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Jul 10, 2015
Apr 24, 2000
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April 10
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Philadelphia PA

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, Male, from Philadelphia PA

Welcome to my profile page.
I think I love you. :hug:
Mutt was last seen:
Jul 10, 2015
    1. GP2
      How the hell do I send a private message? Anyways, Mutt, my old account garypagetwo had some threads I really need to see again. Could you undead the account so they become visible?
      1. Mutt
        probationary member can NOT send PCs. they can receive & respond only.
        Jun 29, 2012
    2. Ken Bruce
      I tried to write you a serious letter that may have been 200 words,tops! Alas I keep getting an error message concerning how it needs to be less then 420 words. Is it possible to P.M. you? Is it possible to Email you?
      Thank you,
      Ken Bruce
      PS Did it mean 420 characters?
      1. Mutt
        I will have to look at that email issue. you can reach me @
        Jun 29, 2012
    3. Dogbolter0
      Just an FYI -----> takes me 45 minutes to get into the city on any given night....
    4. Dogbolter0
      Any openings coming up forSFR, you bumped me a few months ago, would love to do the show!!!! I guess ill check that forum, unless u remember me, you can schedule me in for any upcoming week.. free for any day that you would need me. cool, thanks mutt-ster....
    5. baldrick5
      Please, Mutt, please restore all previous postings of mine as I have a documentary coming out about Elliot Offen and will use the promotion, thanks.
      1. Mutt
        what postings are you talking about? ones made from a dead account?
        May 23, 2012
    6. MrJombi
      Very sorry, feel free to delete the repeated posts, 'unspecified error' on Firefox when I posted.
    7. MrJombi
      How can you skip talking about the Geektime blowup last week? It was only the most exciting real event to happen on the Stern show in months. But you had the 20 minutes or more to talk about a phone app.I was hanging on to the show today after you mentioned last week that it was going to be one topic you were sure to cover next time. Did Jon Hine get to you first?
      1. Mutt
        actually, I planned on hitting it. thought it was a great topic too
        May 23, 2012
    8. Hater
      Mutt, I just saw your post about me in my notifications. I have never been to the AGT site so I'm not sure why you've singled me out and shared my personal email address. I've been a loyal Stern fan for two decades, have actively participated on SFN, and would never trash Howard anywhere. If possible, could you please take my personal email down? I'd prefer to not be harassed.
      1. Mutt
        looks like it's time to turn the april fools prank off. it's a trick that inserts the readers information into the post to make it look like it's about them. when i read it, I see my email & IP.
        Apr 4, 2012
      2. Hater
        Touche! Ha. That's great. Definitely had me fooled! Thanks for the update.
        Apr 4, 2012
    9. Zena Buddysgirl
      i have to visit your profile more often Boff...what a fun spot to visit..especially when i cant sleep...LOL
    10. Dinsdale
      never have & never will badmouth Howard. agt stuff is not me at all! please contact me if you have any questions
    11. JohnWayneGacy
      Can you please remove the post with my info in it? I have no idea why my info is out there I haven't been posting any place else.
    12. JohnWayneGacy
      Can you please remove the post with my info in it? I have no idea why my info is out there I haven't been posting any place else.
    13. my4skin
      Masterful - that's all I can say
    14. Dick Tree
    15. Ned Hardly
      Mutt, please get in contact with me. I don't even know what the site you are talking about is. Someone is screwing with me. I have absolutely no reason to say anything bad about this forum.
    16. gjfears
      I have not posted anything to an AGT forum nor do belong to nor visiti an AGT forum. I don't even know what it is.
    17. buckefilbert
      Don't know why you used me for the original post but thanx. I feel so special. Happy April 1st. Funny you joined SFN on my birthday.
    18. silly rabbit
      Re: Member Muther Fucking Us on AGT Site

      Well done, sir! Well done indeed!
    19. PocketAcesDMB
      Mutt get in touch with me i do not post over on agt at all
    20. beetle lover
      I see others are having the same problem I am; the only places I visit are the HS forum and the Lounge. I don't even know how to post photos! Please let us know what we need to do. Thank you.
    21. Morrisb
      Yo. Just come to me if you have any questions or an issue. I'm no saint but the last thing I care about is complaining on here to an AGT site, much less being there. lol Come on man.
    22. Willy Clinton
      I just signed on about 30 minutes ago and saw that my username has been mentioned in this thread... I have no idea what is going on. Can you please let me know how I can help? I have no idea what this AGT website people are talking is and I have never posted a picture or anything else on this site or any others.
      How are people hacking into my SFN username?
    23. Abraham Lincoln
      I think SFN has been hacked. A thread in the lounge is (seemingly) giving away my email address & accusing me of posting SFN hate on an AGT board. It seems to be happening to others too, like the names & emails are being switched out depending on the user. I was initially concerned, but now think it's a ploy by some hacker(s) to get people to divulge personal information to clear their name. Hope this gets resolved.
      • This user has been removed from public view.
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    April 10
    Home page:
    Philadelphia PA
    i'm smart
    this is the music field
    this is the movies field
    drinkie drinkie
    SiriusXM Subscriber:
    Yes, since 2005. 1 in the car & a net sub.
    Logitech Squeezebox, ipad app, android phone app, OEM radio
    Listening Habits:
    Howard Stern is the man!


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    YES, it's OK to give Sirius my contact info
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