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30/30 Rule now 15/15

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Mutt, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. cavlou Full Member

    Hi ohhhhh!
  2. Mister Patel

    Mister Patel Closed by User

    Alrighty then . . .
  3. Mutt


    you already have 42 posts so yes all you need is 15 days to be a full member. you registered tuesday so it's be 2 weeks
  4. max_headroom Full Member

    Nice. Hopefully this encourages hot chicks to join.
    DrugDealer likes this.
    • This user has been removed from public view.
  5. DrugDealer Full Member

    Welcome to the forum! If that's you on the AV, you are quite beautiful. :hi: :thumbup:
    . :showoff:
  6. Mugsysam1974 Full Member

    Thank you very much for the welcome. And yes that is me on the AV, and thank you also for saying that.
  7. CaptainCupcake Full Member

  8. devoelodi Full Member

    cool. my first 30 and 30 lasted forever. it sucked. plus everything i said got shot down by everyone. i was discouraged. all i wanted to see was the adult forum.
  9. John Daniels

    John Daniels
    SFN Staff


    You got a mouse in your pocket?
  10. artiesoffspring Full Member

    A lot like the curtain room they used to have in video stores.
  11. Bongsmoke///

    Bongsmoke/// Closed by User

    do you, superfan?
  12. ArtiesHabit Full Member

    Thank You, Mutt! Much appreciated!
  13. nydude80 Probationary Member

    Here is my first post 14 more to go
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  14. Bongsmoke///

    Bongsmoke/// Closed by User

    what did you guys get banned for?
  15. BOXofROX Full Member

    You should meet Drug Dealer and Artie's Liver...they're veterans but they have been attempting to cleanse this site of any negativity for a long time. You should be in good company with them.
  16. James G Probationary Member

  17. Jedi Beavis

    Jedi Beavis SFN Gold Supporter

    You said "full member."
  18. epacop Full Member

    there's an adult forum here somewhere?
  19. Bongsmoke///

    Bongsmoke/// Closed by User

    where's ralph?
  20. gtjeff2004 Full Member

  21. Charlie Don't Surf Full Member

    What's the difference?
  22. Bongsmoke///

    Bongsmoke/// Closed by User

    where's turd_cutter been?
  23. heritage04 Full Member

    There's my 15!

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