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02-15-07 Super Fan Roundtable Listening Thread

Discussion in 'Super Fan Roundtable' started by Mutt, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. Mutt


    Super Fan Roundtable
    February 15th 7-8PM on Howard 101

    Guests: Joey Boots, Lori, Irish John, KingOfAllWhites

    With Howard & Beth getting engaged, Bubba Friday mornings, the Howard TV revamp, the new Beta, the music special, and the Billy West Stern Spotlight, it's an exciting time for fans of The Howard. If that wasn't enough to get your heart pumping, Artie the Party is back and handing out motorboat rides. We'll get the fan reaction and find out what their most excited about.

    - Howard proposed to BethO. Are you shocked that the man who said he'd never get married again has changed his tune?
    - What's the over / under date for the wedding? the baby?
    - Will it be a huge wedding with famous friends or small ceremony with just family? Jewish or Catholic?
    - Will Howard TV cover the wedding? the bachelor party?
    - BethO agreed to a pre nup but what will the conditions be? Will there be a per year dollar amount? what about a balloon payment if it lasts x years?
    - Howard already passed on grabbing titties on Tuesday, will this engagement change the show?
    - Howard has made us all feel like assholes for years concerning the though of marriage. Do you feel betrayed?

    - Howard & Bubba announced Wednesday that the Bubba Show will sometimes be live Friday mornings. You'll still have Mastertape on Howard 100, but you'll be able to get you live show fix in with the boys from Tampa on 101.
    - What do the Stern fans think? This sounds like we won't be getting the Friday Show back and will screw with the West coast feed. Will this fill the void?
    - How about the Bubba fans? Are mornings and the flip flopping schedule going to hurt the show or will the added attention help build up the show?
    - Is Howard grooming Bubba to take over in 4 years?

    - This weekend we get The Music of Howard Stern special and Monday
    it's the Billy West Stern Spotlight. What are you more excited for?
    - What are you favorite musical moments?
    - What are your favortie Billy West moments?
    - Who should they spotlight next?
    - What other specials should they do?
    (music special start 3PM Friday, it's 18 hrs long, and will play twice)

    - Do you like swinging single Artie or relationship Artie better?
    - If engaged Howard calms down on groping chick, will topless motorboat Artie satisfy the fans?
    - Do you like hearing his sex stories?
    - Will he ever find another nice girl or will he stick to bangin' whores?
    - Who would be your dream date for Artie? (someone show related or famous)
    - What do you think of Dan the Song Parody Man being Artie's wrangler? Will he track down some trim fo rhim at the Borgata Sunday night?

    - Listen online @
    - Artie, The Bubba Crew, & the Killers of Comedy in Lakeland Fl March 23rd
    (also in town - Gary, Ferrall, Tim, Ross, & a shit load of SFNers)


    CALLING INTO THE SHOW: When calling into the show, there's no need to give shout outs to SFN or your friends on SFN. We don't have a ton of time so please don't waste. We already have topics setup. Please be a good caller and respond to the topics. thanks 1-888-STERN-101

    GETTING ON THE SHOW: Each week I start a roundtable brainstorming thread where the fans help build our topics and a listening thread where people discuss the show while it's happening. if you'd like to do the show, get in there and participate. once you've been around for awhile ask to be on the show and pick a date. there's a shedule posted in every brainstorming thread.

    Here's the latest roundtable schedule

    Go straight to the super fan roundtable forum -
  2. Mutt


    Thread Moved

    we'll never get through these
  3. Fa-Fa-Fo-Ha

    Fa-Fa-Fo-Ha SFN Gold Supporter

  4. The Butler Full Member

    Re: Thread Moved

    Not unless Ferrall takes the night off. ;)

    Seriously good topics tonight. Mutt, I know you've said that they won't give you more than an hour but maybe you should plant the seed and suggest that the next time Ferrall takes a week off, SFRT should get a second hour.
  5. BostonSportsGuy Full Member

    Focus on the engagement. That's the most entertaining.
  6. BaBaBoston Full Member

    might as well call it a Superfan Roundtable Special: The Engagement Show
  7. Mutt


    glad you made it back in fa-fa
  8. Fa-Fa-Fo-Ha

    Fa-Fa-Fo-Ha SFN Gold Supporter

    Thanks Boss :D
  9. BaBaBoston Full Member

    good call mutt

    always good to see FA FA
  10. Fa-Fa-Fo-Ha

    Fa-Fa-Fo-Ha SFN Gold Supporter

    howcanibedamanwhenudaman! :D
  11. BaBaBoston Full Member

    shotandbeer shotandbeer shotandbeer eyegouge puke!
  12. steve7968

    steve7968 SFN Gold Supporter

    Re: Thread Moved

    think you're right.. might never make it past the engagement...
  13. MrJeff2000

    MrJeff2000 SFN Gold Supporter

    Looks like another one-topic show.

    Wonder if Jason will call it "our second Watergate!"
  14. bwiddy Full Member

    The next Stern Spotlight has to be Gilbert.

    Then spend a whole week on Jackie.
  15. Anarchess

    Anarchess SFN Gold Supporter

    Good luck tonight, all. Should be a lively show, Mutt, with the announcement that Engagement Chicken really works!
  16. Irish John

    Irish John Well-Known Member

  17. Fa-Fa-Fo-Ha

    Fa-Fa-Fo-Ha SFN Gold Supporter

    57 Minute Warning Bump :)
  18. specialyetti Full Member

    Nice I'll be listening tonight. :D
  19. gwarn1

    gwarn1 SFN Gold Supporter

  20. fabsabs Full Member

    joey and irish john together???
  21. fabsabs Full Member

  22. mcfierce24 Full Member

    should be a great show tonight, too bad Irish Jan is gonna be on there
  23. jonpow

    jonpow SFN Gold Supporter

    He's less annoying than his buddies
    I sorta like his recent posts
  24. trim spa baby Full Member

  25. Zena Buddysgirl

    Zena Buddysgirl
    SFN Staff

    i am the fuck in...

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