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Mar 6, 2015
Mar 28, 2008
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Central New Jersey

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SFN Supporter, from Central New Jersey

Sig-Ne-FY was last seen:
Mar 6, 2015
    1. Dream Theater69
      Hey Sig,

      I sure will do that, I will actually be home on Sunday because I have to leave Wildwood on Saturday to get Falco out of the kennel, the office part is closed on Sundays and I gotta get him out by 4PM Saturday.
      It looks like as of now the weather is going to suck real bad for me this week, I hope that it changes, I have been looking forward to this ride all year. I will still go even if it rains, but since I will have the wife with me I will take the truck instead of the bike. I am not comfortable carrying a passenger in the rain, its pretty dangerous. If it were just me I would ride.

      Peace man,
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    2. DryOatmeal
      your av has the clap
    3. Dream Theater69
      TY sig, as are you my friend!
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    4. Vyb
      Thanks for posting in TNOWAT! :cool:
    5. Clit Eastwood.
      You're giving me the creeps
    6. HSFansince1980s
      Anytime, Sig, I'm glad to help. My husband says the same thing about me being on the computer too much also.
    7. Sig-Ne-FY
      It will not give me the option to add my name.:scratch:
    8. Sig-Ne-FY
      Hey, looks good go me Lisa, just let me add my name to your list.
    9. lisaslisas
      Are we good now?? :dontknow:
    10. Smell Muhfinger
      What's up, my brotha? :cool:
    11. BaddFunn
      That's my 1st Harley I bought in 1993 that I use for short sport rides, I bought the tour bike that I ride most of the time 2 years ago.
    12. Billy Brown
      I am now officially a friend of Sig-Ne-FY. :hw:
    13. LISA C.
      You bet. Let me know when you'll be down there. We'll all meet up @ the Lobster House. :)
    14. Dream Theater69
      Yeah man, I go to AC often just to hang with other SFNers. I will keep you in the loop and let you know when our next get together is.
    15. Dream Theater69
      I work for Verizon, I have a cool schedule because I get 4 days off in a row every other week due to working rotating weekends.
    16. Sig-Ne-FY
      I must be the last nerd who is computer illiterate to be on the SFN network, I don't know shit about a computer, and now we have all new rules and ways to post, I can't even post a youtube anymore.
    17. Sig-Ne-FY
      Damn this is so confusing to me.
    18. Sig-Ne-FY
      Okay, I did as you said. Hope it works. Again, thanks for the invite.
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    19. Sig-Ne-FY
      Yeah, I thought I joined. Did it not come thru or did I do something wrong?
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