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Jul 27, 2006
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Jan 31, 1962 (Age: 53)
Masshole transplant in S. TX

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    1. meatandveggies
      Ya know, after I sent you that msg I saw the outing in T@H's thread. It makes me LOL the shit these guys do on a msg board. I shold be ashamed of myself for even giving a shit, but it does entertain the hell out of me! :) Just thought for sure it would be Sal. He's so douchey! How was yard work? You survive it?
    2. meatandveggies
      That is so sweet!! How did you find out for sure???
    3. vashier
      It's always 100 degrees with 80% humidty here from june through sept. Seems like a normal summer so far here lol. The ER at my wife's hospital has been jammed with HS victims here too. With the average wgt being 275 here I wouldn't think anyone that size would even go out too get HS in the 1st place lol
    4. meatandveggies
      Ewwwwww!! Yard work in THIS heat?? Hell no! That sounds brutal. Maybe you're starting early enough to avoid heat stroke. Heat stroke victims are coming into the hospital left and right. It's really awful here. Is it any better where you are? It seems like the whole state is baking. Good luck with the yard! Drink lots o' water!
    5. meatandveggies
      Hiya back, Vash! :gwave:
    6. jobbey
      Ya but y me i dont even post no more... Howd she get my name?
    7. jobbey
      y i never come here no more. i dont get it
    8. sinisterjay
      me and you should run a tag team on sure that chick would swallow both of our jizz
    9. AngryAccountant
      You wrote (regarding Sallyfag's picture):holy fuck is that a plastic knife on the plate? They don't trust him with a metal knife?

      My reply: would you trust him with anything sharp?
    10. Slippy
      thanks vash........ <3
    11. vashier
      You have got to be the most paranoid asshole on the face of the earth.
    12. Boyo
      This conversation is very revealing of Sally. It's better than watching a movie!
    13. vashier
      Do you have it now? I wanted to send ya your1st pm
    14. vashier
      Title Start Date Expiry Date
      Title 06-11-2011 12-11-2011
      Title 02-13-2011 02-13-2021

      Here if ya need proof of my donation, why would I have a gold supporter status good for 10 years and then another I paid for after that is good for 6 months?
    15. vashier
      Dude you're a male. Find a nice woman to give that heart and hugs to ;)
    16. vashier
      I'd be the one banned for starting the joke, but whatever, I'll talk to Mutt for ya again
    17. vashier
      why, did you speak with Mutt?
    18. vashier
      when I spoke with him monday he said he would be fixing your status that night. I sent him a pm yesterday asking if he found your acct ok but I haven't heard back from him yet.

      If it isn't by like 9 tonight email his imonkey address and ask if he's having any problems. Do you still have the CP@H email? I can forward you the pm.
    19. vashier
      I do and I've never posted that you do unless maybe that night when it first came out I prolly replied to it. Not since then though.
    20. vashier
      when have I ever said any of that in a post? Ya did tell me you were homeless a few posts down, why the need to lie to me every time ya post?
    21. vashier
      Nah I dont have it
    22. vashier
      NP man. If it makes ya happy for a few then I'm happy.
    23. vashier
      Ryan didn't do jack shit but get Ed to give him your info. Which i might remind you you have denied as being real every time it's come up so who knows or more importantly cares? I don't have the time or inclination to cyber stalk anyone let alone you. You might want to speak to someone on your paranoia though.
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    Jan 31, 1962 (Age: 53)
    Masshole transplant in S. TX
    BS radiologic technologies
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    Howard, at home or in car until I can catch the entire show


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