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May 27, 2010
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    1. Pooternackle
      How many cocks do you suck on the average day?
    2. salafibrigades
      Please change your sig line, thanks in advance.
    3. salafibrigades
      I gave you fair warning.
    4. salafibrigades
      Take that poll down.
      • This user has been removed from public view.
    5. Stevie
      OMG. Tha Bluejays suck juss azz hard azz tha Maple Leafs...No hits?!? not even ONE?!? Bwa...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
    6. skp2978 sound lovely.
    7. skp2978
      What is a "tone of prezzies"?
    8. skp2978
      Haha...I don't think my beau would like me popping other dude's zits. :(
    9. Stevie
      20 straight years of playoff hockey...Toronto hazz how many?
    10. Stevie
    11. Stevie
      Meltdown much?
    12. Stevie
      you need tah stop thinking about me so much...Enjoying tha NHL playoffs? Howz Toronto doi...oh thatzz right.
    13. Stevie
      Red Wings up 1~0 in tha first round...howzz tha Maple Leafs series going?
    14. 1BadMF
      To answer your question, being good-looking is really fantastic.
    15. Mr. Smith II
      You ever try coming up with original insults instead of regurgitating the same shit I use on you? Stick with being a sister wives and professional wrestling expert bc you are failing miserably on here and I own you. I own you swayze...Don't ever forget that. If you behave I'll consider not hijacking your threads in the future :)
    16. Mr. Smith II
      On a scale from 1-10. How much does it bother you that I completely own you on this site?
    17. salafibrigades
      Why all of a sudden do you wish to form an alliance with me? I have always liked you and stuff but this seems out of the blue. I hope you aren't using me for something.
    18. Stevie
    19. Mr. Smith II
      Try to follow the rules that Mutt and the rest of the staff have set forth for the site and follow them accordingly.


      Mr. Smith (II)
    20. Mr. Smith II
      Posts Per Day: 25.39
    21. salafibrigades
      We both love American Splendor!!!
    22. Mr. Smith II
      Hahahahah you are such a fucking pathetic douche. Glasses, Canada, tough guy attitude. What a winner!!!
    23. Tuesday
      I wish I could post a dirty picture on here.
    24. Stevie
      Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...yer juss mad cuz yer a SUCKER.
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    Howard Stern
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