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08-02-07 Super Fan Roundtable Listening Thread

Discussion in 'Super Fan Roundtable' started by Mutt, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. Mutt


    Super Fan Roundtable
    August 2nd 7-8PM on Howard 101

    Guests: Joey Boots, MichelleFerrall, nickelz31, Shark58

    Sponsored by

    Replays Friday afternoon @ 2PM and Saturday at midnight

    - Anal ring toss was sort of a bust. Why was this different than the past? Should Howard have stuck with it longer? Should they do it again?
    - Did the Sheik live up to the hype?
    - Would you like a Sheik H101 Show? What kind of show should he do?
    - Were you ever scared for the guys well being?
    - What was the best thing the Sheik said?
    - Who played the best fake wrestler?
    - Bubba was all serious with the Sheik. Did he play it right?

    - Good caller? Is he on the Stern Show too much? How about the spin off shows? What does he add?
    - Is there anyone else who's on the shows too much?
    - Do the fans really hate Ralph or is it just fun to hate him?
    - Did Ralph go over the line with Bubba & Heather last week?
    - How about the wedding gift? Was he too cheap? Was he wrong to get all pissed at Heather especially after the crew has been ripping on Hogan and his $8,000 vase?
    - He made it sound like he was doing Bubba a favor when he came to the wedding. Is Ralph owed thanks?
    - How about Bubba? Was it too harsh of a reaction to threaten a guys mom?
    - Was Ralph wrong to go off on Stuttering John?
    - Ralph vs Heather in the Bubbagon, who wins?

    BREAK #1

    - Would you watch the Wackpack Real World? High Pitch is homeless. Who else should be in the house? Should they give them stuff to do like a reality show or just let them live there, capture everything on video, and put together a once a month HTV special?
    - Howard talked about his mother's horror stories. Who had the worse childhood, Howard or Robin?
    - Who's life has changed the most by being a part of the Stern Show? staff, wackpack, & show regulars
    - Was the show smoother without Gary? Would it go to shit if he was gone for a week? Would Gary be missed if he left the show? Was Sal out of line?
    - Have Sal & Richard beat the interrupting prank call into the ground or should they stay with it?
    - Howard is giving John the Stutterer another show this Monday. What was good about it? What wasn't? What other wackpacker should they try out?
    - Howard says that they've started planning the wedding but it was HIS idea. Do you buy it? Why the change in heart? Is Robin right in thinking kids are the next logical step?
    - JD got himself laid in Vegas and Artie thru him a hooker for a second romp. Is this a new JD? Are you surprised by Artie's generosity or is this par for the course with him?
    - Howard pissed into a Poland Spring bottle and dumped it out the limo window. Ronnie says it's happened several times. Shocked?
    - Howard plays with himself to get ready to have his asshole fingered by the doc. Homo?
    - Robin says that BethO is already planning the party for when Howard dies. over the line?

    BREAK #2


    - Stern show off next week
    - Bubba live from NYC Friday 6AM H101
    - Brent's first fight is this Saturday
    - Miserable Men live Sunday 7PM H101
    - Straight Talk w/ John the Stutter Monday 7PM H101
  2. Mutt


    If you'd like to be on the show, follow the directions and let me know.


    Go straight to the super fan roundtable forum -

    CALLING INTO THE SHOW: When calling into the show, there's no need to give shout outs to SFN or your friends on SFN. We don't have a ton of time so please don't waste any of it. We already have topics setup. Please be a good caller and respond to the topics. Thanks 1-888-STERN-101

    GETTING ON THE SHOW: Each week I start a roundtable brainstorming thread where the fans help build our topics and a listening thread where people discuss the show while it's happening. if you'd like to do the show, get in there and participate. once you've been around for awhile ask to be on the show and pick a date. there's a schedule posted in every brainstorming thread.

    GUESTS OF THE SHOW: The show airs from the Sirius studios in NYC Times Square. It's on the 36th floor of the McGraw Hill building on the corner of 49th & 6th in studio 21. Guests should be there at 6PM so we can do mic checks. The show goes live at 7PM. You can not bring any friends. our studio is very small and there's really no place for them. I'll need your full name in advance and you need to bring your ID for security. If I don't put you on the list and you don't have your ID, you will not be able to get in.

    This is an office and you are expected to be on your best behavior. It's not some free for all party. You shouldn't do anything that you would do when stopping by the bank. You cannot bring alcohol, take off your clothes, make noise, or bother people. I know you are a Stern fan but we're not out at the bar. You need to be cool. Don't stop them and ask for an autograph or photo. Everytime one of you misbehaves, I get a new rule to follow.

    You CAN NOT walk around Sirius. You will be escorted from the upstairs lobby to the studio and back out. Do not take it upon yourself to just walk around & check things out. Nobody is allowed to stop by other shows. DO NOT stop by Ferrall's studio under any circumstances even if you think it's OK. I've been told by management that it's not. If you'd like to be a guest on Ferrall, they need to put you on their guest list.

    You may take photos in the studio but please do not take pictures in the halls or lobby.

    DO NOT sign the wall.

    All plugs must be approved in advance. If you are going to be on the show and you have something to plug, you need to let me know the day before. ANYONE WHO PLUGS A WEBSITE OR BUSINESS WITHOUT PERMISSION WILL NOT BE INVITED BACK.
  3. nickelz31 Full Member

    You got my info right? Am i all clear?
  4. Mutt


    you are good to go. just sent you an email
  5. macheson Full Member

    are you sure they're not on vacation next week mutt
  6. Shark58

    Shark58 SFN Gold Supporter

  7. sdlee Full Member

    They are on vacation next week.
  8. Radio Play Kid

    Radio Play Kid Well-Known Member

    yes vacation next week
  9. fatboy Full Member

    Maybe Howard ought to get one of those Roadtrek camper vans with a bathroom built in.

  10. Mutt


    I put right in the plugs that they are off. I can't get anyone to tell me directly but i heard Ronnie on the intern Show last night say that next week is a vacation week.
  11. Shark58

    Shark58 SFN Gold Supporter

  12. maloof

    maloof SFN Gold Supporter

    Don't get caught in traffic
  13. Nursegrrl8 Full Member

    Please bring that up on air that fans would like to know the schedule in advance.
  14. Shark58

    Shark58 SFN Gold Supporter

    I'll give you a cal afterwards

    kick some ass
  15. jp81976 Full Member

    They said next week is "sports week"

    to quote Iron Sheik..."That's Gay. Michael Jackson. Gay Sonofabitch"
  16. C.I.A-Hole

    C.I.A-Hole SFN Gold Supporter

    That would Be Soooooooo helpful! Good Point Nurse
  17. Lou Cypher Full Member

    They won't even tell you?! Even when it's after the fact by now? Cripes.
    Howard ended the show today by saying, "We'll see you....errr....blah ba ba...". That was my clue. :D
  18. C.I.A-Hole

    C.I.A-Hole SFN Gold Supporter

    Break a leg Shark, Michelle and Nickelz

    WOOT! :yippie:
  19. C.I.A-Hole

    C.I.A-Hole SFN Gold Supporter

    :secret: E-mail me pics of Michelle Ferrell :kw:

  20. sfgirl

    sfgirl SFN Gold Supporter

    That's a good point. We just want to know that's all. We can handle it. I think one of the reasons people get upset is the fact that it's a big secret; hidden.
    Anyway, let's get on with the show.
  21. Abba Full Member

    Looking forward to the show tonight guys! Have a great time. :gwave:
  22. Abba Full Member

    Last minute point abou The Sheik.
    Did Bubba's whole interaction with him ruin the bit? IMO, it brought the segment to a screeching halt, and must have made The Sheik feel under seige and ambushed. He was slammed from all angles in the first 15 minutes of his appearance.
    Bubba ruined the bit because The Sheik was on a roll until that moment. Could he have let it go? NOOO, he had to defend his BF Terry's honor. :rolleyes:
  23. C.I.A-Hole

    C.I.A-Hole SFN Gold Supporter

    I am sure Bubba was just doing it to get a rise out of him, a get the ranting Sheik going. I thought it was still funny
  24. Anarchess

    Anarchess SFN Gold Supporter

    'Evening, All. Ready for the show!
  25. LvCourtney Full Member

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