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May 16, 2015
Oct 28, 2006
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Jul 3, 1970 (Age: 45)
Jaxson Michigan
Sell Sportscards

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SFN Supporter, Male, 45, from Jaxson Michigan : FUCK YOU DAXX AND FISH FUCKER Jul 23, 2013

SMACKMYBITCHUP was last seen:
May 16, 2015
    1. CuddlyMuffin17
      I've been good, thanks I don't know Ivan, but I'm glad you can ask him. I don't know what it means, but I'm glad you're not looking for a way out. : )
    2. CuddlyMuffin17
      Hi hon. Can you tell me why some of the squares on a friend's list goes from the pics av to a big question mark? Is it because the person is trying to break a friendship? I just don't understand why it keeps going back and forth.
    3. Shean666
      hai smacky
    4. CuddlyMuffin17
      Ahh thanks. Missed you too. Been away from SFN for a few weeks. It's getting harder to find the time to post, but I do!
    5. whatsit101
      I had to steal one of your posts for my sig. Hope you don't mind. with love, W
    6. salafibrigades
      You're a shithead.
    7. salafibrigades
      I think your goatee looks awesome
      • This user has been removed from public view.
    8. CuddlyMuffin17
      Hi. Yes, I still have the picture. Ya know, she's grown on me ; ) How was your Christmas? Mine was good, but my New Year got off to a rough start, still trying to get over pneumonia. Been doing a lot of traveling. Too much time in airport/airplanes, just think I'm run down! Haven't been on SFN for a couple of weeks, got to check in and see what's doin! Thanks for stopping by and saying hi again. Hope your New Year was nice. (p.s. who is that in your avatar?)
    9. CuddlyMuffin17
      Wanted to stop by and wish you a Merry Christmas! Hope your holiday and New Year is wonderful. : - )
    10. Zena Buddysgirl
      howdy big guy...
      it is 6:41 am on a tuesday morn..i am editing a post for no good reason other than i hated what was here prior..
      deal with know the post i am editing & you know why.. we discussed it last nite in the how was that milk run..:toetap: LOL...see ya tonight in da shack o'lantern....hit me on the cell sometime this afternoon please.. love ya.
    11. geodork
      I can't find the 4 items you listed anywhere. It will just take some time for me to learn how to navigate the site.
    12. geodork
      That coupon website is confusing as hell :(
    13. geodork
      The bukkake monster!
    14. geodork
      Thanx smacky. FYI i miss your old av that u used when you first came on. Member?
    15. geodork
      Hey sweet thang. What's the link for the coupon website we were discussing the other day? TIA :gwave:
    16. CuddlyMuffin17
      I'm just one of a number of girls that love Howard. It was good talking to you and nice to know I have a "friend" in the Lounge. ;- )
    17. CuddlyMuffin17
      I figured you must have clicked by mistake. Don't get too attached to this AV, it's just a temp till I find something I like better : ) Anyway, you have the distinction of being my first friend here.
    18. CuddlyMuffin17
      Have we been introduced? Nice to meet you Smacky
    19. jasonluckydog17

      use that# instead of SFN LOUNGE
    20. jasonluckydog17
    21. Scoreman
      Topo Is Douche protecting anyone who posts too much in the thread. Me and a few others are blocked.
      You are a good dude Smacky. Stay well.
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      • This user has been removed from public view.
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    Jul 3, 1970 (Age: 45)
    Jaxson Michigan
    Sell Sportscards
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    yes 2 radios & 2 years
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    YES, it's OK to give Sirius my contact info
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