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09-28-06 Super Fan Roundtable Listening Thread

Discussion in 'Super Fan Roundtable' started by Mutt, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. Mutt


    Super Fan Roundtable
    09-28-06 on Howard 101 7-8pm
    Call in 1-888-STERN-101

    Host : Mutt
    Guests : Joey Boots, King of all Blacks, rogny, SerenadeMyMeat

    - Jackie's Joke Hunt starts next week. How do you feel about Jackie's return to the family? ( LINK )
    - What are you expecting from the show? from the callers?
    - Jackie will be doing the Gary Roast, will this become the Jackie Roast? We’ve heard that he bombed at the Friar’s Roast. What do you expect from him now?
    - Will this lead to occasional Jackie in the mornings and is that a good thing?

    - We've been hearing for months that 'The Bitter Half' is almost ready. Is that way to much buildup for one 1 hour show? Even if it's hysterical, will it be able to live up to the hype?
    - Howard says this may air on October 5th before the Gary Roast.
    - Howard & Beth, Fred & Allison, Gary & Mary, Artie & Dana, Robin & Gilbert as Mr X, John Stamous, and god knows who else are all in the cast. How do they all have time to talk during a 1 hour show?

    - Miserable Men got a permanent time slot on Mondays and Jackie gets Tuesday. The rest of the week is already filled. How should they fit the other special shows into the schedule? (The Sex Connection, Kill or Be Killed, Inside the Porn Actors Studio, Riley Martin, Basic Training, The Bitter Half, & The Shit Show, Dice Clay, Meet the Frattos, etc)

    - Do George's visits affect the show? Do you like when he's in?
    - George had a lot of revelations this week. Which ones were you most surprised by?
    - He used to do poppers during sex
    - He threw up while giving a guy oral
    - His first sexual experience at 13 with a male camp counselor
    - He came on the back of a motorcycle
    - He’s friends with Russell Crowe

    - What the best feature? What feature don't you understand?
    - Do you want one of these? Will the $350 price tag scare you away?

    4. RAPID FIRE: Reverend Bob Levy is claiming that he purposely did Bababooeyland shitty as a goof. Was it comedy gold or does he just suck at Booey songs?


    - King Of All Blacks called in this week asking all sorts of questions about Howard’s apartment. Howard may have been bored with it but did the listeners enjoy it?
    - Should they do a regular Stern Show Cribs for Howard TV? Should King be the host?
    - We've seen the Stern Show Cribs with High Pitch Erik, Beetlejuice, and Melrose Larry Green. Out of all the wackpackers, staff, & show regulars, who should they do next?

    - It's gotten bashed on the show recently and it’s been questioned whether or not they are any good. Have you seen them and what do you make of it? Are they any good?
    - Are they just funny because you know them from the show?
    - Who's the better stand up, Richard or Sal?

    7. MORE OR LESS - does the show need more or less…
    - Gay Takei Discussions
    - Gay Richard & Sal cock paintings
    - Listener Submissions
    - JD discussions
    - Howard 100 News
    - Ronnie The Limo Driver stories
    - Insane Clown Posse
    - Jessica Jaymes

  2. UBERMAN Full Member

    Good Line up!!

    Good luck Guys!! :bigup:
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  3. Sal's a Homo Full Member

    Break a leg. ;)
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  4. Siobhans Penis Full Member

    You da man Mutt!!! :king:
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  5. Adidas70 Full Member

    I'll be listening.... :D
  6. Diva Full Member

  7. biancas tick Full Member

    me too :kiss: Great Game this Sat. Ohio state and Iowa

    Gave SFN and Mutt a shout out last night on Ferrall- Love his show He is the Insane Sports Posse

    Have fun on SFRT tonight
  8. otto23 Full Member

    Hey Mutt, nice full agenda for tonight. Have a great show!

    I'm going to Rev. Bob's show at Caroline's tonight, so if you're going I'll see you there :hw:
  9. Mutt


    yeah reall full. we probably won't get to half of it.

    Here's my favortie clip from the week :)
  10. WiffleBall King Full Member

    Im in. Get Joey Boots all fired up Mutt!!!!!!!!
  11. otto23 Full Member


    That's a new bumper for SFN! :cool:
  12. dharmabum

    dharmabum SFN Gold Supporter

    Sounds like a great show as usual. Will be listening!
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  13. dharmabum

    dharmabum SFN Gold Supporter

    our new theme song
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  14. rogny Full Member

    .......SEE YA SOON!! :hw:
  15. TheJuice777 Full Member

    :yippie: SFRT day is my favorite.
  16. rogny Full Member

    .........I NEED SOME MOTIVATIONAL MUSIC!! :rock:
  17. TheJuice777 Full Member

    The Clash - This is Radio Clash
  18. MrJeff2000

    MrJeff2000 SFN Gold Supporter

    Foo Fighters - Learn to Fly
  19. Case a Beer Full Member

    Great topics....I'll be tuned in.
  20. MrJeff2000

    MrJeff2000 SFN Gold Supporter

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