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by Mutt at 2:45 PM
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Taylor from mailed me the Booey Ball. It's the ball Gary "Baba Booey" Del'Abatte threw in his now famous Mets first pitch. (Video Below) Taylor purchased the ball at a charity auction & since it was sitting around his office doing nothing, he sent it my way to play with. I didn't know what to do w/ it so I took it up to NYC with me this week. Following is a photo journal of the journey.

2012-06-13 15.50.04 (Custom).jpg 2012-06-13 16.22.27 (Custom).jpg 2012-06-13 16.35.05 (Custom).jpg

2012-06-13 17.10.40 (Custom).jpg 2012-06-13 17.39.54 (Custom).jpg 2012-06-13 17.31.38 (Custom).jpg

2012-06-13 17.33.29 (Custom).jpg 2012-06-13 18.26.53 (Custom).jpg 2012-06-13 18.33.17 (Custom).jpg

2012-06-13 18.11.47 (Custom).jpg 2012-06-13 17.21.49 (Custom).jpg 2012-06-13 20.07.09 (Custom).jpg

2012-06-13 20.05.38 (Custom).jpg 2012-06-13 18.17.04 (Custom).jpg 2012-06-13 18.13.58 (Custom).jpg

2012-06-13 20.04.47 (Custom).jpg 2012-06-13 20.08.32 (Custom).jpg 2012-06-13 18.20.38 (Custom).jpg

by h100+101 at 3:14 PM
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Scale replica of Howard Stern's Studio 69 made of paper. More photos of the construction after the break.


163539_10151714846670442_566180441_24092545_1638755508_n.jpg 525861_10151714842040442_566180441_24092502_2048204998_n.jpg 550703_10151714841480442_566180441_24092497_1269605528_n.jpg 559533_10151714840360442_566180441_24092485_1572292413_n.jpg 561250_10151714846090442_566180441_24092538_2028972041_n.jpg 576556_10151714844495442_566180441_24092525_1850600189_n.jpg 577717_10151714844160442_566180441_24092522_2008109321_n.jpg 579978_10151714847145442_566180441_24092549_1576959669_n.jpg 581224_10151714839140442_566180441_24092474_1586186414_n.jpg slide.jpg

by Mutt at 11:05 AM
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I'm uploading the first batch now. I'll continue uploading them as I find time. Please check them out & leave comments. Once I geet it narrowed down to the potential replacements, I'll stick them up in rotation in the top logo spot.

I've been using the SternFanNetwork logo at the top left of this page for a while now & it's really grown on me but when Howard Stern gives you advice, you take it. He says, change that logo... it looks like Jackie Martling made it. Truth be told, it doesn't really fit the new site layout the way I want it to anyway so w/ a complete overhaul going on lets change that logo too.

I'm looking for help from the members. Please email me submissions for what you think the logo should look like or better yet, post them in this thread.

The logo will appear in the upper left hand cornerwhere my blowie logo is. The top submissions will run there in rotation w/ credit to the artist until one is settled on. What's in it for you besides making me happy & supporting the site, I'm not sure yet. This isn't an official contest w/ a prize or anything but I'll come up w/ something cool.

DETAILS: I'd like a new more web2.0-ish look, should be smaller than the one one so it fits that space, it should say SternFanNetwork or SFN, and will probably have to lose the tag line. It can be a whole new look & color. Try to think of the big social media sites & how simple & clean thier logos are now. Animated is fine but should also look good as a still shot. It should be 36 to 64px high but I have little restriction on width. If you want to use the same font we currently use, the FOO font can be found here.

Here's the old logo
by Mutt at 8:39 PM
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Here are some of the new features that made me want to switch to this code.


NOTIFICATIONS - this is like the popup that facebook has under the little earth icon that lets youknow what's happening. it lets you know that some replied to your post or liked it, that someone posted on your profile wall, that someone quoted your post. it's really nice. you can "watch" a thread even if you didn't start it. then when someone replies to it, you will be notified. you can even "follow" a member which makes them one of your profile friends & I adds them to your alerts. that are lots of settings that let you limit what you are alerted to & how.

WATCHED THREADS - I mentioned them above. in your control panel there's a link to bring up your watched threads. it's like bookmarking all your favs & finding them again easily.

CONVERSATIONS - PMs are now called conversations because like facebook you can have a conversation w/ more than one person making it more of a group discussion. Full members will be able to respond to conversations but they can not start them. Only supporters can start them. this will allow the staff or supporters to contact everyone. Supporters will be able to attach files but only other supporters will be able to download them.

LIKES - you can like a post, thread, or user

RECENT ACTIVITY - this is like the active topics page we used to have but it's more than just posts. it includes posts, likes, profile stuff, polls, profile photos, etc. it's an overview of everything that's happening.

YOUR NEWS FEED - in your control panel you have a link to it & all the people you follow activity will be listed there. sort of like recent activity but for just the people you follow

PROFILE PAGE - the profile page has tabs for that users recent activity, posts, & profile posts. it shows who you follow & who follows you. you have a photo album and I'll be adding more. there will be options to enter you social media accounts & with each one I checkbox option to display your content on your profile page. like if you enter your twitter name you can check insert your twitter updates in the page.

ATTACHMENT SYSTEM - it's awesome!! upload in batches, resize, drop thumbs or full size right in the post all quick & easy.

ATTACHMENTS FROM QUICK REPLY - i'm going to open up attachments to full members

VIDEO EMBEDDING - i need to add more video sites still but as youi let me know which ones we need, i'll add them.

MULTI-QUOTE QUICK REPLIES - now you can quote posts from the quick reply form

THREAD PREFIXES - it's like what I use in the adult forums to separate the diff kinds of porn

QUICK NAV WINDOW - like the old forum jump. will have to make the link more prominent because unless you know what it is, you'll miss it.

POWERFUL SEARCH - though it's not working yet. only new posts made here will show up. it doesn't see all the old sfn posts yet. lets you search the WHOLE site in one form. members, profile posts, album comments, the faq, the threads, EVERYTHING. you can ever search within a specific thread. i'll get it running ASAP.

MULTI-PAGE NAV - it's just slick

FACEBOOK LOGIN - it's so fucking handy. you can use your facebook account as your login credentials & keep your entire facebook page / identity completely secret. now users don't have to remember a separate SFN login.

FACEBOOK ACCOUNT CREATION - you can automatically create an SFN account & be posting within a couple clicks using your facebook login. when it does this you have a chance to approve or change everything that gets imported before continuing but from my test site I can see people don't read & just furiously click. because of this I will edit it to NOT automatically fill in the screen name field.

STATUS UPDATE - this is just a tagline like we have now but soon all staus updates will be in a scroller on the side of the page. this doesn't sound like much but I think people will get a kick out of it.

AVATAR UPLOAD - everyone gets a non-animated custom av. the limits are the same as facebook. if you create your account using your facebook account, you can tell it to just grab your facebook av. only supporters will get larger animated ones.

USER ALBUMS - so much nicer than what we previously had. upload galleries to your profile & peopel can leave comments.

MOBILE FRIENDLY - I haven't made a mobile skin yet but the default skin is VERY mobile friendly. about he only this that hasn't worked for me is attachments.

TAPATALK -this phone app is available in almost every format. SFN is setup on in so install it & search for "stern fan network". you can use it for the whole site and it even lets you mobile upload pics right from your phone. very fucking cool!


here are some of the staff only new features that will make it easier for us to manage the animal that is...
by Mutt at 12:35 AM
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I haven't done anything cosmetic to the site yet. I'm still working on the the internals. Once everything is functioning, then I'll work on making it look like home & get all the new logos up in rotation.

so, to recap
LOGO - no I haven't put them up yet & no this isn't the new logo
LOOK OF SITE / COLORS - no I haven't edited the look of the site, the layout, or the colors yet.
by Mutt at 8:19 AM
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You've heard it on the Stern Show but here's the full music video for Benjy Bronk & Elisa Jordana's single Online Sweetheart. I love Benjy & his song is stuck in my head.

Grab it on iTunes for 99 cents & stay in the vortex all the time. I've made mine my ringtone.

You can talk to Elisa & Benjy about their romance on Twitter @BRONK & @ElisaJordana
by Mutt at 5:50 PM
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SiriusXM 2.0 is Here!!
well, it is for some people.

Update your SiriusXM iPhone / iPad app now to get the new 2.0 features. Most notably is the new 5 hour buffer that lets you timeshift. What that means is you can rewind as much as 5 hrs & start playing what aired earlier to catch something you missed & then skip thru the crap you don't like. That means if you wake up at 7a & miss the beginning of Howard, you can just back up & start the show where it started at 6a. So much more but go check it out now!!
This isn't like the stiletto where you would record the channel & then replay it when you want to hear it or like your TV DVR where you program what shows you want it to record. It's every channel all the time. Just flip to any channel & rewind to what happened up to 5 hrs ago & then skip thru the content as you see fit. Think of the possibilities!! Never again will you be annoy cause you flip on Howard & it's the same part of the show you already heard. Never again will you have to get back to work & miss the best part or have to sit in the car waiting to hear the rest of an interview. Yes, this would allow you to listen to Howard commercial free. there's never been anything in radio like this.

The regular online stream & the android app have not been updated to 2.0 yet & there's no word on when that will happen. The first 2.0 radio The Lynx comes out soon. Big thanks to Taylor @ for giving me the heads up.
by Mutt at 11:47 PM
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3RD ANNUAL Garage Sale!

SFN Sponsor is running their 3rd annual garage sale where they clear out overstock, old, open box, and refurbished items. Poke your head around & maybe you'll find a gem that you need. Keep in mind that Sirius is running a deal for $30 back rebate with free "Best of" & internet stream trials with new subs. That might be better than you get from that class action lawsuit. ;) Taylor has all the rebate details.

When TSS Taylor was in town last month to do the Super Fan Roundtable, I told him I was in the market for a new speaker solution. I was thinking travel take w/ me in my bag but when he poked around the garage & found this bitch, I was like screw the travel speakers & send that sucker over!!! I know the internet stream & "Sirius apps" on your iPad are all the rage now but some times it's just nicer to have a big ass boombox with an actual Sirius satellite radio.

Bosch PB360D

It's the Deluxe Power Box SIRIUS-ready jobsite radio by Bosch & he had an open box unit that he was kind enough to mail me. This isn't some cheapie radio that you need to be gentle with. It's a full fledged heavy duty jobsite radio that you can drop off the side of the truck & onto the pavement w/o fear of damaging it. It weighs a ton so I don't recommend it for little girls or long walks but if you work w/ your hands & can appreciate a good sturdy tool, you'll be all over it. It has a built-in Bosch tool battery charger (that doubles as portable power), a built-in quad GFCI receptacle, 360 degree audio so you can sit it in the middle of the room, a 6" sub, and multiple audio in ports including a Sirius radio dock. The dock area has a door to protect your Sirius radio, ipod, cell phone, etc.



My boy Stevo is a GC & happens to have the 1st gen version of this radio. I asked him for his opinions & they were ridiculously positive. He loves it, said it takes a beating, and sounds great. I was leery of the GFCI receptacles worrying that a drill or saw might fry the radio but he says he uses them all the time & the radio never gives him trouble. He also uses the battery charger for his screw gun. His was lacking the Sirius dock. According to Taylor, the one's w/ the docks are the 2nd gen more powerful radios. His sounded plenty freaking loud while doing drywall work in Scotty's basement.

You can feel one for yourself @ Home Depot or Lowes but if you want the high powered Sirius ready unit, you'll have to visit Taylor @ TSS-Radio. Click thru to TSS for details & videos.

DISCLAIMER: Yes, these pics could have been nicer but I misplaced my camera. :(

by Mutt at 8:43 AM
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Ever feel like you are not quite able to express yourself in the way you really want to? Do you sometimes wish there were a way you could make a *statement* about a subject you feel strongly about to someone? Maybe even anonymously? Maybe with a bag of actual bullshit, horseshit or chickenshit, or even a 6 pack o' shit.

Remember when Baba Booey was trying to get appointed to the Park Advisory Board? It would have been so great if a bunch of us Stern fans could have sent the *lady* who was *blocking* Gary a bag of BULLSHIT or HORSESHIT, legally, through the mail, without ever having to handle the bag. And to make it even better, we could have written a custom 140 character long message (in our own words) to be included in the package along with the bag of shit

Well, that's where comes in. For the first time in American History, you are empowered to visit a website - - and choose from 1 of 6 different bags of shit, or send 'em all 6 (the SHIT 6 PACK), to anyone, or any business, in America all from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. is packed with cool areas like SHIT HAPPENS, TALKING SHIT, and SHIT LIST!'s members (membership is always free) can post stories, comment on stories and vote what they think about stories posted on the site by other members or by Yodishit.

Check it out: Our S#!ttiest deal is the S#!T 6 PACK, very fitting for those who are "Full of S#!T" The S#!T 6 PACK has all of our 6 bags of S#!T, BULLS#!T, HORSES#!T, CHICKENS#!T, GOOD S#!T, BAD S#!T, AND NO S#!T. Plus you can write a custom message that will be included with the 6 bags of S#!T. If a 6 Pack is too much? How about sending one of the 6 individually packed bags of S#!T. Perfect for when you’re done taking someone’s S#!T and want to return the favor!

Each bag is packed with just enough S#!T to make your point!
  • BULLSHIT is the perfect S#!T to send to all the BULLS#!T artists that surround you, from the used car salesman, to your everyday politician, to the mechanic that convinced you the $3,000 repair was totally necessary, to your favorite divorce attorney.
  • HORSESHIT will let ‘em know that you’re onto their non-sense. It’s about time they get a handful of HORSES#!T & you’ll feel a 100 times better after you’ve sent ‘em some. Make a list of all those who should get a bag of HORSES#!T. Start having
  • Fun today!
  • CHICKENSHIT might be just the perfect bag of S#!T to send to all sorts of people.
  • GOOD SHIT is often hard to come by. But we’re always stocked up on it, so go ahead,
  • send ‘em some GOOD S#!T. GOOD S#!T, what better way to put a goofy smile on someone’s face!
  • BAD SHIT, could be bad or bad ass! GOOD SHIT, BAD SHIT, NO SHIT, who gives a SHIT!
  • NO SHIT, thanks for the news flash, Captain Obvious! Yup, this bag is empty, NO SHIT!
So, go for it, Send ‘em some SHIT with a “custom message” of your own (which will be hand typed and sent along with the bag of SHIT).

Return policy: If you don’t like our S#!T, then tough S!#T!

Read this S#!T carefully.


There is some important S#!T here and you don’t want to miss out on any of this S#!T, and that’s NO S#!T.
  1. Get on our S#!T List for the latest updates from;
  2. Send ‘em S#!T, yup, PURE 100% animal manure!
  3. “Like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.
  4. Visit frequently for fun, humor, news, entertainment, and most importantly, to Send ‘em S#!T.
  5. Tell your friends.
  6. Repeat steps 2, 4, and 5.

The preceding has been an SFN Advertorial. If you would like your product promoted on our homepage Contact Us
by Mutt at 5:32 PM
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YEAH! We got a new sponsor

I was just saying in a different thread about how other then TSS Radio (whose always been awesome by the way), we've been light on sponsors. It's my fault, I don't follow up w/ people like I should but realizing something needed to be done I went thru the requests and forwarded some emails over to Heather (the ad chick) & Cheaterville was all like, sign me up!

So anyway, it's sorta the opposite of It's basically a website for you to go trash your cheating ex-girlfriend / boyfriend. ( they expect you to tell the truth ) The idea is people will anonymously post a photo & story about the cheaters in their lives. You don't have to be the one being cheated on either. You just post the facts. You know how Howard is always saying he knows a woman who cheats on her husband but he doesn't want to get involved, cheaterville would be a way to get it off his chest without anyone knowing it was him who spilled. Then people just starting to date someone can reference and see if their date is a lying whore or not. Who knows, maybe it could save you some heartache. (or get you in hot water)

My girl came home while I was checking out the site and she asked, how do you know the people didn't lie when they made that post, like some psycho ex-girlfriend or jilted obsessed loser and I immediately though of you all. Don't be offended. It's not cause I think you're psycho losers but with all the mult talk over the past couple days I imagined all kinds of fake listings SFNers would wind up making. I pictured fake Mutt posts about my ex, Howard posts about Beth, Sal about 143, etc. Pretty much every staffer or SFNer I could think of getting e-slandered in what could conceivably be worse than joke Amazon reviews for Oh My Dog. It could be bad. Try to behave. I doubt that was their intention when they made the site.

By the way, it's completely FREE. Let me know what you think of the site or link to any posts you make / find of your exes.

Here's a link to Howard doing a live read for When he stumbles on the copy Gary has to come in & explain the site a little.
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