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Jul 27, 2006
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Jan 31, 1962 (Age: 53)
Masshole transplant in S. TX

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    1. mike25
      don't forget, i only came back recently, so i was kind of shock by the conduct of some of the mods. they should probably post less and speak in a more neutral and respectful tone.
    2. mike25
      interesting post. some of the mods seem unprofessional, bratty and snarky. i don't care if they ban people or put them in TO, but some of them post the most arragont and childish thoughts. what the hell is going on. there are 2 in particular who are really bad, one who is extream but is looking better with those 2 idiots and one who everyone loves.
    3. starlitdreamzz
      Thank you for the message of support Vashier. It means a lot but I got through it and I am not feeling that way any more.
    4. Slippy
      I believe he started the thread. I believe he started more than one, to "support" her.

      No hurry - I prefer to be a snake in the grass. ;) I'll keep looking myself. Wish it was true that the mods catered to me.....that would save a shitload of time!
    5. Slippy
      If you've got more time to kill.....find Shiv's thread where he starts a fucking paypal account for her. He got beaten up for a long time, for how badly he was all over her. ;)

      It's actually moot now - he knows, I know......anybody that was here during that period knows. He can lie until his fat head explodes......but the truth is the truth. ;)
    6. Slippy
      You got it! Lindsay 420.......I didn't know she was made a VIP though. Shiv is lying out his face when he denies making a fucking paypal account to help her pay for it.
    7. vashier
      lmao you edited out all your posts? Damn you are nowhere's near ready for this board
    8. vashier
      Make your own man I'm gonna crash soon. When making a name I have to think on it a while to make sure it's cool. AG has 5 stock replies, he just tells everyone how great he is and he is in their head. I have no idea what he gets for jollies out of that, but hey he's entitled to his fun on here too.

      Honestly, you'll have a much better time here not annoying everyone and just posting. I hung up my +3 Ginsu trolling knifes years ago. I was taught the game on one of the finest writing boards there has ever been on the net. From 92 till 05 or so all we did was troll against some very impressive trolls. Back in 92 only the very educated were online. Comps were super expensive so only those with really good jobs had them. You pick up how an when to make your posts and how to think while on your feet when trolling in that kind of environment.
    9. vashier
      In the lounge everyone is internet aware. They don't fall for the repeat msgs, that just makes you look like an idiot. Sally is dead here just because he lied for too long of a time. He's the laughing stock of the boards because of his failed trolling. Tom is ready to ban him the second he fucks would you like that wgt hanging over your head every time you post?

      Howie killed his rep with the Mindy shit man. The whole board knows he is Mindy yet he tries to troll with her like it isn't him. That shit just shows you have no mind. If you can't reply with something that is worse within seconds of the post then you shouldn't try an troll. Everything that is written can be rewritten in 1 post as long as you have a quick mind. Saying shit like,"I'm in your head man" and shit like that just makes the real trolls bust a gut laughing.
    10. eliasbboy
      I told him thanks for the notification and I'd take it under advisement.:jj:
    11. Slippy
      Thank you. <3
    12. vashier
      hey you're the one who told me to fuck off. :dontknow:
    13. enimim
      sorry, I did not log in to sfn for a few days.
      I would love that A string.
    14. vashier
      I only took it down because It was unused in years you goof. When I have the time to figure out how to delete it I will. I forgot I even had one. Anything on there was for all to see. I don't hide like a little rabbit sal. I've been online since 92 and have made some serious enemies over the years online. Never once has it ever spilled over into real life. Why you must go on and on about false attacks against yourself and family is beyond me.

      Oh and I've also met some really good friends that I travel to see or they come visit me to this day. Stop being so afraid to just be yourself and not some character on a web board man. What you read from me is me, not some internet BBS shtick.
      • This user has been removed from public view.
    15. loral0vesartie
      I'm good thanks, how you been? So nice to see some of my old friends are still around :)
    16. vashier
      Hey Sugar, where'd you disappear to?
    17. vashier
      I did leave you the fuck alone, otherwise I would have posted it for everyone to see
    18. sugar
      hey you.. how have you been?
    19. vashier
      You're not an addict when you take them as they are prescribed ya dolt :jj:
    20. vashier
      Nice AV sal :rofl:
    21. meatandveggies
      I am fascinated by behaviors of some posters here. It is intriguing to watch the dynamics of the interactions they have with others. That some appear to get so much personal satisfaction from "owning" the board or believing that they are somehow immensely admired, albeit in a negative light, by others here is mezmerizing to me. I love the psychology of it! It sucks me in and I find myself following the drama like a bad soap opera. It is an unfortunately guilty pleasure for me. :blush:
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    Jan 31, 1962 (Age: 53)
    Masshole transplant in S. TX
    BS radiologic technologies
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    Howard, at home or in car until I can catch the entire show


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