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Aug 28, 2005
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, Male, from ON CA : No worries...still ironing out wrinkles... Jan 7, 2012

    1. kenny/kendra
      I cannot seem to be able to post a GIF file over 1 MB. Anything larger gets the "File is too large". There are GIFs that are significantly larger posted by other members. Am I doing something incorrectly?
    2. Dave Matthews
      how many mults do i have
      1. TorontoAtHome
        Feb 16, 2015
    3. flamslam64
      Hi T@H. I am having a problem. If I want to reply to a post it does not paste the post in my reply. How do I fix. Thanks
      1. TorontoAtHome
        I'm unsure...I'll start a conversation and include Mutt.
        May 13, 2014
    4. kenny/kendra
      T@H, I suddenly find that every time I log in I am taken to the "Mobile Site" and I cannot post, except to like. I didn't change anything that I know of, it just started doing that during the day one day. How can I change this?
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      2. TorontoAtHome
        Get Tapatalk (free on Android) and try that...
        Jan 13, 2014
      3. kenny/kendra
        It's doing this on my PC, not a mobile device. Can't load Tapatalk on a PC. Does the site have a tech line?
        Jan 14, 2014
      4. TorontoAtHome
        PM Mutt.
        Jan 15, 2014
    5. Jellyfishlips
      Hi T@H, Could you please send me a message so I can explain a problem I'm having editing the Zimmerman trial thread? I'm trying to update the OP where I'm providing links to videos throughout the thread and it won't allow me to edit all of a sudden. Thank you!
    6. kayfabe
      Hey T@H... Who had/has the GA-990FXA-UD3 on sale???
      1. TorontoAtHome
        Feb 18, 2013
    7. Uglimusashi
      Good.... Morning. Just a quick question.... whats up with the shrinking limits on pic filesize? it used to be a bit over 2MB & now i can barely post a 1meg animated gif.
      1. TorontoAtHome
        Not sure. Mutt just made some changes/updates...large images might have been slowing down the site?
        Nov 11, 2012
    8. Uglimusashi
      [quote="TorontoAtHome, post: 23359623, member: 71816"]If you want to send me the link in a PM I will look at it again and tell you. I have no clue based on the # of the image what it was.[/quote]

      this is the one ... im only mildly confus-ed bc ive posted many other pics of her in UAH with no problems...
      1. TorontoAtHome
        It must have been "checked off" by mistake...When moderating threads there is a little check box on each post that allows me to bulk delete things...Re-post her and always ask if you have a question...Shit happens.
        Jun 11, 2012
      2. Uglimusashi
        I was hoping it was something like that.. & thanks
        Jun 11, 2012
    9. geodork
      I'm losing all faith in this site. You knew what to do, you knew what to do. And you didn't do it. wtf?
    10. macktheknife72
      thanks, T. that was quick. if I user close my account here will he be able to assume my user name here like he is doing elsewhere?
    11. macktheknife72
      Just checking to see if you saw that I quoted you and asked a question on the SFSN thread at Dawg's . Thank's, man.
    12. TorontoAtHome
      No worries...still ironing out wrinkles...
    13. Super Mario
      thank you for getting me out of Timeout T@H!!!!
      • This user has been removed from public view.
      We should have never warned him/her about the side affects of melatonin. I was duped
    15. SplashLog
      Hey T@H, hit your profile by mistake. It all cool man, it's all cool. Keep up the good work. If you ever need mod help I wouldn't be good. Later
    16. Swayze
      Fucking dirty filthy shitty Sens
    17. Viddy Well
      gotcha...wont happen again
    18. DaggerinStanley
      Could you please help me out with that?
    19. Swayze
      How can I get the leafs logo in my sig like you?
    20. Swayze
      Vote for Swayze, don't be lazy - 2011 POTY
    21. salafibrigades
      I am a big fan of your video threads. The latest one one of the dude getting blown at the VB game is crazy!!
    22. SoCalJeff
      I've decided to "befriend" you. You're welcome.
    23. vashier
      Thanks for driving the vermin off the board T. You're the St. Patrick of SFN
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