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02-06-13 Super Fan Roundtable

Discussion in 'Super Fan Roundtable' started by Mutt, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. Mutt


    Super Fan Roundtable
    February 6th 2013
    Show #364 Guests: Liran H, Brandt W, Matthew S (SFRT) [FULL]


    Show airs live every Wednesday at 7p
    and replays Wed 10p, Thurs 11a, Friday 6p, & Sat 8p

    Call into the show @ 1-888-STERN-101
    Voicemail & Text: 1-919-69-STERN


    - They did another run of Extreme SuperFan Trivia Challenge - I assume you played along so how did you do?
    - Are you surprised Mark didn't win?

    - Of all days to fuck up, Gary double booked 2 guests on the same day as the "State of the Stern Show" "Getting Things Done" "I don't like how the office is being run" meeting. Do you feel Howard took it easy on him or made a big deal over nothing?
    - With Moldred, Lotus Notes, and the whole back office how does something like this even happen?
    - Howard plugged the meeting several times but when will we find out what happened?

    - Howard reveled that he & Beth were really close to having a baby last year. She was turning 40 & wanted one but Howard chickened out due to his age. Were you shocked by this revelation? Could it still happen?
    - Beth thinks they might have regrets but Howard says I doesn’t think so. (unless Beth is unhappy) Will the day come that Howard says he wished he had?

    - Howard says nobody gives a shit about Doug Goodstein, Steve Brandano, & Greg Carmel. Previously he's said nobody even knows who Will, Jason, & David Height are. (this coming from a guy that still talks about Susy) Is he right & fans don't give a shit about any of them or do Super Fans get all wrapped up in all the staff's bullshit?

    OTHER INTERESTING TOPICS - What's you reaction to the following & what was most surprising?
    - Eric the Actor refused to go into the Homo Room w/ Howard.
    - Fred was on SVU & told nobody.
    - Robin talked shit on Robert Deniro as an actor, Russel Brand as a man, or Tarantino as a writer / director.
    - Jewel performed but Howard didn't play the cajone
    - Benjy is in trouble for not going to bat for Elyssa

    - Brian Wilson asks where the black people at? Was he suggesting the Stern Show be more diverse or for brothers to represent?

    We are now only booking 2-3 guests per show.

    365: 02-13-13 - Thomas B, Brian W, David D (SFRT) [FULL]
    366: 02-20-13 - Eddie F (FB), Monique, Patrick T (SFRT) [FULL]
    367: 02-27-13 Hanzi's Show - Ross, Mike T, Wikki (SFRT) [FULL]
    368: 03-06-13 - Gray A, Victor, Eugene R, Anotny S (SFRT) [OVER]
    369: 03-13-13 - Alison M, Chalaire, Monique, Geno B (SFRT) [OVER]
    370: 03-20-13 - Bruce, Candace D, Michael M (SFRT)
    371: 03-27-13 - Brian P (SFRT)
    372: 04-03-13 - Paul C, Scott K, Matt B & Jason M (SFRT) [OVER]
    373: 04-10-13 AGT in NYC - Bret C, Andrea R, John K (SFRT) [FULL]
    374: 04-17-13 - Brian M, Howard H, Robert S (SFRT)[OVER]
    375: 04-24-13 - Alan F, Jean M (SFRT)
    376: 05-01-13 -
    377: 05-08-13 -
    378: 05-15-13 - JJ (SFRT)
    379: 05-22-13 -
    380: 05-29-13 -
  2. Mutt


    Russel Brand stop by & Robin tells him he wouldn't be a good father
  3. Mutt


    Dumber Than a Box of Rocks Tournament of Champions
  4. Mutt


  5. Mutt


    Bubba was going to come in this week but Howard was overbooked. he'll be in soon
  6. Mutt


    New Orleans in 1st week of March
    NYC April 8, 9, 10

    MFB will be Howard's Queen again!
  7. Anarchist86ed Full Member

    And photoshop to.
  8. Mutt


    Hey hey robin's tits are brown and huge
    and her asshole sweats so she don't need lube
  9. Artie'sLiver

    Artie'sLiver VIP: Worlds Greatest ETM Expert

    Tomorrow is the big summit. Im sure something will be discussed on Wednesday. Mutt make sure you squeeze Jason for everything he can give us.
  10. Artie'sLiver

    Artie'sLiver VIP: Worlds Greatest ETM Expert

    Eric The Grim Reaper of TV refuses to play Shock My Nipples with Howard down in the Homo Room

    Gary fucked up booking Jewel and Jenny McCarthy at the same hour.
  11. torres Full Member

    During the staff revelation game, Howard revealed he and Beth were close to having a baby last year.
  12. psxpirate2002 Got The Gay

    With all the shitty 3 day weeks and no effort put into the show and also robin not even seeming interested in the shadow of a former show anymore, can we swap the super fan round table for maybe a night stand and a deck chair to keep the cost down? just asking
  13. Artie'sLiver

    Artie'sLiver VIP: Worlds Greatest ETM Expert

    I say we swap you for a big ole turd.

  14. Mutt


    ok, I was in MSHA mine safety training all day. just starting my listening day
  15. Mutt


    Howard is having the 2013 State of the State speech / meeting today
  16. UGLY KID FRANK Full Member

    metatarsal boots, safety glasses, no facial hair...sticker for your hard hat.
  17. Mutt


    Eric the Actor is NOT going to the homo Room w/ Howard
  18. Mutt


    Gary booked Jewel & Jenny McCarthy for the exact say time. WTF?!!?
  19. Mutt


    facial hair isn't an issue when making little rocks outta big rocks
  20. Beer Chugger Full Member

    If bad photoshopping counts as having a rack, then sure.....
  21. Mutt


    howard says nobody gives a shit about doug goodstein, steve brandano, & greg carmel
  22. Mutt


    howard & beth were really close to having a baby last year. she wanted one & was turning 40 but howard chickened out due to his age
  23. Juju Alma

    Juju Alma Closed by User

    No more books. Too many books.
  24. Juju Alma

    Juju Alma Closed by User

    Doug Zzzzz Goodstein's 25 minute video resume:
  25. Matthew Rosa

    Matthew Rosa Closed by User

    MUTT Please address this tonight:

    1. Why the Illuminati Super Bowl conspiracy was not addressed at all or at least given some sort of thought. Also maybe at least acknowledge Hanzi isnt completely nuts.....
    2. Howard today(2-6-13) numerous times said to Benjy multiple times that he did absolutely nothing wrong during the Tommy Matolla interview and their was not one word from Gary or anyone who completely TRASHED him last week.
    3. The fact that Gary pretty much went unscathed yesterday during the show, Wrap Up Show and today's show for booking 2 guests at the same time. Jon Hein went almost as much as not even bringing it up yesterday on the WUS and completely shielded him from criticism, it was absolutely sickening.

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