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Apr 10, 2012
Aug 13, 2006
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Jun 1, 1971 (Age: 44)
San Diego, Phuket

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Full Member, 44, from San Diego, Phuket : teleconferencing centers Mar 23, 2012

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Apr 10, 2012
    1. Jellyfishlips
      Check email = )
      1. mingmen likes this.
    2. mingmen
      teleconferencing centers
    3. mingmen
      Nothing "bad" about being a corporatist if you serve corporations.
      I voted for George W Bush twice in 2000 and again in 2004 and would do so again without the slightest hesitation.

      Fuck that fat fuck Soros. As long as his money is buying influence, I WANT and we NEED corporate money in the system to balance it out.
    4. mingmen
      The ATF operation was clearly an attempt to get Americans killed, trace the guns back to American gun stores, blame the 2nd and have Obama come in as the savior that takes away our right to self defense to keep us all safe. Obama didn't count on a good person being in the ATF and exposing this. Even though it was exposed Obama still gave a executive order and now gun stores have to alert the ATF if anyone buys more than one gun in a border state.

      Obama is a Chicago politician and there was no 2nd in Chicago for 2+ years. Obama told the Brady campaign he is working on gun control but under the radar and then the ATF operation was exposed, coincidence? I think not!
    5. mingmen
      Corporations exist to make money, not to pointlessly sabatage inept politicians who do it just fine on their own.
    6. mingmen
      i cleared out all the old mult DB info back when ivan gave a ton of ex-douches from the other site a free pass back in. i figured if we were giving them clemency, might as well give it all up & exsponge their records. i don't even know if her kalie account has been logged into since then.

      ok, i looked & it appears she closed her account & was not banned.

      MINGMEN however is el bandito
    7. mingmen
      Corporations merely reflect the will of the populace.
    8. mingmen
      Again with the attack on the messenger.
      I am biased.
    9. mingmen
      1. Post some completely untrue partisan hackery
      2. Get proven wrong
      3. Pretend that the argument is really about some miniscule detail that really doesn't matter in the overall subject to change it to make himself look like he was correct all along.
      4. When asked to back it up falsely claim that he already has somewhere else and its not "worth his time" to do it again.
      5. Claim victory
      6. Cut and run to another thread
      7. Repeat cycle
    10. mingmen
      Why do you keep harping on Senator Vitter? This is a thread that is dealing with an online predator, not a guy who solicited the services of escorts. If you want to discuss Vitter, please start a separate thread.
    11. mingmen
      If Mitt Romney gets the nomination, I would just stay home.
    12. mingmen
      Thank Baby Jesus the country was sensible enough to elect this man.
    13. mingmen
      You are a party cheerleader. You are the problem.
    14. mingmen
      Rut roh. The plot thickens again.
    15. mingmen
      hai, stern-narc :hw:
      how's it hangin', fatty?
    16. mingmen
      nah, just establishing you're some poor dipshit who expects others to reveal accurate information on an internet message board, yet when asked for the same info about yourself, you curl up in a ball....you're a good Norwegian...irrelevant...
    17. mingmen
      Prison is where savages belong.
    18. Anogram
      Well look at you! O.O :)
    19. salafibrigades
      I LOvE You and Im drunk but lets be in love anyways
    20. mingmen
      Vote straight Republican, you can't go wrong.
      I used to be all up in the e-drama but now I enjoy watching others e-fight. I've never got into here at the SFN. Just sit back sippin on my rum and coke while I laugh at it all.
    22. enimim
      that was funny, love ya mingmen
    23. mingmen
      you are welcome, Goblin! my pleasure :tu:
    24. NC-Stern-Mark
      Thanks for erecting my shrine dumdum.
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    Jun 1, 1971 (Age: 44)
    San Diego, Phuket
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