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The Vegucation of Robin
by Robin Quivers

Sex Lies & Cookies
by Lisa G
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Remember how Sirius & XM never really merged 100%? If you didn't have both Sirius & XM radios you may not have noticed but up until recently billing wise they still considered them 2 companies with 2 different services. If I had a primary Sirius account w/ 1 radio & then add a 2nd Sirius radio, it counts as a 2nd subscription on that same account & you pay a cheaper price. However if that 2nd radio was an XM radio, they used to count it as a primary XM account w/ 1 radio instead of a 2nd SiriusXM radio. This meant you couldn't get the 2nd radio discounted rate. It also meant if you already had a lifetime Sirius account & you new car had XM, you couldn't apply it to the XM radio.

Well, all the bullshit is over. With them finally looking at this as 1 company, you can merge your Sirius & XM accounts into 1 SiriusXM account!!! So If your car has Sirius & your wife's has XM, you can get both subs in 1 account w/ the 2nd radio discount. You also can use your Sirius lifetime subscription on an XM radio. This won't happen automatically. You have to contact SiriusXM & request the change.

For many of you this may not matter but it's been a long time since they made a new cool Sirius radio and XM seems to get them all the time. Now, if you wanted you could simply jump ship & use their tech.

NOTE: Though this changed billing but it didn't change programming. All the channels are still the same & if you want Howard on XM, or Oprah on Sirius, you'll need the best of package.

by Mutt at 2:13 PM
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I use the SiriusXM online player all the time now and so so excited when they started beta testing the OnDemand / Timeshifting features. Since they they've gone live w/ these and my listening habits have completely changed. Being able to rewind any channel up to 5hrs & being able to pull up a weeks worth of Howard's shows was such a dramatic change to what I was used to and now I find myself using them every single day.

SiriusXM MyControl

Well, it's beta test time again at SiriusXM so go login to the beta player right now & check out the new MyControl feature.


MyControl lets you tweak 40 music channels to your musical tastes. See the "My" icon in the upper right of this screenshot? When you click it you'll get an overlay w/ sliders and when you push them around it changes what the next song will be. Make Hits1 more hitsy, less popy, & less tweeny or The Highway county music less depressing & twangy. I haven't used it long enough to tell you whether this is a feature I need but 1 thing I know for sure, I tweak my pandora channels like this all the time so I assume as I use it more, I'll find more uses for it.

Screenshot_3.png Screenshot_4.png

SFNers escapewisconsin found another new feature. If a song come on you don't like, you can skip forward to the next song. (5 times per hour) You also can back up & do an instant replay.


The iOS & Android apps don't have these new features yet but the last beta didn't last too long before iOS got them & then Android shortly behind that.

anyway, go check it out and let us know what else you found new.
this works with your current SiriusXM internet login.

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Ronnie said that the new limo is a Lincoln MKT Crossover. Here's a photo of one. (it's not his actual car) Howard says it lacks all the normal limo bells & whistles but Ronnie says it's loaded w/ touchscreens & voice recognition. It has apple TV an internet hotspot so Howard can use his iPad mini to wirelessly play video on the TV. He still has a divider he can put up so he doesn't have to look at Ronnie but Howard wants mirrors & storage compartments.


They come in different lengths & I do not know what size he got but here are specs for one.

Here's the official Linclon MKT Crossover page. It's not specifically for a limo but gives you info about the basic vehicle.

Here's the backseat that Howard said was like a park bench. Ronnie had them change it out for something more plush & towncar-ish.

So what do you think? Is it king worthy? Nicer than the old town car? Is it too flashy?
by Mutt at 7:41 AM
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Howard has been talking about his new private facebook like social network for the staff. They had a big meeting introducing it to the staff yesterday & today he announced to the listeners that they are calling it Muldrid and the IBM software it runs on is called Connections

here's a demo

more info can be found here.
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  1. Are you going?
  2. Did you want to go but cannot?
  3. Is this shit too crazy for words?
Curious... Go Here.
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Artie Lange - Exclusive Interview
PHOTO CREDIT : Artie Lange's Twitter

This was originally posted on 7/25/12 by Scott King on
Following is part of what was posted. Continue to for the rest.

Who were your biggest influences in comedy?
Well of course Howard, Howard Stern. I was listening to him since I was thirteen. He's probably the biggest one, but John Belushi, Bill Murray, Richard Pryor. Stand up-wise, probably Richard Pryor. He turned tragedy into comedy, that's something I've tried to do my entire career. Those guys are pretty much it. A lot of people, but those are the big ones.

When did you first feel like you made it in show business?
When I first saw my name in a TV Guide crossword puzzle. It was on a plane, I used to read TV Guide all the time, it's probably obsolete with the internet now. I was on Mad TV... I saw a clue "Lange of Mad TV," and the word was "Artie." I got to fill it in, it was the only clue I got in the whole crossword puzzle. I had my friend finish it for me and I framed it. That made me think, "Ah sh*t, I must be on television at least."

Have you ever used stand up as a type of therapy?
Yes, always. That's a good question. I use it as therapy big time. I think every comedian does. If you're able to do stand up, it's the best way to vent on the planet. You just make believe the audience is some shrink or psychologist you're yelling at about your problems and hopefully they find them funny. To me, all a comedian is is someone who complains in a funny way.
Most people bitch about stuff, but a lot of people are annoying when they're complaining. Like Seinfeld is just a guy who bitches about stuff. He just bitches about this, that, and the other thing, but he happens to be hilarious whe he does it. Especially now in my life, I'm using stand up as an absolute modem for therapy, it's great.

How has what you went through changed your stand up?
It directly changed the material. The last couple years I've been in psych wards and rehabs and I have a lot of jokes and stories I do about that in my act. Usually a comic gets a solid hour that he does for a stand up special and by the time you see it he's been doing that hour on the road for a couple years. And I think that hour, whatever area you're going through in your life, reflects your outlook on things, and where you're at emotionally. So it's different because I have a totally different perspective on the world.
Going through what I did the last couple years, I saw the Abyss. I was looking at the end. I didn't think I was going to come out of the hole I was in. Now coming out of it, I appreciate a lot more things. I hate certain things more, but I love certain things more. It all comes out in the act. So it affected it quite a bit.

Are you worried about discussing anything onstage that could trigger something?
Yeah everything (laughs). People say what's a trigger for you? I say when the sun comes up and when it goes down... One of the perspectives I have on life is that triggers are going to be all over the place. I live in New York, I work in New York. I do stand up on the road. I have a house on the Jersey Shore, twenty minutes from Atlantic City.
Triggers are never going anywhere unless I build a cabin in Colorado... It doesn't matter. I just have to be strong. I have to say I'm not going to let potential triggers let me ruin my life or let me prevent myself from bringing stuff up in stand up. I've always worked where nothing is taboo in stand up for me. I just go into it head first.

How did Howard reach out to you after the incident?
By phone... He called me in a psych ward. Right after I came out of intensive care I went into a psych ward and Howard called me a couple times there before he even got me. There's a direct line into the psych ward that the patients are allowed to pick up at certain hours and the first couple times he tried me, these other crazy patients picked up.
There's this one crystal meth kid who had bags under his eyes, big Howard fan. He kept talking to me about stuff, and one day he came knocking on my bedroom door there and I opened the door and he goes "Howard's on the phone," he was shaking like it was God on the phone. I just imagine Howard having a small talk with this guy. We talked for a good forty-five minutes to an hour. He was very very encouraging and I just said, "I'm thinking about you." That's how. It was very nice how he called me in the psych ward, it's crazy.

Are you able to listen to the show anymore?
Sure. In the beginning it was kind of hard, I just listened the other day. Howard loved his dog so much, I almost considered calling him as if a person in his life had died to console him, but I was like, "I don't know, that's a little goofy." But listening to him talk about Bianca dying... I just remember when they got that dog, how much they loved that dog, and I felt bad for him and Beth when I heard about it. I heard about it on the show like other fans would. So no, I try to listen when I can, but my hours are weird now. I'm not the kind of guy that downloads shit or listens to repeats, but whenever I hear it, it's always funny.

Was the hardest part of what you went through being in the public eye?
It was the hardest and the easiest. When it first happened I thought I disappointed my family, my friends, and that included my fans at Stern. Howard created a family-like atmosphere there, and God, radio fans... I've been lucky enough to work in TV, movies, stand up, writing a book, radio...
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As you heard on the show, Howard Stern is featured in the latest issue of "A Tribute to TV Judges". It hit newsstands on July 5th and you should be able to find it at Barnes and Noble, Target, & CVS. If you can't find it, here are the highlights.

cover.jpg Screen Shot 2012-06-29 at 9.32.38 AM.png Screen Shot 2012-06-29 at 9.33.38 AM.png
by Mutt at 5:57 PM
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No, not HowardTV OnDemand. It's SiriusXM OnDemand!!!


Head over to and see it for yourself. There are currently 9 complete Stern Shows you can listen to including this week. Click on one & start from the beginning that days show. Want to get to something specific, skip forward in 1 minute intervals. Right now I'm listing to Mondays show and Howard is bitching about his new microphone.

There are currently only 15 OnDemand channels to choose from but Howard 100 is one of them. No Howard 101 yet so no you can't go listen to Fred's Playlist. It says each show stays in the cache for 30 days so in theory we should be able to skip back and catch missed shows from the previous weeks.

I know you're wondering if you can skip through the commercials. Sorry, I forgot to mention there are no commercials. At least not during the breaks. The ones that air in the middle of the news would of course still be there. I don't know if they will remain commercial free when this OnDemand feature is out of beta but I would be pleasantly surprised if it was. I HONESTLY HAVE NO IDEA.


I spoke to TSS Taylor from and he "believes" the SiriusXM Lynx will get an update with this OnDemand feature but there's no word as to when it would happen. We hypothesized that the new Google TV app and the the Android / iPhone apps could get it too but nobody official is saying anything yet. If you find any additional information or find more features while you play with it, let us know here.

This is a fantastic upgrade to the online player. Thank You SiriusXM!!
by Mutt at 1:55 PM
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We’ve all been there: one too many beers…that extra shot you probably should’ve turned down…the last glass of wine you knew you’d probably regret in the morning. Now there’s a fast and easy way to get over the headache, exhaustion and generally crappy feeling that takes over when your night life slams headfirst into your day job: Hangover Joe’s “The Hangover” Recovery Shot.

The only morning-after recovery shot on the market designed specifically to relieve hangover symptoms, The Hangover Recovery Shot keeps last night’s libations from ruining your day today. Made from a proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients, the fully-loaded 2 oz. shot puts back what drinking takes away to help you get up and get going the next morning. Made with Hangover Joe’s patent-pending Get Up and Go Blend, the Hangover Recovery Shot contains essential vitamins and exotic herbs that counteract the morning-after effects of alcohol consumption.


And, because The Hangover Recovery Shot contains only as much caffeine as a single cup of coffee, you’ll feel revived and alert all day, without the falling-asleep-at-the-wheel crash later. Down the tasty, smooth shot first thing in the morning, and you’ll be good to go the rest of the day.

While it won’t erase those sketchy memories of that unfortunate water fountain incident, nor will it take back those spitty pick-up lines you sprayed at the super hot brunette you met at the bar last night (like you thought there was a chance!), The Hangover Recover Shot will keep you from feeling like your body is exacting some horrific revenge on you for having a little fun.

So, whether you need to simply drag your sorry ass to work, be totally on your game for a big client meeting, play Supermom to a couple of kids or recover fast so you can do it all over again tonight, pick up a bottle or two of Hangover Joe’s The Hangover Recovery Shot.

An officially licensed product of The Hangover movie (yep, that’s the whole crew on the series of collectible bottles), look for it at participating 7-Eleven retailers nationwide, or at thousands of independent convenience and liquor stores across the country.

To find out more and see what’s happening at Hangover Joe’s, visit us at, hit us up on Facebook, YouTube or follow us on Twitter @Hangover Joes.

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