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07-06-06 Super Fan Roundtable Listening Thread

Discussion in 'Super Fan Roundtable' started by Mutt, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. Mutt


    Super Fan Roundtable
    07-06-06 Howard 101 7-8pm
    Call 1-888-Stern-101

    We have quite a lineup. Tonights guests are Joey Boots, Zolar, High Pitch Eric & SFNer LSTERD. it should be interesting to say the least. It's going to be a challenge to avoid complete anarchy but I have faith in my boys.

    1. NEW SHOWS
    - Do you like the format of the Dice Show or would you like to see him do something different?
    - Dice is thinking about airing an upcoming comedy show with Artie, Florentine, & the boy Don Jameson live on Sirius but wants to hear what the fans think. Should they go forward with it? Should they film it for HTV? What’s best for them, would it help or hurt the comedians?
    - What’s better, Richard's "Behind the Porn Actors Studio" or Sal's "Kill or be Killed"?
    - When Cabbie gets released, should he have a show on Howard 100? What kind of show? Who should they team him up with?
    - The Week in Review News, did anyone catch it or is it lost in the weekend replays?
    - Should they consider more new programming for the weekends or are the replays enough?
    - Besides present company, what's your brilliant show idea and who should do it?

    2. RAPLH & SAL
    - Should Ralph be on the Friday Show or should he stick to just calling in?
    - Were the fans really against Ralph or was it just Sal starting trouble?
    - Sal negotiated his way off of the Friday Show. How long will it last?
    - How does Sal do in the Fred chair? Should he use Fred’s clips or build his own collection?

    3. RAPID FIRE: Who form the show is having the best 2 week vacation? What do you think they are doing?

    BREAK #1

    - All of the replays so far were from June. With the weekend replays being from the previous week is it overkill for vacation to be from the previous month? Would you have preferred the older January-May Sirius shows?
    - They weren’t able to get the top Howard Stern moments ready for this vacation. Should they hold off on using the tapes until the Labor Day break and do it then?
    - Did you enjoy or were you disappointed in this week’s replays? Would you have felt the same way is they had been playing Classic Stern?
    - Should they be working towards a 3rd channel or is the weekend / vacation plan enough?

    6. RAPID FIRE: Should Howard get the star on the walk of fame?

    BREAK #2

    7. MORE OR LESS - does Howard 101 need more or less…
    - Miserable Men
    - Riley Martin Show
    - Eric the Midget Show
    - Bubba replays
    - Ferrall replays

  2. fabsabs Full Member

    this should be good

    mutt be sure to watch out for flying steel chairs :D
  3. LSTERD Full Member

    So Mutt, are we showing up in referee shirts tonite or what?
  4. breach Full Member

    nice!!! finally some QUALITY original programming!
  5. havoc Full Member

    thanks for puttin high pitch on. he is one funny mofo
    • This user has been removed from public view.
  6. Fafafofai Full Member

    I'll leave at 4 pst to hear it on the way home!

    Get 'em Boots!
  7. TeaLeafGreen Full Member

    How has Eric avoided jail? If the people he screwed over were true fans of the show, they'd press charges just so we could watch it play out over the air.
  8. JoeyBoots HATER

    glad you're gonna be on tonight....been waiting for you to come back after last times stellar performance. :hw:
  9. havoc Full Member

    high pitch dont be ripin fools off. people jus say that shit cuz they wanna get on da show an talk to howard.
  10. Beet4President Full Member

    HOLY SHIT !!!

    havent been on SFN in sometime and this is the first time i am seeing this lineup and all i have to say is LSTRD bring a helmet and googles

    should be a good one, ejoy and may God be with you all

    p.s. - where is the chick factor this week?
  11. SHUA1973

    SHUA1973 SFN Gold Supporter

    You really need to type in readable English. I’m sure you have some intelligent things to say and I would love to read them but I just skip over al your posts.
  12. otto23 Full Member

    Have a great show guys! This line-up is very fitting with the 4th of July being this week, and some possible fireworks tonight. Wish I was there on this one :D
  13. Mutt


    High Pitch is filling the chick chair this week.

    fabsabs, you're up next week
  14. Siobhans Penis Full Member

    MuTT!! This is Crazy.. Boots and High Pitch! in the words of Jeff the Drunk

  15. Jeton Full Member

    this is gonna be good...listerd just stay ready to fall under the table and hide...:yes:
  16. Shamela

    Shamela SFN Gold Supporter


    When is Persephone going to get The Call?
    • This user has been removed from public view.
  17. LSTERD Full Member

    Thanks! It will be good to see yo, Boots. Let's have fun, y'all.
  18. LSTERD Full Member

    GT, if you don't hear anything from me after awhile, send in reinforcements.
  19. Mutt


    Just met up with High Pitch & Boots down in Del Friscos. Boots and I had the steak tips. Eric ate 2 loaves of bread. less 1 slice that I had. it was good shit. :) Zo just got here. show should be fun tonight
  20. SternBuddhaFan Full Member

    Wow... If I was the SFN guest tonight we could have an impromtu SUMO match live in studio!!!
  21. tnk Full Member

    ...and all survived??? That's a good sign so far!!! :D
  22. The Butler Full Member

    Have a good show Mutt, Boots and the rest of the cast. 40 minutes until places people.
  23. tim4949 Full Member

    Is there any plans to hook up the boys from the West coast any time soon????

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