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Dec 3, 2008
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home of the negger omelette

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    1. FatKidSullivan
      You have been banned for the following reason: abuse of the report system. You are doing nothing but trolling the staff now. Come back and continue and i will ban you forever. 24 hour ban. Your ban will be lifted on May 5, 2015.
    2. geodork
      hey, after dawg moved the thread to the vip lounge, he did state that you were axed because of stalking.
      nextlevel got banned for circumventing filters and posting sammy's name.
      hope you can come back soon.
    3. geodork
      mack, this was in freds goodbye thread tonite. fyi, dawg threw another hissy fit in there
      fuckin schmoopy
      [QUOTE="The Gas Face, post: 8795271,schmoopy posted a link to another message board and i saw Mack at a rival board saying he was banned for having mults. I wouldn't have known if it wasn't for Schmoopy posting the link.[/QUOTE]
    4. Cutter
      hey when you're out of t.o. hit me with the addy again, i got the pink sock dvds ready to ship out
    5. Shivettez
      shivshairbrush is Dave Matthews. so dont belive anything he tells you. FYI
    6. Shivettez
      good thread, bro.
    7. ShivsHairbrush
      im serious man this crazy shit
    8. ShivsHairbrush
      shiv di this shit to u and is framing hoochie, hooch is just going along with it broski, its all Shiv hes an asshole
      I wouldn't beat up my lil' fat buddy, Blue. You silly.
      Okay look faggit I have an ongoing bet with 2 other posters about how many times I can get you to respond or mention me in any way. Don't quit on me when I'm this close to winning.

      :jj: If Mack only knew. :jj: you took the bait hook line and sinker. Now dance for me you little bitch. Don't be a pussy and let me back you down on the board.... keep responding daddy needs a new pair of shoes, faggit.
      Spazz out for me again please. I'm worried you're going to quit following me everywhere and I'm gonna miss my fat little buddy. Quit taking your meds and get back in the game, Tubby.
      Hi there fat little buddy.
    13. salafibrigades
      yr colour scheme on this page is giving me a headache,

      • This user has been removed from public view.
    14. Mult Hunter
      Kill your retarded kid, useless he is
    15. jasonluckydog17
      I need your email addy
    16. alisa
      hullo hullo
      • This user has been removed from public view.
    17. Swayze
      Vote for Swayze, don't be lazy - 2011 POTY
    18. HelloYooHoo!
      :hw: hope all is going well.
      • This user has been removed from public view.
    19. Slippy
      no worries mack.....and you've seen how I reacted to somebody kicking off on my children

      I understand, and wasn't offended in the least. <3
    20. kluciacsr
      LOL mack now I know you're fucking with me.

      Alas, I've been trolled. :jj:
    21. kluciacsr
      I'm a Yankee fan, you old son of a bitch. Of course I got the Whitey Ford reference.

      How is he, by the way? :wub:
    22. IheartNY
      Hiya Mack ;)
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    home of the negger omelette
    cage the elephant, the white stripes, the black keys.
    no country for old men, lock stock and two smoking barrels, trainspotting, the hangover.
    Books & Magazines:
    fear and loathing in las vegas, any hunter s. thompson.
    sfn bishes.
    A&amp;W Root Beer
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    since 2006
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