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11-10-11 Super Fan Roundtable

Discussion in 'Super Fan Roundtable' started by Mutt, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. Mutt


    Super Fan Roundtable
    6 Year Anniversary
    November 10th 2011

    Show #307 Guests: Gina, Michelle Ferrell, Otto, Gay Tony


    Show airs live every Thursday at 7p with replays Friday at 11a & Saturday night at midnight.

    Call into the show @ 1-888-STERN-101

    eMail: SuperFanRoundtable@gmail.com
    Voicemail & Text: 1-919-69-STERN


    6 YEARS TODAY: Our first show was 6 years ago on 11-10-05. Jon Hein was the host & the panel was Ralph, Mutt, Bobo, & Gay Tony. (here's a list of all the shows) The show then & now, how has it evolved?

    KNUCKLEHEAD: Brett Ratner called in to defend his Micheal Jackson story & wound up saying so much he was bumped from The Oscars. Is it a knucklehead move to appear on the Stern Show OR Brett Ratner just a knucklehead?

    BEST GUEST: David Arquette, Collin Quinn, Brett Ratner, Chyna, Darrell Hammond, Chris Martin Of Coldplay, etc

    - Benjy takes over the the Gloria Allred / Herman Cain accuser press conference & gets lots of press. What's the fan feedback, was it boring, success, or failure? What else should he have said? Was it a mistake to say "Fuck You I'm fine"?
    - Why not mention the show? Wasn't Lucas Del'Abate enough of a mention?
    - Elisa & Benjy made out & though she's not attracted to him she thinks they should move in together. WTF is going on w/ these two? Is it possible they fuck & Benjy is hiding it?
    - Howard asks, what does "Benjy is Cock Strong" mean?

    - DePace does not have access to Howard monitors and got caught moving the remote control camera to spy over Howard's shoulder. He claims it's for legit reasons but everyone else including Howard think it's because he's a weasel & wants to see what people are saying about him. You heard it, what's your response to his actions, Howard's response, & DePace's?
    - Since caught he's thrown Goodsteen, Phelan, & Kaplan under the bus in an attempt to divert attention from him. Is he a flaming asshole or is this just acceptable Stern Show behavior?
    - Has his unwillingness to let it drop blown this into more than it needed to be or like he says is it everyone else?
    - Does everyone gang up on DePace or does he battle everyone in some have to be right no matter what facts confront him mentality?

    LISA & BENJY: Lisa seems concerned about Benjy. Is it a friends concern or something more?

    - Did Kaplan's annoying laugh ruin the Chris Martin interview?
    - Scott the Engineer sat in the tickle chair for the interview & when there was a headphone technical problem, he didn't bother getting up to solve it. What is the fan opinion of Scott's work ethic?

    WISH WE DID THE SHOW LATER: This week Howard said he wished we started the show @ 7 or 8. Chris Martin also said it was too early to sing & too early for the rest of Coldplay to come in. Should Howard move the show to later in the day? How would it effect you?

    DICK: Andy Dick says he'll be on Greg Fitzimmons soon and wants to come on Howard & mend fences. Will either of these happen? Is what he said that bad that he's dead tot he show?

    no seats left in 2011 - I will start booking the new year when we get there.

    308: 11-17-11 - Abe Kanon in studio, will have to reschedule some of this panel- Liz B (SFRT), Barbara B (SFRT), Steve R (SFRT), Keith W ? (SFRT) [FULL]
    OFF: 11-24-11 - Thanksgiving
    309: 12-01-11 - nursegrrl8, denise, CIAhole, uberman (FB) [FULL]
    310: 12-08-11 - Pedro, Bobo, Mooski (SFRT), Sean B (SFRT) [FULL]
    OFF: 12-15-11
    OFF: 12-22-11 - Christmas
    OFF: 12-29-11 - New Years
    311: 01-05-12
    312: 01-12-12
    313: 01-19-12
    314: 01-26-12

    NEED TO RESCHEDULE - kolowski123, Javier the ETM Expert, Bruce, Alan R (SFRT), Robbie the K, noname, William M (FB), Patrick B (SFRT), Chris G (SFRT), Lucas O (SFRT), William M (FB), ChadMD, Sam S (SFRT)

  2. Jeton Full Member

    :hw: late nite? was wondering where this was...i just bumped the thread with ur previous last post from Saturday...glad ur ok. :D
  3. tallguy Full Member

    After today's last FU from Howard when marble mouth was on, why bother with a super fan RT?
  4. jonpow

    jonpow SFN Gold Supporter

    Any chance of clips from old shows?
  5. buddah674 Full Member

    Go back and look at the topics that were taked about on the 1st show 6 years ago. That should be an eye opener.

    Oh and no more David Arquette
  6. Jeton Full Member

    :console: nobody lives up to their hype anymore, huh?

    :secret: there's a way u can tell them all to go fuck themselves...it's easy if u try...:yes:


    don't think about it, just do it. hurry up...seriously...;)

  7. Jeton Full Member

    i still have that paper...and yes, little has changed. :giggle:
  8. Mutt


    the 12/15 show got canceled. sorry guys
  9. jonpow

    jonpow SFN Gold Supporter

    Could you tell us why?
  10. ruffypup

    ruffypup SFN Supporter

    I like David Arquette and I like Benjy.......does this make me soft ?
  11. The Butler Full Member

    Celebrity Superfan?
  12. ruffypup

    ruffypup SFN Supporter

    Howard pretending to be upset with Booey for having too many guests on then going on to say that for now on there will be no more than 2 guests per show. I FUCKING CALLED OUT... a month before that the show is gearing soley for Howard TV.... The man needs to make MONEY! As well...fuckwshit
  13. Timmy Full Member

    ratner.... And how everyone hates him.
  14. whatsit101

    whatsit101 SFN Supporter

    Yeah, the show sucked today until the CQ/DA interview. That was really good.
  15. ruffypup

    ruffypup SFN Supporter

    Listen to me Timmy! That douchebag that called TWUS to say he didnt like Ratner was a shill for Howard. Howard still dont like Ratner,,, and was irritated by Ratners confident truth about himself. I really like Ratcliff and his like a big bush,,,, seeled the deal for me. Howard is extremely jealous of his honest confidence and as it may have came across a lil obnoxious... I liked it....maybe for the fact that his self praise was so out of the ordinary that he left the real slick dicks scratching their heads.... He is just built that way and has no apologies all alone is all we are
  16. whatsit101

    whatsit101 SFN Supporter

    That is your impression of that guy???...eesh I hated him.
  17. whatsit101

    whatsit101 SFN Supporter

    I am listening to it again right now and he is everything I hate about LA.
  18. ruffypup

    ruffypup SFN Supporter

    I dunno.....I just want give him a fair shake cuz Howard and Co. really pre- promoted that he was a douchebag so I think his calling in was pretty brave and it seems Howard took pleasure in setting him up with saying douchey things,,,, but I really dont have any real opinion on this guy as this was my first time hearing him and I didnt hear the complete interview as a whole moreso in pieces n parts....
  19. whatsit101

    whatsit101 SFN Supporter

    he is the personification of why I quit dating.
  20. ruffypup

    ruffypup SFN Supporter

    Ill have to listen closer to the interview,,,, but if you feel that way and you feel that this one guy represents all men,,, that's not good. Everyone human is unique it's not just a girl v guy thin IMO.... I mean cmahn now!
  21. whatsit101

    whatsit101 SFN Supporter

    no not at all.. but when I ventured into that LA dating scene I did come across that type. I believe in love. I love men. so there.:p
  22. Mutt


    6 year anniversary of SFRT

    How was the show born? Howard in Dec 2005 Howard said SFN was like crack to him & he wanted the SFRT to be the radio version of SFN. Ralph was almost the host but Jon took on the job during those first months before Howard came to Sirius.

    how has it evolved
  23. Jeton Full Member

    a couple of months ago some douchebags were declaring that you were using SFRT to do Tim's bidding. i created this thread in response:

  24. Mutt


    DePace does not have access to Howard & will's monitor so he moves the remote camera around to spy over Howard's shoulder. he claims it's for legit reasons but everyone else including Howard think it's because he's a weasel & wants to see what people are saying about him.

    when caught he threw goodsteen & gange under the bus saying they do it too.

    doth protest too much. DePace made a huge deal about it while telling everyone it's a non-story.
  25. Mutt


    i've never thought of the the boots / shuli show as the SFRT. i think that was a totally different show but who knows. it was early on before shuli had been hired for the H100 news.

    I booked all 13 of the shows by sending the names & contact info to jon each week including booking you for the first one. it's very possible boots suggested you to me, I don't remember.

    jon was never intended to be the perm host because he couldn't do the night fan show & be there in the AM for the wrap up show. out of the first 13 shows I was a guest on more than half of them. on the 13th show jon went to the 1st commercial & when we came back I was the host.

    I also booked the ralph roast thing which we did after the roundtable one week though it NEVER aired. ralph was supposed to do something w/ the audio but it never happened. this was not when you are remembering it. it was later after I was the host.

    for the record, howard has in no way every controlled me or sfn thru the show. they are actually very open & let me do almost anything I want. if anything, the show has kept me out of trouble.

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