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06-29-06 Super Fan Roundtable Listening Thread

Discussion in 'Super Fan Roundtable' started by Mutt, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. Mutt


    Super Fan Roundtable
    06-29-06 Howard 101 7-8pm
    Guests : Joey Boots, Lori, BoBo, & Tonka

    Call in 1-888-Stern-101

    - Was there anything wrong with Robin saying Howard & Beth are not a physical match?
    - Is Howard just goofing with Robin or do you think he was really hurt? Will Howard stew over this and come back in 2 weeks upset?
    - Have there been others time when Robin was weird about Howard & Beth?

    2. GAY FOR TV
    - It’s all about the funny but was Mike funny? Did he go too far with the skin color comment?
    - Should Mike have health concerns about Siobhan?
    - Which of the other offers been more entertaining?
    - Sal, would let High Pitch Eric shit on his chest and then he'd his Eric's balls
    - Will, would let a guy shit & cum on his foot and then slap him across the face 3 times with his cock
    - Richard, would let High Pitch Eric shit & piss on his chest
    - High Pitch Mike, would let Siobhan will sit on his face
    - Richie, would get a "insert cock here" tattoo

    - Would you have done it?

    3. NEW SHOWS
    - When Cabbie gets released, should he have a show on Howard 100? What kind of show? Who should they team him up with?
    - KC was in today and Howard is having dinner with Jackie? Are they looking for a gig at Sirius? If there was only one slot open, which one has more to offer the Stern Show?
    - Pick one, Richard's "Behind the Porn Actors Studio" or Sal's "Kill or be Killed"?
    - What kind of show should Dice put together?
    - The Week in Review News, does anyone catch it or is it lost in the weekend replays?
    - Should they consider new programming for the weekends or are the replays enough?
    - Besides present company, what's your brilliant show idea and who should do it?

    4. RAPID FIRE: What's more humane? Boiling lobsters or catch & release fishing?

    5. QUICKIE: Five minute interview with Scott Ferrall
    - It sounds like you’ve been doing radio all across the country. What was you favorite gig? What was your favorite city?
    - Is the show you do now very different than the show you used to do?
    - How pissed are you over the All Star Game?
    - go to the guests

    6. RAPID FIRE: Should they change the show’s opening music?
    It’s currently Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare

    7. RALPH & SAL
    - Should Ralph be on the Friday Show or should he stick to just calling in?
    - Were the fans really against Ralph being on the Friday Show or was this just Sal?
    - If Ralph really did have dirt on Howard, what could it be?
    - Sal negotiated his way off of the Friday Show. How long will it last?
    - How does Sal do in the Fred chair?

    8. MORE OR LESS - does the show need more or less…
    - Playboy Evaluations
    - Live Musical Guests
    - News Updates
    - Gay Shit

  2. kluciacsr Full Member

    :funny: :lol:
  3. tnk Full Member

    whoa!!!!!!! A LOT on the agenda tonite!!! Cant wait!!
  4. Beet4President Full Member

    good luck all, Tonka represent SFN well tonight !!!!
  5. tommyp Full Member

    Mutt, didn't I hear that Ferrall was going to be on tonight, as well?
  6. tommyp Full Member

    Whoops...forget I said anything... :fo:
  7. TheJuice777 Full Member

    Looookin forward to the show!! :hump:
  8. HarryPothead Full Member

    Re: Re: 06-29-06 Super Fan Roundtable Listening Thread

    • This user has been removed from public view.
  9. studhub Full Member

    WAAAAAAHHHH:bigcry: Robin said I don't look as good as Beth! ;)
  10. pleasurehead Full Member


    It would be a crime not to touch upon Howard giving KC airtime, and allowing him to plug his DVD eventhough KC stole all the money people like myself paid for the DVD, and didn't (a year later) get the DVD we paid for.

    J Boots said he was going to talk about it, but please please please add it to the agenda.
  11. Jeton Full Member

    Mutt i say u should force Bobo to give an opinion of his own...try and ask him a few questions FIRST and see if he can come up with something...
  12. Borinkito Probationary Member

    Between Howard getting on Robin for her comments about him and Beth and High Pitch Mike attempting to corner her (which back fired on him).

    Robin is the biggest bitch. She is great for the show, but she is still the biggest bitch. And I'm glad High Pitch Mike attempted to let her know she was a bitch. But Robin's fat ass mouth wouldn't shut up, she gets so defensive when people question her. It's too funny. Even this morning when Howard confronted her about her comments towards him and Beth.

    Can't wait to see what you guys have to say about it tonight!!!
  13. Mutt


    I'm here. Hopefully i can cover my tracks and protect my password from Shuli this time.
  14. Mutt


    show is about to start
  15. copter Well-Known Member

    :D Cant wait!!
  16. hattrick Full Member

    fuck I gotta get my starmate from my car...brb :cool:
  17. KingOfAllMedia

    KingOfAllMedia SFN Supporter

    Talk about Jackie and Howard meeting for dinner tonight.
  18. copter Well-Known Member

    Hattie!!! Been a long time! :hw:
  19. hattrick Full Member

    sup buddy :kissy:
  20. Swede Full Member

    hey y'all :hw:
  21. maloof

    maloof SFN Gold Supporter

    Evenin' Folks! :hw:
  22. Swede Full Member

    I just called, someone picked up and then hung up
    • This user has been removed from public view.
  23. maloof

    maloof SFN Gold Supporter

    It was definately Mutt who answered....

    Call back!

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