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12-21-06 Super Fan Roundtable Listening Thread

Discussion in 'Super Fan Roundtable' started by Mutt, Dec 21, 2006.

  1. Mutt


    Super Fan Roundtable
    December 21st 7-8PM on Howard 101

    Guests : Joey Boots, Lori, BaBaBoston, Shelly (Jason Kaplan's mom)

    BEST OF 2006
    - This week they played the best of 2006. What are your favorite shows from the past year? What didn't they play that they should have?
    - They used full shows. Would you have preferred a clips show like the Labor Day Weekend special?
    - They've been playing the shows in order. what changes have you noticed as the show evolved?
    - BEST/WORST interview?
    - BEST/WORST stunt?
    - BEST/WORST gay moment?
    - BEST/WORST Sybian ride?
    - BEST/WORST Howard TV moment
    - BEST/WORST Howard 100 News story
    - BEST/WORST musical moment?
    - BEST/WORST event / roast?
    - BEST/WORST new addition to the show? (could be a bit or a person)
    - BEST/WORST returning guest / reconciliation
    - BEST/WORST Artie story
    - BEST/WORST millionaire Howard story
    - BEST/WORST spin off show / trial

    BREAK #1

    - Captain Janks
    - Sour Shoes
    - Visits from Bubba
    - News Updates
    - Elliot Offen
    - Penny Crowne Documentaries
    - Football Pools
    - Martha Stewart
    - Crying on the Show

    BREAK #2

    - Did you give the gift of Sirius his season? What deal did you find? Did you include service?
    - Why do you think it is / isn't a great gift?

    Howard has been talking about getting a new tattoo but he needs a design. What should he get and where should he put it?
  2. Pete From PA

    Pete From PA SFN Gold Supporter

    In! (Jason's mom? This should be great!)
  3. C.I.A-Hole

    C.I.A-Hole SFN Gold Supporter

    Let's Do this!
  4. SoCalJeff

    SoCalJeff SFN Gold Supporter

  5. KingOfAllMedia

    KingOfAllMedia SFN Supporter

  6. biancas tick Full Member

  7. KingOfAllMedia

    KingOfAllMedia SFN Supporter

    Here's all the answers you need.
  8. Señor Pedro

    Señor Pedro
    SFN Staff

    Yo voy a llamar :hw:
  9. C.I.A-Hole

    C.I.A-Hole SFN Gold Supporter

    Got my topics and ready to dial :prank:
  10. The Butler Full Member

    Re: Re: 12-21-06 Super Fan Roundtable Listening Thread

    Let me guess, not a Cabbie fan?

    Have a great show ev'rybody. :hw:
  11. Señor Pedro

    Señor Pedro
    SFN Staff

    Tengan un buen show!!! :bigup:
  12. Jeton Full Member

  13. C.I.A-Hole

    C.I.A-Hole SFN Gold Supporter

    Good to see you Pedro :hw:
  14. copter Well-Known Member

    J's mom is on NICE!!!
  15. Señor Pedro

    Señor Pedro
    SFN Staff

    Gracias. :)

    Tu haces buenas llamadas en cada show. :bigup:
  16. Zena Buddysgirl

    Zena Buddysgirl
    SFN Staff

    in hold yet??
  17. oug13

    oug13 SFN Gold Supporter

    Have good one SFRT!

    BaBa shake it uppp!!!!!!!!!
  18. jonpow

    jonpow SFN Gold Supporter

    Greetings and happy holidays
  19. Zena Buddysgirl

    Zena Buddysgirl
    SFN Staff

    fire this fucker upppppppppppppppppp
  20. copter Well-Known Member

    mark out to Lori :jerk:
  21. Señor Pedro

    Señor Pedro
    SFN Staff

    Hola Buddysgirl :hw:
  22. C.I.A-Hole

    C.I.A-Hole SFN Gold Supporter

  23. Zena Buddysgirl

    Zena Buddysgirl
    SFN Staff

    hola como esta
  24. biancas tick Full Member

    Hell ya- Love those guys :D

    sista Lori

    Truck Driver Rick- He is my secret lover

    JBoots- Timmy is home alone :santa: again
  25. gwarn1

    gwarn1 SFN Gold Supporter

    I thought Italiafem was supposed to be on this week

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