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Jul 10, 2015
Apr 24, 2000
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April 10
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Philadelphia PA

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, Male, from Philadelphia PA

Welcome to my profile page.
I think I love you. :hug:
Mutt was last seen:
Jul 10, 2015
    1. mr wrong
      Me too Is this some sort of April Fool's thing?
    2. cdelgado6
      Mutt, I have no clue what is going on here. Someone is using my name and e-mail address. I'm not even sure what is going on here, but what do I need to do to have this account looked into for my own protection?
      1. beetle lover
        beetle lover
        I 'm having the same problem! What should we do??
        Mar 31, 2012
    3. adam
      Today's update has corrupted some post formatting. I'm noticing in particular that text formatting that is tagged with brackets { } are screwy, such as BOLD style text.
      1. Mutt
        i'm confused. what formatting uses {curly brackets?}
        Mar 23, 2012
    4. pamayor
      Thanks, sir! I won't be in town til July, so luckily this is way ahead of time. Thanks again!
    5. pamayor
      Mutt, Mariann told me to email you about doing the roundtable.
      1. Mutt
        yes you should. & I'll get back to you next time I'm scheduling
        Mar 13, 2012
    6. Mutt
      Kinski's a douche
      1. CreamyBone and Kinski like this.
    7. Mutt
      working on profiles
    8. HelloYooHoo!
      I started the "the fuck is this". I am so ashamed, I tried to send you a PM by using a message you sent out thinking it would only go to you. kinda went to all 400 some you sent it to. Sorry, I'm such a mess when it comes to this stuff. Oopsie!
      1. Acid Lad likes this.
    9. s2destiny
      do i need to be a supporter to download my pix?
    10. s2destiny
      hi mutt..great job! if possible, whenever,i know this is a pain in the ass. may i change my name to S2destiny ?
    11. Mutt
      i'm not sure what to do w/ this status update thing. it's too long to stick under your av in posts.
    12. NYR900
      Just looking at the site for the first time since the overall. Just want to say I really think you did a good job making it more visually friendly. Thanks a lot and best wishes in the new year.
    13. v3gan
      re: name change.

      you can just change it to:


    14. nickie
      hi mutt!! i know you probably dont care what i wite but i still like sfn ... i plan hopefullu on staying in the listening thread and keep it going ...imay be one of few but this place has been home to a lot of us.. including me....thank you...
    15. Ryan_lever
      really like the new network! GREAT GOING!
    16. Buda
      What happened to this place....I think you ruined a good thing
    17. joetissirius
      Mutt, hats off to you for the new look... What an upgrade!!!!!
    18. DrivenByDemons
      Thanks for the hard work Mutt. It's a thankless job and I'm glad I don't have to do it but some of us appreciate it. :hathair:
    19. TakingBack
      Mutt, I've been coming to SFN for 6-7 years. I broke site rules and called out a mod. It was dumb and got deaded. Can I get a chance to come back? Ill serve time out or w/e. I hate not being able to post.
      1. Mutt
        ur here, we aren't going to re-close your account. just use this one.
        Jan 5, 2012
    20. Richardddragon
      Thank you for more or less ignoring Howard in him saying "shut it down entirely." Also, time out forum, stroke of genius
    21. Prophit
      hey man thanks for the site..seems like a good place for stern fans..gotta admit never really listened to SFRT but ill check it out now out of appreciation for the site oh and one more thing...not that im anybody but a piece of advice...if someone ever offers you a million again for this site TAKE IT!! lol
      Each region in Italy says words differently just like new yorkers say new yark.*
      Gnocchi (potato dumplings)....knock-key or no-chi
      Soppressata (italian salami)....suppra satta......sapra say tay
      pizza...pitsa...peeza...piz za
      it all depends which area an Italian family came from
    23. salafibrigades
      thank u for bumping that dead dan story! i had never heard that before and found your thread super awesome!
    24. mikeshauling
      I dont know how you tolerate all the negative crap on the site !!!

      Isnt this SFN = stern FAN network???

      FAN is not how alot of these guys come off as.
      I enjoy the site and enjoy some of the complaints but jesus christ......some of these guys really need to change the channel and listen to something that will get their negativity down a little !!
      • This user has been removed from public view.
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    April 10
    Home page:
    Philadelphia PA
    i'm smart
    this is the music field
    this is the movies field
    drinkie drinkie
    SiriusXM Subscriber:
    Yes, since 2005. 1 in the car & a net sub.
    Logitech Squeezebox, ipad app, android phone app, OEM radio
    Listening Habits:
    Howard Stern is the man!


    Google Talk:
    Willing to go on air?:
    YES, it's OK to give Sirius my contact info
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