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10-19-06 Super Fan Roundtable Listening Thread

Discussion in 'Super Fan Roundtable' started by Mutt, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. Mutt


    Super Fan Roundtable
    Oct 19th 7-8PM on Howard 101

    Guests : Joey Boots, Christine, Casey-Stern, UBERMAN

    - The 10 year anniversary of Private Parts is approaching and Howard has reservations about putting out a Special Edition DVD. Do the fans want one?
    - What special features should be included, commentary track, deleted scenes, making of, Howard TV preview, Sirius discount, etc?
    - Would you pick up the special edition DVD or would you feel Howard & the movie company are just fleecing the fans? What if Butt Bongo was included as Bonus Material?
    - He devoted the making of the movie to his wife Alison, but now that they are divorced would it be too weird for Howard to revisit that part of his life?

    - Which Artie do you believe? The one who said Richard wasn't a comic or the one who said he's doing well and a better comic than he was at that point in his career?
    - During the Artie Roast, was Artie just busing Richard’s balls in the roast tradition or was he honestly trashing Richard's standup?
    - What do you make of Richard revering Artie so highly, calling him a father figure?
    - Artie says that Sal & Richard are not standup comedians and only get standup gigs because of the show. Does Artie fall into that same category himself?
    - Did Artie overreact to Sal and Richard's conversation about him at scores? Is it so bad to say that you think someone else is funnier than Artie?
    - Compare Artie’s standup act to Sal, Richard, & Rev Bob Levy.

    3. RAPID FIRE: Is Artie’s assistant over / under paid? Who do you think makes more, Robin or Artie’s assistant?


    - Were you surprised by the results of the tests?
    - Regardless of the results, who do you think is the most narcissistic? The least?
    - What did you think of Robin's reaction to the results?

    - This week was the return of the Playboy Evaluations complete with Ralph & his laser pointer. Howard said he got some Ralph hate mail over it. Does Ralph ruin or make the evaluations?
    - Bigfoot revealed all kinds of gay shit.
    - Artie possible finds a date in the audience who'd like to play catch.

    6. MORE OR LESS - does the show need more or less…
    - Gay Takei Discussions
    - Gay cock paintings
    - Listener submissions
    - JD discussions & sex stories
    - Howard 100 News
    - Ronnie the Limo Driver stories
    - Insane Clown Posse
    - Pat Cooper
    - Ripping on Penny Crone
    - Racist Sal comments
    - Under Dog Lady
    - Donald Trump

  2. Jeton Full Member

    Mutt u got a new topic to discuss! Penny Crone is freaking out at the SFN award!!!

    EDIT: i think she BROKE the SFN award...:whistle:
  3. Mutt


    that was awesome. anyone have a photo of the award?
    • This user has been removed from public view.
  4. Mutt


    I'm still on hold. I think Howard forgot about me
  5. Jeton Full Member

    Howard's busy with Shimmel and the dump button.:giggle:
  6. ilovesavanna Full Member

    here you go mutt
  7. Leem420 Full Member

    Have fun tonight guys, I won't be able to listen, I'll be at game 7 tonight, i'm sure the show will be great
  8. maloof

    maloof SFN Gold Supporter

    MORE OR LESS: Elliot Offen
  9. Mutt


    wow, it's awesome
  10. jon01 Full Member

    The Roundtable and all the other shows need to repeat at midnight EST.

    - Jon
  11. Mutt


    bonus question

    Howard says that Bob Shimmel is over reacting and that the guy didn't
    do anything wrong. If the Vegan was in the car with Beth & his kids,
    would he be so understanding?
  12. JayFromBrooklyn Full Member

    Yeah right....that'll be the day Howard packs and carries boxes. He would've paid to have everything taken care of... and him and Beth would be relaxing in the limo. Schimmel took the Gilbert Gottfried route to save a buck and now it bit him in the ass.
  13. ilovesavanna Full Member

    i don't know if howard would, but they should both lighten up
  14. otto23 Full Member

    That's a big fat NO! Howard would not be so cool about this....Neither would I. I'd deal with the guy on my own.

    Schimmel should probably go a little easier on his wife, unless there's something we're missing here.
  15. otto23 Full Member

    BTW, GOOD LUCK and HAVE FUN UBER!!!! :bigup:

    You'll always remember your first :p
  16. UBERMAN Full Member

    Oh you bastard! Nice! Lets Go Mets!

    Sorry I didnt get to post my ideas. Been working like crazy.
    Topics look great!
    How bout Artie wearing Pajamas to the studio? Sounds like deep depression.
    The Ralph, gay conjecture, and how he never leaves the house.

    Howard really quick to hit the dump button on Shimmel segment. He sounds very nervous, more than usual,of a slander lawsuit.
    Is Bob overracting?
    Wow, this is reality radio at its finest.

    Looking foward to it! :) :hw:
  17. UBERMAN Full Member

    Thank you my Brudda! :D :hathair:
  18. MegaWatt Full Member

    6. MORE OR LESS - does the show need more or less…

    - Under Dog Lady gotta bring-up the possibility of getting this lady and Eric the midget on the phone together. Waht, with there uncomfortable pauses, nervous chatter, and general defensiveness....I don't know...could be hilarious, or a flop...
  19. Jeton Full Member


  20. Jeton Full Member

    yea knock'em dead Uber@!;)

  21. UBERMAN Full Member

    GT! Thanks Man!:D

    Anyone going out to watch game 7 after??

    SPUEMASTER SFN Gold Supporter

    It WUZ awesome :(
  23. hperic

    hperic Well-Known Member

    How about more Elliot Often or no more Elliot Often and was he out of line with the threats
  24. MrJeff2000

    MrJeff2000 SFN Gold Supporter

    where you sitting? I'm in the mezz

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