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30/30 Rule now 15/15

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Mutt, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. candycab Probationary Member

    Thank You Sir :) I do more reading than posting but I will get there eventually.
  2. whammer Full Member

    Who are you a mult of?
  3. nydude80 Probationary Member

    i am no mult
  4. nydude80 Probationary Member

    you can ask mutt himself if you want he knows i am not a mult
  5. RobertMuldowneyJr Full Member

    I..... am..... not....... a........ mult
  6. jaydoggie Probationary Member

    after all these years i finally have my chance to become a member
  7. sha sha seany

    sha sha seany VIP: High Register Sean

    now thats out of the way, time for my mod pwers?!
  8. Bongsmoke///

    Bongsmoke/// Closed by User

    welcome back
  9. Dave Matthews Full Member

    I am not a mult
  10. Bongsmoke///

    Bongsmoke/// Closed by User

    I'm not here to out any mults.

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