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06-22-06 Super Fan Roundtable Listening Thread

Discussion in 'Super Fan Roundtable' started by Mutt, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. Mutt


    Super Fan Roundtable 06-22-06
    Howard 101 7-8pm

    Catch me with King of all Blacks,
    Joey Boots, Beet4President, & PUGS714

    Call in 1-888-Stern-101

    - Have you had any issues or has it been flawless so far?
    - Do you find yourself using the stream instead of the radio?
    - How could they improve the stream player? What features would you like to see?
    - Will Stern Show streaming drive subscriptions? Should they have a stream only plan?

    - George was in for another week, was it nice to have him back?
    - Is a week every 6 months enough George or should they get him in there more often?
    - What was your favorite George moment from the week? From the last week?

    3. 3RD CHANNEL
    - Howard said he doesn't like the idea of competing with himself and not sure he'd want a 3rd channel. With the shows being repeated all day, is this a legitimate concern?
    - Should they be working towards a 3rd channel or is the weekend / vacation plan enough?
    - Pitch your 3rd Channel Plan. How should it be setup?
    - Besides present company, who should be the keymaster?

    4. RAPID FIRE: Should Howard get the star on the walk of fame?

    BREAK #1

    5. QUICKIE: Five minute interview with Jon Hein

    6. RAPID FIRE: Should the wrap-up show be added to the replay?

    BREAK #2

    - KC’s DVD still hasn't shipped even though he started taking money back in the KROCK days. Why does Howard keep letting him plug it without giving him shit?
    - Was KC fishing for a job when he started saying how Howard & company has totally forgotten about him? Could they use him at Sirius? For what?

    8. MORE OR LESS - does the show need more or less…
    - Eric the Midget
    - Artie & Dana
    - erra, Ted Kennedy Impressions

    - Finish the hour with phone calls on any of today's topics

  2. jrinck Full Member

    I was gonna call in and hit on Lori. :(
  3. MR. (Tony) X Full Member

    is there a not listening thread?
  4. SoCalJeff

    SoCalJeff SFN Gold Supporter

    Cant wait. My first SFRT streamed into my office. :rock: :clap:
  5. jrinck Full Member

    Mine, too. It's gonna be great!
  6. Swede Full Member

    yes! SFRT! I need a 7 o'clock fix after the Intern Show last night!
  7. SoCalJeff

    SoCalJeff SFN Gold Supporter


    Please ask KOAB not to breath heavy into the mic. T.I.A. :hw:
  8. Swede Full Member

    is it better to call way before 7 or do they open the phones at 7?
  9. Ruck Studabaker Full Member

    What about the Wack Packer contest?

    SPUEMASTER SFN Gold Supporter

    sounds like a good line up of questions
  11. sirbooey Full Member

    I'll actually get to listen to a whole one. Can't wait.
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  12. Jeton Full Member

    Howard really needs a 3rd channel and everyone knows it besides him n Robin, if he's so afraid of competing with himself during his live broadcast in the morning, he should either make sure morning Classic Stern replays are from his most censored period, 98-05, which would show off his current freedom on H100 versus his old restrictions, or he should put some no-name dj with a totally different sensibility on H99 from 6-am-11am, like GayTony, fer instance...:whistle:

    they should have that other GT, George Takei, on once every 2-3 months...i dont think he's intrested or suited to being on continually, but once every 6 months is just not enuff.

    Howard should consider a Safe For Work censored stream, probably lower bandwidth too, so that people who really have no other chance can at least get some kind of Howard fix. i wouldn't listen to censored Howard, but if i were at a job that would allow only censored Howard or none at all, some HS is better than none....cater to the fans whenever feasible.

    KC should be the designated male model for all and sundry homo-related activities, especially where Sal and Richard are concerned...i'd prefer KC insert any thermometers, Sal n RIch suckle KC's ass, etc etc.

    Rich is improved since his makeover but the show has been missing a really studly presence for farr too long.:yes:
  13. jrinck Full Member

    Hey Mutt, give a shout out to all listeners who are listening from work via the stream!
  14. jrinck Full Member

    Can you sneak through via the Yahoo Widget player?
  15. Jeton Full Member

    the wrap-up show should be added to all the replay...especially since the WUS often has Artie or RObin's a legitimate part of the Show.
  16. Beet4President Full Member

    yeah well i was gonna sit next to her and stare at her and hit on her
  17. oxygen man Full Member

    At this point with all the nobodies on the walk of non-stars it would be a disservice to Howard to bunch him with so many nobodies I vote for his ass print on the Sirius sidewalk and Fart man signature that would be fitting
  18. jrinck Full Member

    I needed to read that three times to get it, but it is a good suggestion. ;)
  19. jrinck Full Member

  20. TLOADB Full Member

    Thanx fer askin'!

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  21. Jeton Full Member

  22. SoCalJeff

    SoCalJeff SFN Gold Supporter


  23. Beet4President Full Member

    hey now....i am walking over to sirius building now to do the show.

    i have the hiccups for the past 2 hrs.....holy fuck i have tried everything.....hopefully KOAB can scare them outta me....

    keep the thread going strong during the show......

    "firrrre em' up"

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