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Jul 21, 2015
Jan 5, 2006
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Apr 16, 1973 (Age: 42)
Naples, FL
Starving Artist

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SFN Gold Supporter, Male, 42, from Naples, FL

ZosoHitler was last seen:
Jul 21, 2015
    1. Namber
      Thanks sweets. You just made my day.
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    2. the_apex
      thanks for listening
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    3. Mr. Hole
      David Tennant on the Christmas ep of QI

      QI is a BBC quiz show hosted by Stephen Fry that features a celeb
      panel, why BBC America or Comedy Central hasn't picked up the show is
      beyond me, its smart and funny.

      Part one, if you like it I'm sure you can find parts 2 and 3.
    4. Mr. Hole
      Thanks, I already knew about it but thanks anyway! My DVR is all set! I won't be able to watch it live I will be in Atlantic City, but its supposed to snow on Saturday so that might get cancelled.

      The next Dcotor Who Special airs on BBC America on the 26 just one day after airing on the BBC. Its Tennet's last story. :(
    5. Namber
      Hi:) Where have ya been? Missing you.
    6. joyceface
      Just wanted to thank you for the shoutcast info. I actually get it on my Blackberry now and I can listen to Howard anywhere!
    7. joyceface
      Ok I will check on it. I had just dropped one of three radios a bout a month ago and added internet when they stopped it for free. I have been defending the vacations, replays, and specials etc for a long time... but it is expensive and it is getting a little ridiculous. I mean, I'm thinking it's a luxury maybe I can't really afford. :(
    8. joyceface
      Zoso so where you do listen online for free?
    9. joyceface
      Hey ZH - same here, sometimes being from FloriDUH is not an easy thing on these boards.
    10. ajb71879
      Hey Zoso. Thanks for being the only person to leave a message. :)
    11. ReggaeMistress
      We are in the midst of youth football and I am a member of the board so that has taken over my life!!! While I love young boys in tight pants, I still miss my Stern friends!!!
    12. lisaslisas
      wtf? I clicked on the guys of sfn, it brought me here? Oh well, hi anyways. :)
    13. foxxxone
      yes yes :wub:
    14. babybear
      thank-you,they have a very interesting history
    15. ReggaeMistress
      Thanks Zoso...appreciate it!:bigsmile:
    16. sterniac86
      And Happy belated BirFday!!!!!
    17. sterniac86
      Thanx for the Good Rep. You is a cool Mofo. ~ S86
    18. Zena Buddysgirl
      happy is your bday no??
    19. stinkpotpie
      Hey long have you lived here and how do you like it?
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    Apr 16, 1973 (Age: 42)
    Naples, FL
    Starving Artist
    Floyd, Zeppelin, Slayer, Metallica, Joy Division, AC/DC, The Clash, Andres Segovia, Distillers, Godsmack, Imogen Heap, Motorhead, Opeth, old school hardcore/punk. I also love classical.
    Horror, Sci-fi, Action
    Books & Magazines:
    Spawn, Heavy Metal, Hannibal,
    Justin.TV, Deviantart,, Demonoid,
    Becks Dark, Vodka & Tonic,

    (='.'=) This is Bunny. Copy and paste Bunny into your
    (")_(") signature to help him gain world domination.
    SiriusXM Subscriber:
    yes, Jan 06, two radios
    Listening Habits:
    Howard 100, Playboy Radio, Octane,


    Willing to go on air?:
    YES, it's OK to give Sirius my contact info
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