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Super Mario

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Jun 11, 2013
Jun 22, 2010
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Super Mario

Full Member, Male, from Cleveland,Ohio : If you can read this its because you want to fuck me. have some money bitch and will talk But dont think Im just going to spread for roses Jun 13, 2012

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Jun 11, 2013
    1. shockcock
      you fucking fat fag.:jj: your mother is a whore and your father is a closet case.
    2. shockcock
      i forgot to call you a fat faggit...fat faggit LMFAO! how was walmart:spit: you are a disgrace to italians and faggits, faggit.
    3. shockcock
      can i park my car in one of your nostrils? my storage locker is full can i rent out the other nostril? did you find a real job yet? how is mommy and daddy? grandmas meds in full effect? you fucking faggit.
      • This user has been removed from public view.
    4. shockcock
      You have a pig nose, holy shit look at the size of those nostrils...did your father fuck a wild boar?
    5. Acid Lad
      You need to read the neesie thread STAT
    6. Acid Lad
      i think you could be on to a real hit there brother - imagine the hits you would get for a recorded convo with AG or someone..
    7. Acid Lad
      skype - shouldnt be too hard - u can use free software
    8. Acid Lad
      Hey mario - why dont you record phone call interviews with SFNers and upload tio youtube - would go off! I would call ya.
      • This user has been removed from public view.
    9. Super Mario
      im not harrasing you IM flirting
    10. Viddy Well
    11. Viddy Well
      You've been reported.
    12. Viddy Well
      Speak English, shithead.
    13. Mr. Hole
      The people on mike and Molly should diet.
    14. sinisterjay
      if i was gay id take out to dinner and fuck you doggystyle behind a restaurant dumpster.....but too bad im not
    15. GReenSTernDAy
      No sorry, i'm straight lol
    16. sinisterjay
      what Chiva said times 100000000000000000
    17. Chiva
      If I loved cock it would be yours.
    18. Mr. Hole
      Something nice.
      I'm older but not THAT old. I don't do circle jerks and have never worn a bow tie or sat naked in the woods with a bunch of other men. That is all.
    20. SplashLog
      "I love men with bow ties sitting butt naked in the middle of the woods ,having a circle jerk, and rubbing ranch dressing all over themselves its bizarre at best." - Super Mario
    21. ArrogantFuck
      Quit stalking me you deviant freak, not everybody is gay like you
    22. salafibrigades
      There is this guy called Gay Dolby that wants to have sex with you in my SFN Seducing Community thread. Just a heads up.
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