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Oct 22, 2014 at 5:30 PM
Jan 4, 2006
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    1. mancode20
      The streaming link appears to be down. Got any others?
      1. stefystef
        Aug 14, 2013
    2. mancode20
      Love the websites!! Thanks!! The bad part is Howard is on vacation. I finally get a link to listen to it streaming online, and the bastard goes on vacation! lol. I'm not a Stern basher, though. I think he deserves them...within reason.
      1. stefystef
        Glad the websites worked for you. Howard is ALWAYS on vacation. Get use to the 2 day week because he's taking the next 10 Wednesdays off

        Howard deserves all the bashing he gets because he really seems to be all about himself these days. In many ways, he is really out of touch on alot of things. The "product" isn't there anymore, but I still listen.
        Jul 31, 2013
    3. mancode20
      Good to know. I wanted to ask you about your post where you mentioned listening to the show for free. If you have a link to online streaming, I would very much be interested in that. I already know how to download the show, but I'm looking for like an online streaming link. Something that I could put in Winamp for example. Like maybe a Shoutcast link. Whatever you have. Let me know. Thanks!
      1. stefystef
        Jul 30, 2013
    4. mancode20
      I would like to ask you about something. Is there a way to private message on here? If not, please leave an e-mail, aim/yahoo name where I can contact you. Thanks!
      1. stefystef
        This is a private message. No one else sees these messages because it is to my account.
        Jul 30, 2013
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