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08-17-06 Super Fan Roundtable Listening Thread - The Heineken Party

Discussion in 'Super Fan Roundtable' started by Mutt, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. Mutt


    Super Fan Roundtable Heineken Party
    08-17-06 7-8:30pm
    Call in and be heard 1-888-Stern 101

    Tonights guests are Joey Boots, Christine, Lori, Beet4President, and one of the Heineken guys. It's a special 1 1/2 hour show live from the fishbowl at the Sirius Heineken Party. We can expect guest appearances from Stern Show staffers. Hopefully they get a couple beers in them first.

    - Rush & Molloy ran a fake story in the NY Daily News saying that 14,000 SFNers are mad at Howard for missing Gary’s Dad’s funeral and that many are canceling Sirius. Do fake stories like this hurt Howard & Sirius? Is this any worse than Chaunce’s last fake Stern story where he said Howard was committing fraud on his fans? LINK

    - Artie came in a little late on Monday because of the Shatner Roast. Last time it was Denis Leary's Rescue Me and before that Entourage. Are these trips beneficial to the show? Do they help promote Sirius or bring fresh content? Do they hurt anything? Are they aggravating Howard? Are they aggravating you?

    3. HOWARD 100 NEWS
    - Is the news team falling apart? We lost several reporters and several of the ones that remain seem very unhappy. Does the Howard 100 News need to be revamped or is the controversy just what we needed?
    - Penny denies that she cries on air too much. Does she? Is it professional? Is it good radio?
    - She’s tired of the news team shitting on her and the Stern staff goofing on her. Does she have an attitude? Is she too gullible? Will she ever learn or will the joke always be on her?
    - Is it appropriate for Lisa G to be in studio bitching about a VIP guest calling him pathetic and insulting him? Did she overreact to the dollar bill stunt just like she overreacted to the caramel macchiato? Do you think she even realizes that she overreacted to Henry?
    - George Flowers grossed out & insulted by the show. Does he have a point or is he too sensitive? Both Gary & Artie have been insulted by George’s comments on the show. As a fan of the show, were you insulted as well?

    Artie feels that Sal’s race & religion comments are racist but his are OK because he's making fun of racists? Are Artie’s daily racist jokes really less offensive than Sal’s stereotyping?

    BREAK #1

    - The wrapup show is getting bigger and better. What makes it work? What do you like? What don’t you like? Do they need more time?
    - It seems like people are more willing to open up and vent on the wrap up show. Is it because Howard isn’t there or is there more to it?
    - Should it be considered part of the Stern Show and therefore always played with the replays?

    6. IT’S ON
    - High Pitch challenged Howard to chess and Robin challenged Bubba to a race. Which of these long shots has the best odds? Which would be a more embarrassing loss? Will either of these two challenges ever happen and will they make for good radio? What should the bets be? Should Eric & Robin get a handicap?

    - We’ve heard about the $500 Million Stern deal and I’m pretty sure Artie, Robin, & Fred are well taken care of but out of the rest who do you think makes more money? There’s no use in guess the dollar amount, lets just order them highest to lowest and tell me why you think one makes more than the other. (not including side gigs)
    - Gary Del’Abotte
    - Millionaire Jon Hein
    - Ronnie the Limo Driver
    - Will Murray
    - Richard Christy
    - HTV’s Doug Goodstein
    - Howard’s Boyfriend Ralph
    - Tim Sabean head of all Stern channels
    - Howard 100 Reporter Penny Crown
    - Sal the Stock Broker
    - Benjy Brock
    - Jason Kaplan

    8. RAPID FIRE: Best Guest / Worst Guest
    Who was the best guest or caller from the week & who never needs to be on the show again?

    BREAK #2

    9. MORE OR LESS - does the show need more or less…
    - Page 69
    - Bong hit callers
    - Craig Gass
    - John the Stutterer
    - Johnny Fratto
    - Steve Langford
    - Kill or be Killed
    - Crazy Cabbie

  2. TwisteD10 Full Member

    Once Again....Another Great Show Lined Up.....
  3. viata3362 Full Member

    great agenda, i can't wait to listen
  4. breach Full Member

    niiice :)

    good luck guys... & Beet4President!
  5. trim spa baby Full Member

    Another great line-up Mutt! Tonight's show should be very interesting.

    Alcohol = Good Times :D
  6. Beet4President Full Member

    thanks.....i think :scratch:
  7. rogny Full Member

  8. steve7968

    steve7968 SFN Gold Supporter

    great lineup
  9. Beet4President Full Member

    i did the show a bunch of times and the last 3-4 we were not allowed.......being that i drink ONLY Heineken and this is a Heineken party DAMN i hope i can drink......plus it loosens everybody up
  10. jrinck Full Member

    Is Lori going to be drinking? :hd:
  11. jonpow

    jonpow SFN Gold Supporter

    90 minutes - can't f-in wait. Does anyone know what's on afterwards?
  12. BFG Full Member

    dittto, what's on after?
  13. jonpow

    jonpow SFN Gold Supporter

    Oh shit that's right - I think it's the bloodhound gang
  14. rogny Full Member

  15. Beet4President Full Member

    good for u man........its such a great experience for us fans....make sure u bring your camera
  16. maloof

    maloof SFN Gold Supporter

    Go Get 'em Beet4 Prez!!!
  17. Beet4President Full Member

    if there are drinks around, trust me loris mouth will be on it
  18. Johhnny Polyester

    Johhnny Polyester SFN Gold Supporter

    why did that sentence give me a hard on?

    This will definitely be one of the top SFRT shows!! I can't wait... best of luck to everyone!! B4P take pics, take pics, take pics!!
  19. Artie's Bitch! Full Member

    I'm glad it's 90 minutes!!! It should be 90 minutes from now on. Hell, even longer!!!!

    And BTW, the lineup looks awesome Mutt!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Beet4President Full Member

    thanks sweetheart........your looking better than ever in your profile pics !!
  21. C.I.A-Hole

    C.I.A-Hole SFN Gold Supporter

    Chock full of good stuff Mutt. The 90 mins is gonna go fast!

    Good luck Beet4President!
    • This user has been removed from public view.
  22. adam

    adam SFN Gold Supporter

    Finally! An extra half-hour.

    How did you get Tim to agree? Or, was it his idea?

    Even at 90minutes, the show will fly bye.
  23. Beet4President Full Member

    you got it brother.....ill take care of you and SFN

    i cant tell u how many PM's i got yesterday and today asking for pics of lori
  24. AngelFace666 Full Member

    Looks like it will be some good listening tonight!

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