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01-06-11 Super Fan Roundtable

Discussion in 'Super Fan Roundtable' started by Mutt, Dec 21, 2010.

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  1. Mutt


    Super Fan Roundtable
    MEET THE PD w/ Tim Sabean
    January 6th 2011

    264: Guests - John Daniels819, Rob, Lori


    Call into the show @ 1-888-STERN-101

    Voicemail & Text: 1-919-69-STERN

    Tim will be joining us on Jan 6th for a Meet the PD show. He will be answering questions about changes to the channels, schedules, shows, & how this new contract affects the Howard Stern Show. He would like your input & suggestions so please call in 1-888-STERN-101 @ 7-8PM.

    - Tim would like feedback from the fans with suggestions for the channels. What would you like to see happen? What programming do you want? Do shows need to be moved, expanded, canceled, etc?

    - As a subscribers, fans would like to know how much live Howard they'll be getting in the next year. Howard talked about wanting more vacation time or perhaps taking summers off. Have his 40 vacation days changed?
    - We've already seen that Howard is ending the show at 10a with the Wrap Up Show running till 11a. Is Howard contracted to run till 10a or in other words, is it possible that down the road he'd start ending at 9:30a?
    - Howard had a 4 day week this week but before Christmas when Lisa asked him if he'd only be working 3 days a week he said, for now but my schedule is very flexible. Everyone would like to know what this means. Does he mean he may need to take a day off here & there or like "some Fridays" does it mean he'll eventually be switching to 3 days a week?

    - Bubba says he was making $1 million & Sirius offered him $200k as a take it or leave it deal. He turned that down but if they could have met him in the middle @ $600k, he would have stayed. I don't know how accurate all of that is but lets start over right now. What's it gonna take to come up w/ the extra $400k he's now publicly said it would take? Give me steps. 400,000 phone calls, signatures, emails, letters, people standing outside of Bubba's studio or club? What will get Sirius' attention? A years subscription is is currently $155 (plus fees) so 2600 subscribers would cover the extra $400k. Would 2600 cancellations do the trick? You've been to a Bubbapalooza. 2600 is totally do-able.
    - Is the hold up more than just money?
    - If I make this happen, do I get a commission?
    - Bubba says that radio talent is underpaid and Hollywood celebs like Oprah, Martha, & Jammie Foxx are overpaid. I get that they get a payday for name recognition & a face for advertising but what about Opie & Anthony. What makes their show worthy of it's own channel & payday while Bubba's show is not? At the very least i would say they are equals but if pay is any indication, in Sirius' eyes they are not. What does that show have that Bubba's show is lacking?
    - Do you feel the channels will be hurt by the loss of Bubba?

    - Is Scotty locked in for the next 5 years or is there a chance we'd lose him in March?
    - When Ferrall is out, can you fill his slot w/ a sports guy? How bout Artie?

    - Howard says he had a meeting w/ you this week about the future of the channels & over the summer had one with you about the future of radio. Please, tell me the future.

    - What new shows / artists do you think would fit the currently open 3-7 slot? (Kidd Kris, Adam Corrolla, Breuer, Booker, etc)
    - Are you looking for exclusive content or will an FM / podcast replay work?
    - Have any shows approached you?
    - Will you be able to find a talent to fill that slot for Bubba's $200k?

    - What about Stern Staff spin-off shows like JD, Ronnie, Jack & Rock, etc? Has anyone approached you with a desire / idea?

    - With the budget being as tight as it is, are you looking to the wackpack for new shows?
    - Howard is very interested in this new High Pitch Eric interview show & feels he could be our Larry King. Eric says he would do it for free if necessary.
    - Underdog Lady needs to do a show about her Dracula interpretive dance on 2/14 for the 80 year anniversary of Béla Lugosi portraying Dracula. She requires a super deluxe steak sandwich, a NYC milkshake, & transportation.
    - Eric the Midget would like to do movie reviews & requires movie tickets thru fandango. Steve Grillo also wants to review movies. Perhaps they could be the Howard 100 Siskel and Ebert.
    - Maryanne From Brooklyn wants to do her What Howard Means to Me show and only requires Howard's love & praise.
    - John The Stutterr would continue doing his Talk Back show if only he could get Riley styled equal pay.
    - Riley would fill more shifts as long as they are paid shifts.
    - Johnny Fratto would do celeb interviews as long as he doesn't have to be insulting.

    - Has there been talk of bringing him back?
    - What about an Artie show? (you gave Jackie one)
    - Has there been talk of filling his chair? has money been budgeted just encase Howard decides to go that route?

    - Why the fuck won't you bring back the Friday Show? (and please don't give me the standard, when we did that show people didn't like it answer)
    - How about the Shit Show?

    - Has there been talk of moving or making bigger Miserable Men, Greg Fitzimmons, Riley Martin, Geektime, SFRT, etc?
    - Are any of the occasional shows ready to get promoted to weekly shows?
    - We currently replay at 2PM of Friday but I'd like to see a block of replays of all the 7PM & midnight shows. Many people never get to here Greg or Riley & often there will be a surprise Monday show that by the time you hear about it, you've already missed it.

    - How about a real game show w/ constants & prizes? (thanks Bokes)
    - With the Wrap Up Show ending at 11a, have you considered a 1 hr Jackie hosted Wrap Up Wrap Up Show where he discusses what happened on Jon & Gray's show?
    - Howard says he's giving you your own timeslot for a regular Meet The PD. Any interest?

    - Howard says he had a meeting with you & Jeff Schict with ideas about what he'd like to do on & we'd all like to hear what's to come. Is there anything that's official that you can tell us about?
    - Even thought the schedule changes frequently, the online posted schedule isn't always updated. Could you start using the Howard Stern facebook page as a way to notify people of the weeks schedule & special shows?

    - During negotiations Howard talked about wanted to do a music channel. Has there been any real talk about this?
    - If Howard came to you today saying he wanted to do it, it's the 3rd channel still available to him?

    - Howard says he'd like to see timeshifting (forward & reverse) on the phone app. Is this being discussed seriously?
    - What other additions/changes to the app would people like to see & are there any plans to implement them?
    - Will the new contract / phone app trigger a new wave of SiriusXM advertising? Anything cool you can tell us about?


    265: 01-13-11 - Ryan, Pedro, Nuzzy & the Guy
    266: 01-20-11
    267: 01-27-11

    I don't want to book anything beyond this yet.

  2. ClumpyStern

    ClumpyStern SFN Supporter

    Mutt, I'll take one of those 1/6 spots if possible.
  3. ruffypup

    ruffypup SFN Supporter

    Clumpy, you are always good on the show, with a solid take on everything. Grab that spot!
  4. jackie the jerk

    jackie the jerk SFN Supporter

    Ask Tim why HPE and Ivy are harassing Mike and Angel.
  5. Mutt


    clumpy, i'd be happy to book you for one of the other weeks but i'm not putting you in a room with tim. what's next, you want to do the show w/ robin?
  6. LessMoonbeams Full Member


    Muttski is wise beyond his yrs :worried2:
  7. The Butler Full Member

    Why am I not going to like this?
    • This user has been removed from public view.
  8. ruffypup

    ruffypup SFN Supporter

    Tim. Attempting to "Brand" Bubba and Ferrall into Howard Stern FAILED. We bought Sirius for HOWARD and will stay for HOWARD. It is that simple. Howard is a BRAND that cannot be touched by anyone else, including shock jocks or sports guys.... Howard is our Enigma, I think.
  9. The Gas Face Full Member

    I can behave. Put me in the open slot.:bigsmile:
  10. Mr Fantastic Full Member

  11. ClumpyStern

    ClumpyStern SFN Supporter

    No prob...any other week is fine w/me...have a great show...keep me in mind if Tim decides to go all the way to Europe again to avoid any real questions that require straightforward answers...
  12. Timmy Full Member

    Does time ever give a real answer anyway??

    Ask him who exactly stole the idea for Geektime from SFN?

    Is Reilly the most popular once a month show?

    What are the plans for the "Artie Money".
  13. The Butler Full Member

    It's "Riley", he's on every week, and listen or stop posting.
  14. Timmy Full Member

    Whatever. You get the question. Tim wonnt answer anyway.
  15. roblas77 Full Member

    There's nothing to worry about. The channels are a work in progress and this announcement will blow us all away.
  16. roblas77 Full Member

    And it's "won't" or, "will not," if you will.
  17. blue2noise Full Member

    Mutt - Just a reminder that Ryan is for the following week, the 13th. You have him listed above. I'm still set for the 6th.
  18. FlatTimmy Full Member

    Is it true Geektime will become a weekly show? Bad idea. Once every five or six weeks for two hours at a time is enough.

    Also, no more four hour shows for Riley!!! Have mercy on the audience.
  19. Artie'sLiver

    Artie'sLiver VIP: Worlds Greatest ETM Expert

    Ask him if he thinks any answer he gives will satisfy anyone on these forums.
  20. "Hey Retard" Full Member

    Hey Mutt.

    Here's a popular one I think:

    Q: Now that the show is confirmed for another 5 years, can we have someone fill the Artie chair (preferably Artie obviously) but if not, could you at least rotate comedians on it like the old days? Give us that magic 3rd voice in the studio?

    Or even having guests sit in each week.

    Can you imagine having Eric the Midget/Sal/Jackie/Riley Martin/Jerry Connel/Jim Breur filling the chair each week? Would add something new and fresh every day.
  21. ruffypup

    ruffypup SFN Supporter

    Tim. Give us your Soul tonight! You are Tim FUCKING Sabien!
  22. Dreadnok4life Full Member

    You got a mouse in your pocket?
  23. ruffypup

    ruffypup SFN Supporter

    Re-Brand "Mastertap Theatre featuring Sir Harden Thicke". When I hear Sir Harden's voice, I grow ill,, Bad BRAND. Keep it simple. Howard Classic... It doesn't overcomplicate..
  24. ruffypup

    ruffypup SFN Supporter

    Of course not,,,why ?
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