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08-31-06 Super Fan Roundtable Listening Thread

Discussion in 'Super Fan Roundtable' started by Mutt, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. Mutt


    Super Fan Roundtable 08-31-06
    7-8:00pm on Howard 101

    Call in 1-888-STERN-101

    Tonights guests are Joey Boots, Lori, Otto, & Lee Harvey

    - The big all request weekend is upon us and it's being toted as the second coming of Christ. What are you expecting? Will it live up to the hype?
    - Where, when, and how do you plan on listening?
    - What makes it special and why is it more than just re-runs?
    - Give me your top 5 classic stern moments that would have been a tragedy if they had been lost forever.


    - Howard's mom was left waiting for the Sirius limo and there have been other issues in the past. Just like Riley, it’s hard for them to make it into the city. Howard told Tim he wants them to get an ISDN line like Mike Walker. Will this really happen? Is it needed?
    - Would more of the folks be good for the show?
    - What has been Ben & Ray’s impact on the show & what are some of your favorite moments?

    4. RAPID FIRE: They're giving away $5 grand in the hodeo. Would you prefer, porn stars, strippers, or the girl next door?


    5. DRUNK ILSE 10
    - Jeff the Drunk is working at the supermarket 7AM-4PM M-F. What will they have him doing? How long will it last and why will he be let go?

    - We've heard about the $500 Million Stern deal and I'm pretty sure Artie, Robin, & Fred are well taken care of but out of the rest who do you think makes more money? It’s near impossible to pick a dollar amount so lets just order them highest to lowest and tell me why you think one makes more than the other. (not including side gigs)
    - Gary Del’Abotte
    - Millionaire Jon Hein
    - Ronnie the Limo Driver
    - Will Murray
    - Richard Christy
    - HTV’s Doug Goodstein
    - Howard’s Boyfriend Ralph
    - Tim Sabean head of all Stern channels
    - Howard 100 Reporter Penny Crown
    - Sal the Stockbroker
    - Benjy Brock
    - Jason Kaplan
    - Steve the Intern
    - JD

    - Does Sirius need a t-shirt store so we can get those hoodie sweatshirts & hats?
    - Howard has had a strong “no crap†policy but do the fans want Howard Stern the crap? What do they want? Would it cheapen his name brand?
    - If they came out with a sticker, what kind of sticker would you want?
    - All the wack packers have been calling in to beg for money or a job. Would official Howard Stern wack pack shirts sell if a portion of the proceeds went to the wack packer?

    8. MORE OR LESS - does the show need more or less…
    - John the Stutterer
    - Gay stuff & naked Richard
    - Artie / Dana
    - Gossip Game
    - Phony phone calls
    - Fred segments
    - Benjy
    - Sour Shoes

    - How will you be listening to the Labor Day All Request Weekend?
  2. Mr. Pibb

    Mr. Pibb SFN Gold Supporter

  3. AngelFace666 Full Member

    SSSSSSSSSSSweet, can't wait to hear the show~ ;)
  4. Pussah2 Full Member

  5. Yakki's Taint Full Member

    Looking forward to another great show.
  6. biancas tick Full Member

    # 7 - that's all :2thumbs:
  7. SHUA1973

    SHUA1973 SFN Gold Supporter

  8. UBERMAN Full Member

    Nice! Sounds like a great show. Hopefully, I will meet you guys for a drink after!

    In my opinion, show definatley need less of naked richard, and people in the studio during shows in general! Too many people popping in and out. Breaks the flow of Howard, Artie, amd Robin.
    My favorite part of the show is still when those 3 are in there just bullshitting.
    It wass also my fav part of the old show. Stuttering John added a great dimention to those conversations.
    I cant wait for this weekend! I will have my radio on 24 hours a day!

    Have a gtreat weekend folks! :hw:
  9. scoresman100 Full Member

    That is so great and Mutt you do a great job, why can't they let you do two hours Mutt? If not every week, why not tonight when they are away? It just seems like bad planning.
  10. SHUA1973

    SHUA1973 SFN Gold Supporter

    SFRT definatley needs more time or more shows per week. just whe they get gong it's time to end. or just when a topic gets interesting Mutt has to speed things along because the hour goes by so fast.
  11. scoresman100 Full Member


    It is so fucked up that when they get into a good discussion it's a break or they gotta end the show!
  12. SternBuddhaFan Full Member

    Man Mutt,

    This is early for this thread!! But as allways I will be listening and making fun of Lori!!J/K

    Have a great time guys. See you all next week and Kill or Be Killed!!
  13. otto23 Full Member

    Re: Re: 08-31-06 Super Fan Roundtable Listening Thread

    Hey Uber, that would be great if you met us afterwards for a drink :beer: :drunk:
  14. UBERMAN Full Member

    Re: Re: Re: 08-31-06 Super Fan Roundtable Listening Thread

    I'll see you there Brotha! :hw:
  15. JohnnyLongBone

    JohnnyLongBone SFN Gold Supporter

    quickie: labor day tape editor.

    is this a guest spot?
    I hope so!

    great line-up for another great show!
  16. janetea Full Member

    I'm on the west coast.... I presume the time entered is E.S.T!
  17. Beet4President Full Member

    good luck everybody and have a kick ass show

    lori - make sure u wear something nice you know SFN loves ur outfits

    otto - make sure u take pics of it

    LHI - try to be as funny on the show as you are in your threads
  18. JeepTJ01 Full Member

    shopsirius.com has a small amount of stuff. Pretty sure Howard's stuff is all trademarked.
  19. Adidas70 Full Member

    I'll be listening.... :D
  20. Jeton Full Member

    ouch! no need to be cruel, Beet...:(
  21. Beet4President Full Member

    huhhhh what u talking about thats not mean......LHI is my boy i think his threads are hystercail but for some reason he cant translate that humor on a mic....at least not yet
  22. Jeton Full Member

    ;) gotcha...good save!
  23. Mutt


    Beet, where the MTV hookup for a fellow SFN who's gonna be in town tonight? :)
  24. The Butler Full Member

    Two hour warning.

    Have a great show Mutt! :hw:
  25. Fa-Fa-Fo-Ha

    Fa-Fa-Fo-Ha SFN Gold Supporter

    Almost there.... :D

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