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05-15-08 Super Fan Roundtable Listening Thread

Discussion in 'Super Fan Roundtable' started by Mutt, May 15, 2008.

  1. Mutt


    Super Fan Roundtable
    May 15th 7-8PM on Howard 101

    Guests: Neil Roast Writer, TSS Taylor ( ), Colonel J, Lori, & special guest Ralph.

    Replays Friday at 2PM right after Bubba

    Request to do the show

    - In the style of the terrestrial days Howard took off today without telling us about it. WHY? Every other Sirius vacation & the specials were promoted in advance.
    - They started the show out as if it was a live Stern show and then surprise, it's Ralph. Fun way to start the special or did it drive you crazy?
    - Thinking about the material he picked, did you like his choices? Is he a good judge of what's good on the Stern Show?
    - Comparing to the other vacation specials, how did you like this one?
    - Did you like Ralph as the host? Should he do it again? Should someone else do it?
    - Was there too much Ralph in the Ralph special?
    - It was sorta old Friday Show-ish. How would you feel about Ralph doing this show every Friday?
    - What are your theories for why Howard had off today? Had to be soemthing pre-planned considering they made a special.

    - Who's crazier Teddy for taking a new job with Artie or Artie for hiring someone he says is embarrassing, unorganized, thief?
    - How long do you give them? Will it end badly again?

    - Who proved they are/aren't a super fan?
    - Howard said there will be other competitions & then the winners of each will compete. Who should be in the next round?
    - There was a big discussion over whether or not Jessica Hahn belonged on the next installment of Celeb SF Trivia. What your verdict? Was Jason a dick? Was Jessica overly sensitive?
    - What were the hardest/easiest questions? How did you do? What did you miss? Do you feel you could beat the celeb super fans?
    - With celebs like Kimmel, Shattner, Jon Favreau, Ryan Phillepe, & Neil Patrick Harris do the recent guests finally appease the naysayers who claim Sirius Howard can't attract A-List Guests or are these guys still not high enough up on the food chain?
    - There was a big discussion about whether or not

    - Howard suggested a High Pitch Eric reality show with the other people from the half way house. If it was a produced show done in the style of The Hogans or The Osbournes would you listen?
    - Would other wackpackers move into Eric's building to be a part of the show?
    - What would fans want to hear about? How to get on the show, sitting on hold, interacting with fans, ditching the bill collector, going to work, getting free stuff, etc

    - Is Gary getting too cocky?
    - Is he getting an attitude with the staff & the wrap up show callers?
    - How can he be the producer and not listen to the show? Week after week he comes in to say something that they just said or ask a question they just explained. He's getting as bad as Ralph. Does he need a comeuppance from Howard?
    - What about Jason? Is he getting too cocky & opinionated?

    - After hearing the who’s crazy / most normal discussion on the Very Berry Special, how have things changed? Whos’ crazy / most normal now?
    - How have things changed over the years?
  2. Mutt


    If you'd like to be on the show, follow the directions and let me know.



    Go straight to the super fan roundtable forum -

    You can email the show at

    CALLING INTO THE SHOW: When calling into the show, there's no need to give shout outs to SFN or your friends on SFN. We don't have a ton of time so please don't waste any of it. We already have topics setup. Please be a good caller and respond to the topics. Thanks 1-888-STERN-101

    GETTING ON THE SHOW: Each week I start a roundtable brainstorming thread where the fans help build our topics and a listening thread where people discuss the show while it's happening. if you'd like to do the show, get in there and participate. Once you've been around for awhile and see how the show works, ask to be on and pick a open date. The schedule can be found here. We have 4 people on each show and I try to make at least one of them a brand new person who's never been on. You can make your requests here in the Super Fan Roundtable forum or you can email them here.

    GUESTS OF THE SHOW: The show airs from the Sirius studios in NYC Times Square. It's on the 36th floor of the McGraw Hill building on the corner of 49th & 6th in studio 21. (Google MAP) Guests should be there at 6PM so we can do mic checks. The show goes live at 7PM. You can not bring any friends. our studio is very small and there's really no place for them. I'll need your full name in advance and you need to bring your ID for security. If I don't put you on the list and you don't have your ID, you will not be able to get in.

    This is an office and you are expected to be on your best behavior. It's not some free for all party. You shouldn't do anything that you would do when stopping by the bank. You cannot bring alcohol, take off your clothes, make noise, or bother people. I know you are a Stern fan but we're not out at the bar. You need to be cool. Don't stop them and ask for an autograph or photo. Everytime one of you misbehaves, I get a new rule to follow.

    You CAN NOT walk around Sirius. You will be escorted from the upstairs lobby to the studio and back out. Do not take it upon yourself to just walk around & check things out. Nobody is allowed to stop by other shows. DO NOT stop by Ferrall's studio under any circumstances even if you think it's OK. I've been told by management that it's not. If you'd like to be a guest on Ferrall, they need to put you on their guest list.

    You may take photos in the studio but please do not take pictures in the halls or lobby.

    DO NOT sign the wall.

    All plugs must be approved in advance. If you are going to be on the show and you have something to plug, you need to let me know the day before. ANYONE WHO PLUGS A WEBSITE OR BUSINESS WITHOUT PERMISSION WILL NOT BE INVITED BACK.
  3. IVARR

    IVARR Got The Gay

    i'll be here
  4. MrJeff2000

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  5. JohnnyLongBone

    JohnnyLongBone SFN Gold Supporter

    HOWARD sleeps in cloths and skips weekend showers :D :D

    my KING has come home
  6. IVARR

    IVARR Got The Gay

    isn't richard your king ??? :scratch:
  7. Radio Play Kid

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  8. IVARR

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    3 minutes to the show
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  9. acdoozie Full Member

  10. IVARR

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    fucking ralph :mad:
  11. IVARR

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  12. GLguygardner Full Member

    Ralf :bigangry:
  13. acdoozie Full Member

    yeah, thank god the show's only on for an hour
  14. acdoozie Full Member

  15. acdoozie Full Member

    tham thimon
  16. Radio Play Kid

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  17. jonpow

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  18. deadlarrygreen

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    I like Ralph special.
  19. Señor Pedro

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    SFN Staff

    estoy en hold
  20. SleepingWarrior Full Member

    Personal day for his daughters graduation from college.
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  22. acdoozie Full Member

    kuka racha kuka racha pedro :wub:
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