since 2006
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    Mostly in the car to and from work.
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