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01-24-08 Super Fan Roundtable Listening Thread

Discussion in 'Super Fan Roundtable' started by Mutt, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. Mutt


    Super Fan Roundtable
    January 24th 7-8PM on Howard 101

    Tonights Guests: Lori, Irish John, Reverend Bob Levy, & Mike

    SPONSOR: the Super Fan Roundtable is sponsored to Voodoo Tiki Tequila.


    Replays Friday at 2PM right before Bubba and Sunday @ 9PM right after Miserable Men

    - Howard said he doens't think Sirius has the money for it. How could this be? It's their #1 show. Do you believe it's really a budget issue?
    - He's also against it becasue he feels they aren't his best shows but Robin talked him into it by pointing out some great Vegas moments. As a listener, what's great about the Vegas shows?
    - What could they do differently to make them more up to Howard's standards?
    - Vegas was always a huge deal with big crowds. Is it possible Howard doesn't want to do it cause there's a chance the crowd would be as big & he'd be embarrassed? Is that a legit concern or would they pack the place?
    - Where should they go? The Hard Rock has been sold so it's not a lock. The show has a relationship with the Maloof brothers who own The Palm and Apollo Management (one of the main owners of Sirius) recently purchased the Harrah's chain of casinos., (Harrah's, Bally’s, Caesars, The Flamingo, Paris, & The Rio)
    - If it really is all about money, would an AC trip be just as good? Trump is still a big supporter of the show and the Harrah's chain includes the Atlantic City Showboat & House of Blues.

    - Lots of merger talk again this week. We might as well have the monopoly talk again.
    - Will it be good for subscribers?
    - Will it be good for the show?
    - Can anyone think of anything better than a Sirius Vegas Trip to celebrate/promote the merger?

    - Jackie came alive with the news that Gary might get braces. Should Jackie be on the show more?
    - I don't think Howard would ever do it but should he be one of the comedians that sits in on the show?
    - Fred says he's not really mad at Jackie & it's just a bit for there air. Does anyone believe this for a second?

    RAPID FIRE: What should be done with the Sybian? Longer control cord, let Will run it, insist Gary wears the mask, etc

    - Eric is getting very angry with all of his new names & talk of his "girlfriend". Is angrier better?
    - Beetlejuice has been the undisputed king of the wackpack. Is Eric the Midget making a move on the title?
    - Did Gary and Howard win by getting Kendra on air? Is the midget being a poor sport?
    - It's been every morning. Are you tired of his airtime yet or does the show keep making him interesting?
    - Are you worried about him? Some people feel Johnny & Kendra are using him and worried he'll get hurt. Others feel that this is great for Eric and he's probably happier than ever. What camp are you in?
    - Is Howard being mean to Eric or just trying to get him to see the truth?
    - Would it be better if Ralph got her or Artie? Who has the better shot? Either one would get her into the inner circle.

    - Ivy Supersonic
    - Robin & Jim talk
    - Howard 100 News
    - Eric the Midget's friends
    - Pizza shop prank calls
    - Howard telling us how important chess is
  2. Mutt


    If you'd like to be on the show, follow the directions and let me know.



    Go straight to the super fan roundtable forum -

    CALLING INTO THE SHOW: When calling into the show, there's no need to give shout outs to SFN or your friends on SFN. We don't have a ton of time so please don't waste any of it. We already have topics setup. Please be a good caller and respond to the topics. Thanks 1-888-STERN-101

    GETTING ON THE SHOW: Each week I start a roundtable brainstorming thread where the fans help build our topics and a listening thread where people discuss the show while it's happening. if you'd like to do the show, get in there and participate. once you've been around for awhile ask to be on the show and pick a date. there's a schedule posted in every brainstorming thread.

    GUESTS OF THE SHOW: The show airs from the Sirius studios in NYC Times Square. It's on the 36th floor of the McGraw Hill building on the corner of 49th & 6th in studio 21. Guests should be there at 6PM so we can do mic checks. The show goes live at 7PM. You can not bring any friends. our studio is very small and there's really no place for them. I'll need your full name in advance and you need to bring your ID for security. If I don't put you on the list and you don't have your ID, you will not be able to get in.

    This is an office and you are expected to be on your best behavior. It's not some free for all party. You shouldn't do anything that you would do when stopping by the bank. You cannot bring alcohol, take off your clothes, make noise, or bother people. I know you are a Stern fan but we're not out at the bar. You need to be cool. Don't stop them and ask for an autograph or photo. Everytime one of you misbehaves, I get a new rule to follow.

    You CAN NOT walk around Sirius. You will be escorted from the upstairs lobby to the studio and back out. Do not take it upon yourself to just walk around & check things out. Nobody is allowed to stop by other shows. DO NOT stop by Ferrall's studio under any circumstances even if you think it's OK. I've been told by management that it's not. If you'd like to be a guest on Ferrall, they need to put you on their guest list.

    You may take photos in the studio but please do not take pictures in the halls or lobby.

    DO NOT sign the wall.

    All plugs must be approved in advance. If you are going to be on the show and you have something to plug, you need to let me know the day before. ANYONE WHO PLUGS A WEBSITE OR BUSINESS WITHOUT PERMISSION WILL NOT BE INVITED BACK.
  3. Blu

    Blu SFN Gold Supporter

    bump cuz i can cuz i dont care
  4. Mutt


    Thread Moved

    As far as the monopoly talk goes, I had an interesting discussion with a guy last weekend. he was trying to tell me how it's a monopoly and he's against it. he went on to say how it would be like if there was only 1 cable company.

    now first off, even though there are many cable companies, where you live there is only one. you never have 2 to pick from. in the cable world, in your town they are no more or less a monopoly than Sirius. he felt that since there is FIOS TV & satellite TV, you have choices so it's not a monopoly

    I explained how Sirius has to compete with terrestrial radio, HD radio, net radio, mp3s, etc. His answer was yeah, but those are all free and not competition. this made no sense to me at all. to me , the fact that they are free just makes them harder to beat.

    He then went with the idea that Sirius is a monopoly becasue it would be the only music on satellite technology. where there are different cable companies and different satellite TV companies.

    so now I made my checkmate move. it just sorta came to me. What about FIOS? there is only one FIOS company. if you want TV, phone, net via fiber optics, you can only get it from Verizon. yes they compete with cable for that market, but they are different technologies. so by his own reasoning since FIOS is not a monopoly becasue even though they are the only fiber company, they compete with other technologies that provide TV, Sirius can not be a monopoly.

    he couldn't understand what I was saying but it's very straightforward. either they are both monopolies or they both aren't.

    He felt the merger would be bad for subscribers becasue there would be nothing to keep them from jacking up the rates. my feeling is cable did that and all it did was push people to get satellite. both were pretty high but Sat kept coming up with a slightly better deal and the prices kept inching down. Now that FIOS is out there, both cable & FIOS are offering cheap cable/TV/net deals. even though they are completely different technologies, they offer the same product and therefore are completion. 1 FIOS company doesn't get them the ability to jack up the rates. the other TV/phone options kept them in check. Sirius is no different
  5. allegrabene Full Member

    Re: Thread Moved

    uh the merger NOT going through and the companies going out of business is worse for subscribers. these people know nothing
  6. Mutt


  7. MrJeff2000

    MrJeff2000 SFN Gold Supporter

    A friend of mine plays the cable company against the satellite company.

    He gets a special deal on one (six months free) and then uses it for the terms (one year).

    Then he switches to the other service for another deal (three months free) and uses it for the terms of service (one year).

    He said after doing it for 3-4 years, the servicemen are used to activating/deactivating for many people who do the same thing.

    They use this to keep their TV bills down (if you could get six months of service free, it's half-off for the year) and take advantage of the open marketplace.
  8. 3foot11midget Full Member

  9. 3foot11midget Full Member

    FYI MUTT.....I will be calling ino the Stern Fan Round Table show today to sound off on my Eric thoughts.....what number do I call???

    Also, if you want to messgae me a private number feel free to send it to otherwise i will call what ever the regular number is...
  10. MrJeff2000

    MrJeff2000 SFN Gold Supporter


    I hope you like emails about vi@gra - you're probably gonna get a ton now.
  11. EMFBoss Full Member

    Chuck Dibbs is corny
  12. TruckdriverRick

    TruckdriverRick SFN Gold Supporter

    hey heres an idea why dont you call the "SUPER FAN ROUNDTABLE" instead..then Mutt will get your call :p
  13. Fa-Fa-Fo-Ha

    Fa-Fa-Fo-Ha SFN Gold Supporter


    Sup Rick!! :hw:

    Where ya been brotha!!?
  14. TruckdriverRick

    TruckdriverRick SFN Gold Supporter

    busy brudda..but still a full-time listener to this particular show..thinks Mutt does a great job with it..although I miss Boots being on :cool:
  15. Shark58

    Shark58 SFN Gold Supporter

    have a great show kids

    I'll be out drinking
  16. Player 1 Full Member

    they need to do vegas again. BIG TIIIIIIIME
  17. TruckdriverRick

    TruckdriverRick SFN Gold Supporter

    have a goodtime and be careful :hw:
  18. The Butler Full Member

    Two hours 'til places.

    Have a good show ev'rybody! :hw:
  19. Ignatius Reilly Full Member

    fuck vegas, they need to come to CT casinos. Closer so Howard wont be so moody
  20. TruckdriverRick

    TruckdriverRick SFN Gold Supporter

    isnt this the 7th or 8th time they have had this discussion on the SFRT??
  21. The Butler Full Member

    Just like Howard isn't working Fridays, people need to come to the realization that Howard isn't leaving that studio to do a show.

    SPUEMASTER SFN Gold Supporter

    Rick :hw:
  23. TruckdriverRick

    TruckdriverRick SFN Gold Supporter


    SPUEMASTER SFN Gold Supporter

    I agree with P1 I wish there would do more in LV :yes: I will make that one if it happens..
  25. TruckdriverRick

    TruckdriverRick SFN Gold Supporter

    Oh I totally agree with P1 on that..but I just dont see them going..hell it seems Howard doesnt wanna go anywhere or do anything but his 4-5 hours a day 4 days a week 46 weeks out of the year

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