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Lou Cypher

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Dec 10, 2011
Jul 23, 2005
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Lou Cypher

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Dec 10, 2011
    1. Jedi Beavis
      Giving you a comment other than a rambling one from xandra. :)
    2. xandra
      Mike Vick's poor dogs,right Lou Cypher?To see that dog breath a sigh of relief after happily getting the big blue gorilla stuffed animal toy and .. I had no idea dogs liked toys like that,which he then used as a favorite pillow.It warms the heart to see that somebody somewhere cares!We need more people like the ones Friday night on Nat. Geo.Thanks for putting up with me-hope it warmed your heart too.Thank you Lou Cypher.
    3. xandra
      Thank you Friend!
    4. Lou Cypher
      No need to apologize, xandra!
      If you want to see all of your posts, just click on your name at the top of the page. There's a link under your messages in the "Statistics" section - "Find all posts by xandra". That will show you everything you've written.
      And the 9/11 special does sound interesting, too. I'll try to watch it. :)
    5. xandra
      Oh,I thought you mean't that you would catch an 'episode'? of the"TWIN TOWERS THIS SUNDAY AT 9:PM THE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL",I forget-I post too much and can never find what I post.IT IS INTERESTING WHO LIVED THROUGH THAT!!!!!!!i'll just tip-toe outta here,some people don't like me I post too much and they love to be in a clique no matter where you work or live,not that you do,but that is going to be on THis Sunday(now watch baseball be on/or wrong date).I am really ashamed yet I keep on hitting these keys,I appologize.Thank you Lou C.!
    6. xandra
      umm..sorry to bug you,but The Dog Whisperer(aren't you glad you have another (?)sentence to read from me?:^)
      Anyway,it's on Friday nights(as if you care to watch-being that you don't have a dog)And DogTown is also on and is heartwarming as well as heart-wrenching(spelchk?)Plus,they had Mike Vicks dogs & were so glad to be free, and other puppy-mill dogs had to be trained to BE a dog by watching the Dog W.'s pack o'dogs.SIGh...does the madness EVER end Lou C.?:^( think positive:^)
    7. xandra
      Thanks for being a nice person.Can you not record it?Because I don't think Howard is aware-oh,yeah,he's in bed at 8:30pm.Bye Lou Cypher.
      -I don't ever see where my postings are after I, um,post them.There must be a heck of a lot of posts.
    8. xandra
      PLEASE please please..Caesar Milan teaches the OWNER's and THAT is fun to watch.
      Okay..then DON'T watch it-see if I care!
    9. xandra
      neither do I but it IS informative,it's dog psychology,BUT PLEASE
    10. xandra
      I thought I had to wait until the very last person/paragraph to respond.However,the Dog Whisperer is still worth watching and very informative b/c he actually teaches people-not dogs.Please watch it? On the National Geographic channel-look it up on TVGuide.com.
      I really hope I convinced you to watch it.Thanks.
    11. xandra
      She ought to call the Dog Whisperer on NatGo(ch.76 ch.76 where I live),he is great,and NO,he's not gay.He teaches the people who own the dogs,in fact he own's his own pack of dogs who ALSO teach the dogs-how to BE dogs?It's very interesting.
    12. dssr01
      Don't feel creeped out by [strangers] visiting your page, i clicked on your "Tyra's Great!" link, and ended up here instead... the damn mouse pointer must've hit your name/profile instead of your thread! :) But, since i'm here, got any naked pics?
    13. Lou Cypher
      The messaging system is interesting. I'm liking the new site!
    14. Zena Buddysgirl
      damn it.. i didn't remember that...well at least you have some advanced features?? are you lovin the live feature mutt through up? oh wait you dont get it as a full member..nvm :(
    15. Zena Buddysgirl
      but you are still a full member, i thought you were gonna upgrade
    16. vashier
      Happy all fools day lou!
    17. Zena Buddysgirl
      hey sweetie, how are you?..did you check your notices? i sent one for you.here is my email for you since you arent a supporter.. :(.zleco@aol.com
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