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Aug 9, 2006
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new york, ny
the queen's worker bee... if you know what i mean

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    1. 65535
      visiting your page for nostalgia :D
    2. 65535
      i'll never know if you're alive, or living in Zimbabwe... :-(
    3. 65535
    4. 65535
      miss you, i do
    5. 65535
      checkin the fuck in witcha
    6. 65535
      No recent activity information is available for kroix.
    7. 65535, i'll try to check it as often as i can. :-D
      1. kroix likes this.
    8. 65535
      No recent activity information is available for kroix.
    9. 65535
      you still read this board? what have you been up to lately? me? i'm a dad lol. so thats basically it! anyways, i miss the old days of bullshitting with you endlessly.
      1. kroix
        SHUT UP! OMG, give me an email addy, we are long overdue to catch up! i think 4 12 hour sessions should do it. I miss you too :( CONGRATULATIONS!!!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU! xoxo
        Sep 26, 2012
    10. 65535
      I saw JB Smoove friday night, shit was hilarious! I met him after the show, he signed my shirt "Yo justin! GET IN THAT ASS!" haha. They have a long line of comedians coming through, really good shit I need to make it out more often. so anyways....
      1. kroix likes this.
    11. 65535
      hahaha KODY! he's more of a legend than the dos equis guy, hey i'm glad you still think of me, cause its likewise, i think of you all the damn time. wish we could talk and shit!! miss you.
    12. TheDomina
      Email me,
    13. TheDomina
      hi!! i am not sure how this new site works.....thanks for reaching are YOU? I hope things are better!
    14. 65535
      yeah this is the one i use now, i'm good with this one. pm's are cool. thought of you all day the other day attell was on!
      1. kroix
        lol... i thought about 'me' all day too! :p you married?
        Jan 26, 2012
      2. 65535
        not yet, really getting close though. things are going great!
        Jan 26, 2012
    15. 65535
      hey i dont use Player 1 anymore!! i saw you sent a message to that name :nono:
      1. kroix
        what is the aversion to sending a PM from this one then? can you? are you married yet? I'm single again lol
        Jan 12, 2012
    16. 65535
      this place looks like facebook now
    17. 65535
      hope he treats you well!! :-D
      1. kroix
        oh, he's a fruity loop.
        Jan 4, 2012
    18. specialkt
      hey woman! nice surprise to hear from you. xoxo
    19. ilovesavanna
      omg you too :hug: so great to see you on my page!!
    20. 65535
      You still alive? every time i see, or hear about NEW YORK, i think of you. just a FyI
    21. 65535
      oh i would never do that, i dont even think i have your number anymore :-\ i had to go get a girlfriend and screw my whole life up!! theres no doubt that that one thing changed everything, and if that step was never made we'd still be best friends.

      but dont take it the wrong way, i am very happy, but at the same time very sad :sad:
    22. 65535
      I'm tired of pretending that I'm not special!
    23. 65535
      it's all about me now! hi.
    24. Player 1
      full members!
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    new york, ny
    the queen's worker bee... if you know what i mean
    flight of the bumblebee...of course
    Books & Magazines:
    judy blume, michael crichton, and john grisham... only the literary greats
    aol dial up
    sfn & i abuse ellipses
    SiriusXM Subscriber:
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