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Nov 19, 2011
Oct 25, 2008
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Nov 19, 2011
    1. HSFansince1980s
      Hi. :) You have very good taste in music, then. :bigsmile:
    2. Senator Rick
      Please post more.
    3. Senator Rick
      Xandra's posts are the greatest!
    4. Senator Rick
      Hi Xandra -Just read what G-Cups said about "rick".
      Don't know if he means "Senator Rick" but I am definitely NOT making fun of you. I think you're cool and wish you'd post more!
    5. LISA C.
      It's a pic. of Croix. One of the guys from SFN animated it. I love it! It's been my AV for quite some time now. :hw:
    6. xandra
      -singin' THANK YOU,for a real good time.
    7. Heatseeker
      "YOU love me...."??? What?!? lol.... nahh... you're ok, though. ;)
      • This user has been removed from public view.
    8. Senator Rick
      Stop touching dead squirrels and shoot that felony perv the next time he messes with you.
    9. Senator Rick
      You're too much, Xandra.
      Great posts tonight!!
    10. Senator Rick
      You are my favorite person on SFN.
      Please Post More Often!
      • This user has been removed from public view.
    11. xandra
      all you need to now is some people like to 'disagree' with me on SFN.As though they really hate me-though some actually say positive things i guess.?
    12. LISA C.
      Tehehehee. I have to start reading your posts in order to figure that one out! Are you new here? I don't know too much about you. :hw:
    13. kemps
      What are you referring to on my wall about weed?
    14. xandra
      Jesus loves the little children,all the children of the and yellow,black and white,they are precious in His sight,Jesus loves the little children of the world.
      Jesus DIED for all the children,all the children of the and yellow,black and white,they are precious in his site,Jesus died for all the children of the world.
      Jesus rose for all the children,All the children of the world;Red and yellow,black and white,they are precious in his sight;Jesus arose the little children of the world.
      Jesus wants the little children,To be careful what they do;Honor father,mother dear
      Keep their hearts so full of cheer;Then he'll take them home to glory by and by.
    15. jackie the jerk
      You still have it wrong my dear......It is Kobe not Coby
    16. xandra
      Jesus Loves Me this I know -For the Bible tells me so,little ones to Him 'belong'(see),they(you) are weak but He is strong.
      Yes,Jesus Loves me,Yes Jesus Loves Me,Yes Jesus Loves me,The Bible tells Me so.
    17. Lou Cypher
      No problem. You have a good weekend, xandra! :)
    18. Lou Cypher
      No need to apologize, xandra!
      If you want to see all of your posts, just click on your name at the top of the page. There's a link under your messages in the "Statistics" section - "Find all posts by xandra". That will show you everything you've written.
      And the 9/11 special does sound interesting, too. I'll try to watch it. :)
    19. Lou Cypher
      Recording it is a good idea. I don't always have time to watch television.
      CNN had a report on some of Michael Vicks' dogs and how they're doing now. I think only two of them had to be put down and the rest have found homes. So that's positive. :)
    20. Lou Cypher
      I'll try to catch an episode, xandra. :)
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