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02-14-08 Super Fan Roundtable Brainstorming Thread

Discussion in 'Super Fan Roundtable' started by Mutt, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. Mutt


    This week I have a commitment to the kids this Thursday and there's no way to change it to another night. Fred the Elephant Boy has volenteered to host the show. He'll be joined by Lori, Pedro, Irish John, & Steve Grillo.

    We're going with all RIGHT OR WRONG

    - HPE's calls in to make fun of Jessica Hahn's loss.
    - Howard is going to find ETM a real girlfriend.
    - Florentine is off Mis Men becasue he's no longer miserable.
    - Artie out sick again
    - Howard 100 News pulled from the Jim & Robin story
    - Beth doesn't want Sal at the wedding. Sal feels Howard should have his back.
    - Howard thinks every single thing is fair game to discuss on the show. (even to the point he "forgets" when things are discussed off air).
    - Eric the Whatever he's being called this week, is on the show nearly every day.
    - Scott being upset that he's not on Jason's bachelor party list.
    - Artie the Party in Amsterdam?
    - Artie vs High Pitch Mike fight
    - Reading ETM's love message to Kendra on air
    - Sal & Richard gaying up the Flo-Rida segment

    PS - Please don't hi-jack my thread with a bunch of Joey Boots posts. It's counter productive to the purpose of this thread. It's here to come up with topics for this show which joey is not a part of. We all miss Joey on the show and I'm hopping Joey will be back on the show soon.
  2. IVARR

    IVARR Got The Gay

    you need to discuss HPE's fucked up phone call about Jessica
  3. Pussah2 Full Member

    artie out again
  4. dharmabum

    dharmabum SFN Gold Supporter

    I don't think you should give the midget any time. He get's way too much time on the show. Totally sick of it. Talk about Robin and Jim, Benjy and his quest for a woman, what effect will howard's upcoming wedding have on him, Ronnie being single. Please anything but the midget and his band of pathetic looser "friends.
  5. dharmabum

    dharmabum SFN Gold Supporter

    If you HAVE to talk about the midget, talk about if frotto is getting paid for all those plugs.
  6. derekphel Full Member

    I definately agree that the midget gets enough attention and I do not want to hear any more about it. Also I think the Robin and Jim story gets enough as well. What is there new to talk about with that?

    How about going out on a limb and discussing how many of us think Daner is mind fucking Artie?...or the same about Howie and the First Lady over there....risky?...yes....interesting....hell yes.

    Lets take a break from the norm.
  7. patlapse Full Member

    Lets talk about Banning HPE. Those comments set a new low, even for him.
    How about the Rev. and his girl? Did she really say he was only "one" of the best she's banged? that takes balls to say on air.
  8. MrJeff2000

    MrJeff2000 SFN Gold Supporter

    And if he or his friends call in, ask them how many unique visitors they got from those 14 million hits.

    Let's use SFN as an example.

    For instance, if I read one thread and make a reply, each time I refresh or reply, it counts as a hit.

    If I make 6 posts in one thread, that's 7 total hits. Go to 2-3 threads, and one unique visitor IP can account for 20-30 hits.

    They like to brag that users are staying online for HOURS. That means that each unique visitor is accounting for MORE of that hit total.

    You can take that methodology and boil down 14 million hits to 30,000-50,000 unique visitors - still impressive, but nothing that beats facebook or myspace or any other actual revenue-generating site.
  9. dharmabum

    dharmabum SFN Gold Supporter

    good analysis
  10. Irish John

    Irish John Well-Known Member

    Ricky man running the show over at Ricks Cabaret, Is he Ricks Cabarets version version of Chuck Zito ?
  11. Irish John

    Irish John Well-Known Member

    Florentine leaving Miserable Men....Why ?.....Levy saying he is marrying his fiance because she makes him happy....Is it time for a title change for the show ?
  12. mkriss5681 Full Member

    No longer miserable? :bigthink:
  13. Mutt


    your math is off. what you are counting are page views. hits would be approx 40 x that.
  14. Oderus Full Member

    discuss banning tubby Eric from SFN.
    • This user has been removed from public view.
  15. LakeStLouis Full Member

    discuss why people are taking this e-hatfield vs. mccoys so seriously, i mean honestly 99% of the people fighting with jfsc and stern fan have never met each other and never will. the whole thing is kind of sad and weird. these are grown men starting e-gangs, so pathetic.
  16. Mr L Full Member

    Discuss homophobia on the show and the backlash that Artie received from both Howard and George Takei after his anti-gay tirade against HPM.
  17. eddie the produce guy

    eddie the produce guy regular caller

    hey girl am glad you finally sick of the midget
  18. Señor Pedro

    Señor Pedro
    SFN Staff

  19. acdoozie Full Member

    Dharma, I totally agree. ETM's days are OVER (it's over johnny) :blowup: . He's getting painful to listen to
  20. sfgirl

    sfgirl SFN Gold Supporter

  21. Ignatius Reilly Full Member

    Does Artie really want to quit the show? I think so. And I think he thinks the show itself would not be as pissed as the fans. I think giving some time to whether or not it is RIGHT for Artie to quit would be nice.

    I for one love Artie on the show but would totally support him quitting.

    And I never get sick of Eric. I just want them to make more positive names like "Eric the beautiful little angel" cause I think it would be funny to hear Eric say, "that ones ok I guess".

    I dont think Hi Pitch fully understood what he was saying to Jessica so I guess its right.

    I dont know shit about who has what number of hits. But the earlier analysis seems like it could be off just because SFN is a place where you browse around. Fratto has a fucking chatroom. You go there and stay there. I do not see how one user could rack multiple hits unless they are retarded or something. So in theory Hi pitch could account for 25% of all of their hits.

    Beth and Howard both dont want Sal at the wedding who would. Sal is wrong for thinking Howard would want him there let alone go against Beth on the issue.

    And I really cant wait for this whole Kendra thing to end so we can have Eric the Midget dial a date. I think Eric will be really happy with a fatty with big tits. So right

    The way Howard "forgets" about how things arent supposed to be talked about on the air is awesome and I love when it happens. It is probably wrong but it feels so right.

    And I think Florentine is off the show not cause of money or robin or not being miserable but he is big timing the MIS MEn. He wants to distance himself. No more DPs with Rev or upper deckers. I dont know if you guys heard but he is one half of Quivertine for chrissakes.

    Lots of topics, Artie should get the most time. Although I suppose tommorow we will maybe find out some more but still. And I love hearing Eric and think any opportunity to bait him onto the phone should be taken. But a lot of the fans disagree. So basically I wanna know if everyone else is like me and wouldnt hate Artie for leaving the show
  22. BenBas Full Member

    ...don't forget it's Valentine's Day!!!! :love2: .....alot of love :love2: on the's the 1 year anniversary of Howard and Beth's engagement!!!!!!
    ...will Robin and Jim get engaged?????
    ...please don't do 30 minutes on Artie calling out sick.... :giggle:
  23. Shivettez Full Member

    please discuss Artie's apology and how it was a bad idea. They goof on everyones apologies for making bad remarks and now he does it. He is in the same boat as Kramer and Mel Gibson.

    also, may I have my supporter status back? thanks Mutt.
  24. BenBas Full Member

    ...I want to wish Mutt and everyone on the SFN....and yes...even Ralph...a Happy Valentine's Day....( I won't be listening tomorrow night...have to work ...) :sadbye:

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