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10-27-11 Jackie Super Fan Roundtable

Discussion in 'Super Fan Roundtable' started by Mutt, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. Mutt


    Jackie Super Fan Roundtable
    October 27th 2011

    Show #305 Guests: Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling, ChadMD, Sam S (SFRT)


    Show airs live every Thursday at 7p with replays Friday at 11a & Saturday night at midnight.

    Call into the show @ 1-888-STERN-101

    Voicemail & Text: 1-919-69-STERN

    That's right, Jackie has agreed to come in & sit w/ the fans for this weeks super fan roundtable. I've very excited & would like to hear from real Jackie era Stern Show fans. Since most everything is mainly directed at Jackie I'm keeping the panel light w/ just 2 other guests but of course I'd like the panel & the callers opinions as well


    HOWARD'S BIGGEST ENIGMA: Howard says Jackie is his biggest enigma. (a person of puzzling or inexplicable contradictory character) What do you think he means? Do you think Howard is still mad at Jackie / holding some sort of grudge? What about Fred & Robin?

    LET IT GO ALREADY: Ten years later & Jackie's leaving the show is still a topic that Howard revisits over and over like it was yesterday. All the fans know the story, so what is really going on here from Howard's perspective and why does he love keeping the story alive? Is it about proving he was right & Jackie was wrong? Is it just fun to bust Jackie's balls? After all these years, do you take it as good natured ribbing & are happy to still be a part of the show in that way or do you wish he could drop it already?

    WALKED AWAY FROM A FORTUNE: Howard always alludes to the fortune you walked away from and to this day still rants about the insane money they offered. Some fans agree w/ Howard saying you were ungrateful & bitter while others claim you were the lowest paid of the fab five and justifiably upset. Looking back on it all, what do you think today? Was the offer that bad, & why did you need more? Was it respect, equality, financial, the schedule, etc? I've heard rumors of it being around 1/2 mill per year. Will we ever find out the dollar amount?

    AGENT: It seems to me that KROCK had to work out Howard's deal & since Gary, Fred & Robin were handled by Howard's agent Don, he had leverage to push their deals through too. Then once they were done, Jackie would have to fight for the leftover crumbs while KROCK claimed all the money was gone. Why didn't you quit fucking around & jump on Don's team long before this & avoid all the nonsense? Was it loyalty to your existing agent, trying to hold onto every percentage point, or what?

    WOULD YOU CHANGE ANYTHING: (here's the bullshit question I'm sure you've been asked a million times) If we turned back the clock, would you have done anything differently and how do you think it would have changed your life?

    THE DINNER: Earlier this year Robin said she was planning a dinner for her, Howard, Fred, Gary, & Jackie. Did it ever happen, will it still happen? Will they all go? Will they come back w/ stories about how horrible Jackie is or how nice it was to catch up w/ him?

    THANK YOU: Howard says how sad/pathetic it was that Jackie thanked him for sitting w/ him at the Christmas Party. Is there anything wrong w/ saying "thanks for joining us"? If Jackie hadn't said thanks, would Howard have thought he was rude?

    FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE: You've often said you left the show over the schedule. Is the new flexible schedule more to your liking? (would you have been able to make it work) Given Howard's history of trashing radio / TV personalities that for taking off Friday, is the new flexible schedule a surprise or well deserved for someone who's put in his time?

    VIDEO JOKE HUNT: Jackie wants permission to film the Joke Hunt so he can put it on TV. (or the web) Should they let him? Would people watch? If you filmed it would you still do it in studio or out at a club?

    BILLY WEST: How is it you've been able to maintain a friendship w/ Billy West when he doesn't appear to speak to anyone else on the show? Can you get Billy to come do a day or week w/ Howard?

    BENJY: How were you possibly threatened by Benjy Bronk?

    NICE BUT INSULTING: This week Howard said how even when Jackie is trying to be nice he can insult you. Do you have any idea what he's talking about?

    GENTLE HIPPIE: Howard refers to you as a gentle hippie. How accurate is that?

    ARTIE'S GONE: We're coming up on the 2 year anniversary of Artie's suicide attempt & Howard recently said it may be years before he ever has Artie back in. Are you surprised that Howard has decided to not even do a phone interview w/ his bro? Have you approached the show / they approached you about taking his place? Would you consider sitting in for just the news occasionally?

    JACKIE WON THE VOTE BUT STILL LOST: A couple years back Howard said he'd give my show the power to decide if Jackie could sit in on the show for a week. We dedicated the whole show to taking votes from callers, we ran a roll on SFN, & the Howard 100 News ran a poll on the Sirius website. All had the same results saying that fans would like to have him come in for a week but the show veto'd it. It was not clear who blocked it or why. Who's keeping Jackie down? Is it Howard, Robin, Fred, Gary, or what? Have you ever considered just showing up one Monday morning & taking a seat in the Artie chair?

    NON-EXCLUSIVE: This week Howard mentioned how you wanted out of the exclusivity clause of your contract & able to shop the Joke Hunt around to other stations. Where do you see this show fitting? Would it be the same show re-aired or another version of it?

    ARTIE DEAL: Artie just landed a 1/2 mill per year - 3 year deal for a Fox Sports commentary / comedy radio talk show w/ Nick DiPaulo. Have you considered branching out & doing some non-Howard non-Joke Hunt terrestrial radio / TV?

    JACKIE MORNING SHOW: With Howard being off Thurs & Fri, have you considered pitching a Jackie morning show? If you did one, what kind of show & who would your group be? Would Billy West & Al Rosenberg be options? Would you utilize the existing back office group?

    NEW & IMPROVED JOKE HUNT: If you could make changes to the Joke Hunt and budget wasn't an issue (change the timeslot, length, studio, etc) What if anything would you do?

    RECORDED SEGMENTS: Have you considered sending in recorded bits / segments for the Stern Show? I for one would enjoy weekly Robin readings or Gary ball busting.

    JACK & ART: Will there ever be a Jackie & Artie tour? Sammy & David did it. Who would be the headliner?

    BEST STERN ERA: pre Jackie era, Jackie era, Artie era, or current post Artie Era?

    JACKIE MASON: What kind of backlash did you get from the Jackie Mason incident & the almost follow up booking? Did you expect that kind of reaction?

    PHOTOGRAPHY: What do you think of Howard's photography?

    EVOLVED: What did Jackie bring to the show? Gary says the show has evolved & is less about bits and more about current events. Would The Joke Man fit into today's show?

    FAVORITES: What are your all time favorite Jackie moments?

    FRED: Without making scary psycho / martian jokes, what is Fred Norris really like? Sometimes he sounds like he's still mad at you a other times he sounds like he misses you. Have you been able to get a read on how he really feels?

    SHANTY TOWN: How many shanties do you own now? Do you still have the jetti?

    MY HEADS EXPLODING: 6 years ago I interviewed Jackie & Howard called in to talk to him. (as Howard said, my head was exploding) Did that conversation have anything to do w/ you making your way onto the channels?

    NICE HOWARD: Howard has made up & is now friends w/ Chevy Chase, Gale King, Rosie O'Donnel, Tyra Banks, & others. What do you attribute to this new softer Howard?

    no seats left in 2011 - I will start booking the new year when we get there.

    306: 11-03-11 - Jim Florentine, The Jewish Rapper Etan G, Robin's Veggies, Nuzzy, Brain P (SFRT) [FULL]
    307: 11-10-11 : SFRT 6 Year Anniversary - Gina, Michelle Ferrell, Otto, Gay Tony [FULL]
    308: 11-17-11 - Abe Kanon in studio, will have to reschedule some of this panel- Liz B (SFRT), Barbara B (SFRT), Steve R (SFRT), Keith W ? (SFRT) [FULL]
    OFF: 11-24-11 - Thanksgiving
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    310: 12-08-11 - Pedro, Bobo, Mooski (SFRT), Sean B (SFRT) [FULL]
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    OFF: 12-22-11 - Christmas
    OFF: 12-29-11 - New Years
    312: 01-05-12
    313: 01-12-12
    314: 01-19-12
    315: 01-26-12

    fillins or 2012 - Robbie the K, noname, William M (FB), Patrick B (SFRT), Chris G (SFRT), Lucas O (SFRT), William M (FB), ChadMD, Sam S (SFRT)

  2. Mutt


    who wants in? Let me know & prove what kind of Jackie fan you are by sharing your favorite Martling moments & what he meant to the Stern show.
  3. UGLY KID FRANK Full Member

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  4. gilaet Full Member

    Does Jackie think Howard is ungrateful by suing the company he works for?
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  5. 2kbill

    2kbill Closed by User

    Jackie Marlow on SFRT? Holy smokes, do me a favor Mutt and don't take Ralph's call.
  6. UGLY KID FRANK Full Member

    ???Does Hackie deep down really love that his replacement>> Artie, had a meltdown???
  7. njguy8 Full Member

    Mutt, here's a possible question for the Jackie Show...

    In Jackie's entire life, including both inside and outside the Stern Show, what's his biggest regret..... and if he could do it over again, what would he have done differently, and how does he think it would have changed his life?

    I think Fans would be interested in knowing if Jackie considers leaving Howard his biggest regret, or if there's something else in his life that hurts more.

    Then Fans can call in and comment on whether they believe him or think he's playing it up for the air, (especially if he says it wasn't leaving Howard).
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  8. ruffypup

    ruffypup SFN Supporter

    Do you think Howard hired Benjy knowing that you would not agree to new terms and immediately hired him so he could learn the ropes while you were on your way out ?
  9. ruffypup

    ruffypup SFN Supporter

    I love deepspace.
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  10. Sim Sabean Full Member

    Take some advice from a World Famous Program Director

    Pat Cooper may be banned from the building but he's not from the airwaves

    Have someone line up his call for the appearance and don't tell Jackie

    This could be radio platinum in the making

    Oh YEAAH!!!

    I can almost guarantee you'll get airtime from Howard for it too ;)
  11. ruffypup

    ruffypup SFN Supporter

    The word "Vagine" You say you coined it. Howard says, you are out of your fucking mind. If you could somehow find the actual audio of the first time you used this word along with your explanation might help your claim with Howard scratch that..the fans.
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  12. HSFansince1980s

    HSFansince1980s SFN Gold Supporter

    Excellent! I used to love when Jackie did his Robin voice. :cheesy: What does he think of the three day work week?
  13. ClumpyStern

    ClumpyStern SFN Supporter

    Definitely want in if possible.

    Favorite moments:

    The "don't make a mockery of this" speech.
    The Cardoza Hotel "non" plug.
    The jetty that floated away.
    "Fred's still wearing his Halloween mask."
    The shack with the water view through a 1-foot window if you climb into the attic.
    Amputee sex.
    Salvaging the bass they used to beat a broad's ass with to cook for dinner.
    The roast where he bombed because they told everybody not to laugh that Jackie "wasn't" upset about at all.
  14. ruffypup

    ruffypup SFN Supporter

    Why have you meeting with Tim on your off days? Are you in negotiation for a Howard TV project ? I think a visual Jokehunt would elevate attention not only to current listeners of the show but to your fans that never joined the revolution.... with proper marketing,,, I see a Jackie's Jokehunt via Howard TV be a tremendous asset to gaining back some oldskool fans....
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  15. ruffypup

    ruffypup SFN Supporter

    I am the Queen!
  16. Sim Sabean Full Member

    My favorite moments of Jackie are the BBQ Ribs stink finger in the butt incident & the Jackie apologizing to his wife tape

    I'll already be in the building so feel free to choose another volunteer
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