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06-15-06 Super Fan Roundtable - The KROCK Tapes

Discussion in 'Super Fan Roundtable' started by Mutt, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. Mutt


    Super Fan Roundtable 06-15-06
    Howard 101 7PM
    Call in 1-888-Stern-101

    Guests: Boots, Christine, Gay Tony, & SternBuddahFan

    OK people, Howard said that he'd like to hear from the fans about his KROCK tapes so for this weeks Super Fan Roundtable I'm going to spend the whole hour on them. How should they present them and what should they play first? Do they need a host to intoduce / setup the shows or just play the stern tapes?

    What are your favorite moments from the past 25 years?
    * Best Musical Guests
    * Best Interviews
    * Best Shows
    * Best Bits / Pranks / Parody's
    * You Build The Compilation

    How should they present the material?
    3rd channel of Classic Stern 24/7, Classic Stern Weekends, Classic Stern during vacations, All Requests, something else? What's your tape advice? Lets hear your opinions. Most people agree that they should add a 3rd channel for just Classic Stern but how should they do it? Is anyone opposed to it? Should they produce best of compilations or just run whole shows?

    Is It a Big Deal?
    How big of a deal is it that Howard got this material? Will this drive subscriptions?

    Ripple Effect
    How will this effect the other shows? Will it hurt them if a 3rd channel of classic Stern runs with shows up against Bubba & Ferrall.

    Original thread "What Should They Play First?"
    Original thread "How should they present the tapes?"
  2. Mutt


    I'd like to see a 3rd channel of all classic stern with 3 shows a day. Each show would be from a different decade. It would be AM 80's (6AM-10AM), noon 90's (11AM-3PM), and evening 2000's (4PM-8PM). (what's a catchy way to say 2000's? 21st century?) Do it all request or play them in order. Not sure which would be better. I'd like to see the gap between shows to be filled with a live show discussing the highlights and playing clips and giving some background. Howard said they need 2 people to handle the tapes so those should be the people that host this show. Talk to the person who requested it and maybe even interview the people involved in that show. Occasionally they could do specials where they played best of compilations instead of a whole show. You know who would be great to host this show? Joey Boots and that guy that hosts the Super Fan Roundtable. ;)

    I like the idea of running classic stern on the weekends on H100 & H101 if they don't do a 3rd channel. Problem is that there is just too much material. They have access to so much, I thinkit would be a shame to limit it to just weekends.

    I know people think that they'll be a competition between the channels but get over it. Sirius has a ton of channels. You can't be worrying about that. with that kind of thinking Howard should only have 1 channel. I still like to flip and I jump around during breaks or when they get into something I find boring, I'd love to be able to flip over to another stern show. I do it now with the west coast feed and it would be cooler to jump to something completely different.

    Here's what I came up with for favorite moments. I'll be adding to it.

    Best Musical Guests
    - Bon Jovi was in multiple times.
    - The Foo Fighters
    - Train
    - Kiss
    - Van Halen & David Lee Roth
    - Bowie
    - Def Leopard - Pour Some Sugar on Me
    - Dido
    - Aerosmith
    - Sugar Ray
    - STP
    - Smashmouth
    - Sheryl Crow
    - Kid Rock
    - Green Day
    - James Taylor
    - Pete Townsend
    - President of the United States - Lump
    - Cindy Lauper
    - Everlast
    - Joe Walsh

    Best Interviews
    - Fred Durst says he banged Britney Spears
    - Paul Anka
    - I'm a little light on interviews but I'll come up with more.

    Best Shows
    - 9/11 & 9/12 on the 911 anniversary
    - Jackie apologizing about the Jessica Hahn incident
    - Jakie puppet is kidnapped
    - Gary's personal life is at a 2 tape
    - Gary the Retard vs Beetlejuice
    - Enrique Englasias sings / lipsings
    - all of the birthday shows
    - the Vegas shows
    - the 2 fights
    - Meanest Listener Competition
    - Win John's Job - get to here the regulars again when they were nobody's :)

    Best Bits / Pranks / Parody's
    - Seinfeld Seventeen
    - H O W A R D S T E R N
    - Elton John - a man with a small penis
    - we want more Howard Stern
    - High Pitch calls Ozzie
    - Wendy the Retard wants the power on
    - My Niggas

    You Build The Compilation
    - all musical guests, music & interviews
    - Crazy KC - all shows where KC proves how insane he was. People trying to gas him when house hunting, not banging chicks in the hot tub because they might rob him, no chick is good enough, etc.
    - Gay KC - all shows where KC proves he's gay / hates women. Gay parade, tanning, KC's gay photographs, shitting in the bed while his girl sleeps, etc
    - The very best of Sam Kineson
    - All impersonations, Fake Arnold, Evil Dave, Woodyee, Billy Mira, Craig Gass, etc. Include appearances and pranks.
    - All of the Losers competitions
    - Howard runs for governor
    - Best of Billy West
    - Wack Pack Introductions - the first time we met all of the wack packers. maybe even do highlight shows for the main ones. Hank, Beet, High Pitch, etc
    - Robin Gone Wild - Best angry crazy pre-therapy Robin moments - this ones by TheDomina
  3. Ruck Studabaker Full Member

    :bigup: Great list
  4. Beet4President Full Member

    wow this is gonna be an interesting show doing to this style.....i think your gonna get alot of ageement being that everyone lloves them and everyone wants another channel just for them

    anyway you can have howard in studio to talk about them?
  5. whuckawazza Full Member

    What are your favorite moments from the past 25 years?

    is this going to be an 8hr show?
  6. TheDomina Full Member

    Remember the whole fight with Kinison and Bon Jovi?

    That was classic and when I first heard stern
  7. TheDomina Full Member

    Also, remember the whole saga when Alison Norris was starring in Tony and Tinas wedding?

    Or the big fight that happened at the Rainbow Room between alison and fred when they were with Jackie and Nancy? Isnt that when Fred walked out?

    Also, what about when Robin was Crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
    Remember she was so mad at Howard because he included a picture of her in his book that she hated?

    Or when she didnt think he honored her birthday properly?

    Hell they could do a whole week on how crazy Robin used to be!
  8. TheDomina Full Member


    Paul McCarthy saying Yoko approached him first!

    John Kennedy Junior!
  9. Mutt


    I know that I'm putting htis up early but I want to hear what your input. We'll be taking more calls than ever before.
  10. tnk Full Member

    Best interviews: Sharon/Ozzy (even though they haven't played LIVE) or have they!??!?!

    HE SHOULD!!!!!!!!!
  11. Ruck Studabaker Full Member

    The time Howard goes to Pam's hotel room is great.
  12. TheDomina Full Member

    Yeah! early Ozbourne interview where they had the kids on when they were very young and sounded like such proper english kids!!

    Also..speaking of the Osbournes...who can forget Sharons fight with ICP!
  13. mickey4848 Full Member

    Would love to see the shows played in their entirety from day 1 in 1985. That way, we can see how the show developed and follow the saga.
  14. samiklaus Full Member

    I love the idea of a third channel, but eventually, shows from each channel will be competing. I would never listen to an old show if it was played in the morning while the live show is on and I might have trouble turning away from Bubba from 3p - 7p. Weekends would be the best time to play this material. Maybe Fridays too, when Howard takes the day off. I think the shows should be cleaned up, but basically left as is. I wonder how long the old shows play without 20 minutes of commercials an hour. The idea of playing them decade by decade is interesting, but I like the idea of presenting the shows in a way that tracks the history of characters and guests from the show. A weekend of Hank in chronological order, or Kinison, the same way. The first appearance to the last. Tiny Tim's appearances are a must and I'd love to have a weekend devoted to Dr. Remulak. You've already listed some great shows to hear and everyone has their favorites, but I think the presentation approach is key. Hosts would be cool, kinda like the Friday Show, but they can't interject too much. I want to hear the tapes, not the hosts (no disrespect to you & Boots).
  15. TheDomina Full Member

    They should do theme shows....Like a whole show of the homeless game....a whole show of the stripper game....a whole show of Gary Garver interviews....... a whole show of musical performances....a whole show of dial a date etc

    and some guests have been on often enough to have a whole show dedicated to Pam Anderson and the ozbournes
  16. Mr.Ned Full Member

    Mutt you have to have ask about the favorite staff meltdowns/fights. I love it when they eat their own!! :D
  17. NWSternGirl Well-Known Member

    I pray that a third channel will be dedicated to the Old Stuff. In addition to your decade ideas, Mutt, I'd love to see some weekend programming that'd include blocks of live music performances and compilations of things like Fred's soundbyte of Jackie's laugh during inappropriate stories during Robin's News, Staff in-fighting, FM-ies, meltdowns, Howard yelling that he's leaving, Kennedy-voice fun, Staff walking off the Show, etc.

    The possibilities are truly endless! I would LOVE to help the Show find and organize these more detailed compilations...siriusly. I will probably email Gary or Sal to offer my assistance.
  18. SHUA1973

    SHUA1973 SFN Gold Supporter

    I really would like to see/hear them start at day 1 and play all the shows in succession. Not all day every day. Like a scheduled time where the shows will be played ….i.e. everyday at noon Monday through Friday.

    I really hate reruns in syndication that jump around. I remember the old days when they would rerun the simpons on fox and show them all in order and keep restarting from the beginning when they got to the last episode. Only during one time slot however, the others they jumped around.

    I’m proposing the same here. One time slot for shows aired in succession and all other time slots for best bits, interviews, musical guests ect…
  19. Farticulator Full Member

    I would present the shows on a seperate station. I would build theme shows featuring a regular guest or show member's greatest moments on the show.

    For instance

    the best of Bababooey
    All Riley Martin visits
    All Elliot Offen visits
    Billy West
  20. huzon1st Full Member

    Here is another compilation idea: Best callers i.e The woman with the retarded son that called Howard a monster, The "It doesn't matta" lady, etc.

    Another would be History of the Wack Packand other regular callers:
    Celeste, Uzo, Hank, Underdog Lady, Kilbasa Queen, etc.
  21. huzon1st Full Member

    Now if only we could get ahold of the old DC101 material! I would love to hear 14th street bridge, Beaver breaks and so on!
  22. jp81976 Full Member

    Well, hate to take work away from Boots or Mutt, but I think there is only one man truly qualified to host a request show of this nature...the man who has been keeping track of the show better than anyone over the last 10 years...that man is Mark Mercer from

    As far as compilation ideas, how about the Magic Johnson show fiasco. those reviews of the early shows are some of my favorite shows.

    also, one of the best guests was David Wells. He was unreal when he was on the first time. He was so open and honest. Then, when he and David Cone called in---it was either after a perfect game or a world series win, it was great radio.

    Some other things I remember that I thought were funny:
    Howard, Fred, and Jackie have sex with the real doll
    the gang gets fluffed so they can measure themselves in Howard's bathroom
    Howard gets some kid to play Van Halen in a jock strap in order to meet the band...that was before he did it to another intern to meet the Foo Fighters

    Speaking of which, some of the Foo Fighter's segments have been the best music interviews. They're always really good, interesting, and then of course the acoustic sets are amazing. in particular the one in 97 when Dave Grohl plays Everlong...

    There's so much more. It's going to take more than an hour for sure for this superfan roundtable...tell Ferrall to take the night off...
  23. PUGS714 Full Member

    a third channel is the way to go !!!!!!!!!!! you cant mess up the way things are right now on the 2 channels . the tapes need there OWN channel .

    mutt ... is this only a 1 hour show ????????

    seems like this could be a 4 hr
  24. Johhnny Polyester

    Johhnny Polyester SFN Gold Supporter

    As NWSternGirl says, "the possibilities are endless!!"

    I would keep it simple, have h99 play one show a day on repeat so that listeners can have the option of having old and new, throughout the day... I can listen to it live, and have the option to hear the repeat of the old in the evening.

    I would also love a "Friday Show" type bit, maybe hosted by our own SFn'ers... boots, mutt, nwsterngirl, where they would give us the skinny of what we dont see behind the scenes, which would make them OUR real reporters where they report on sh*t that we actually give a shit about.

    As far as topics to the SFRT...

    How will the new channel (please god, please god, please god let there be one!) affect bubba and ferrel... I wonder if they have any input and are concerned that the new channel might take away from their listeners.

    Will H100 News cover topics regarding the new channel? OR are we getting the g@y teasers inbetween the old tapes as well? NO... i know, stupid question but it might happen!
  25. tnk Full Member

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