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911 pics Not for everyone ie people jumping Dont complain if you cant handle them

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by MadMax, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. MadMax

    MadMax SFN Gold Supporter

    blocks from the site , The cleanup was massive to say the least .
    NY thanks everyone.
  2. MadMax

    MadMax SFN Gold Supporter

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  3. MadMax

    MadMax SFN Gold Supporter

    actually these are the Jerkoffs
  4. ch8ch Full Member

  5. MadMax

    MadMax SFN Gold Supporter

    Thats enough for now ... If I find more that look good for this thread I will post.

    If anyone wants to add go right ahead .

    Also someone mentioned something about zipping the cd's and posting them somewhere
    If anyone knows how to do it. I will gladly take the time to zip and post .
  6. MadMax

    MadMax SFN Gold Supporter

    There are pics on pages 21 and 22 I think with before photos
  7. Erik Full Member

    Thanks for posting the pictures, Max, I needed it. It's too easy to forget the tragedy of the event, and it's too easily becoming just "something that happened" in American history. Looking at how things are recorded in history, things are very dehumanized. Look at the German bombing of London in WWII. You'll hear mostly that it lasted for X number of days, did X amount of damage and X number of people were killed. If you're lucky, you may hear more detail on what the people did when they heard the planes coming, but it becomes very sanitized and clean. Even when there are individual storied told, it's still something that happened "over there," somewhere far off American shores. Neither 911, the bombing of London, nor any other attack where people are killed were clean. They're all messy, ugly and horribly bloody. It never has been and never should be just a number of buildings lost and a number of casualties. These are real people being killed, not just numbers. These were just normal Americans, going about their daily routine, just like you and me, when the attack happened.

    What I thought was fascinating about the reports after the attack were the stories about how the people in the towers reacted. Stories we all heard about people going down stairwells standing to let the injured people get by, of the man who could have gotten out but stayed behind so his handicapped friend wouldn't have to die alone- We may never know how many of these stories are true or not, but it makes the story very human, and something that happened to individuals, friends and family instead of to just a unnamed number of people.

    As for the people like Pat who jumped? As human beings, we are all blessed with the gifts of free will and self determination. Some of the people in the towers were granted a last opportunity to use that gift to decide for themselves how their lives would end. They could decide whether to stay put knowing that you will be burned or crushed to death,or leap and take your own life. Either decision takes a lot of guts. It is an awful thing to see a person decide that the best thing to do is to jump off a tall building, and those images are painful for most of us to look at. But those images drive home both what power there is in the human psyche to be able to make such a decision, and what evil had been visited upon us by others to make those people see that as the best thing to do. These pictures are necessary to help us remember what people are capable of, both in what we can do to ourselves and others can do to us. These pictures bring home the humanity of the attack. Instead of being just 4 planes and 3 buildings in NYC and DC, it becomes something that was so horrible that given the choice, some people took the option of jumping out of a building. It also becomes a picture of what is out there in the world, things that we Americans were blissfully ignorant of because it was "over there," away from our shores. These pictures are not for everyone. Some people are understandably upset by them, which is why you made it so clear from the beginning that they would be here.

    We did not have the technology that we had on 911 during previous conflicts. We had digital communication and 24 hour news for the first gulf war, but that was cleaned up for American consumption. On 911, cell phone cameras, digital cameras and video cameras were common, so we had pictures and videos from average people almost instantly, which could capture images of everything that was happening, including the fates that some people in the towers chose for themselves. And those who had the images had to decide whether to delete them, keep them to themselves or allow them to go public.

    And just think, 15 years or so ago, I used to think computers were awful things because they dehumanized everything. Now it seems like they are the best thing for bringing the humanity of everything right back to us fast and hard.

    Before anyone says that I think that it is a good thing to have people jump to their deaths, let me tell you that I don't. But given the horrific circumstances that they were in at that time, I'm just pointing out that some had to decide for themselves whether to go down with the building or end their own lives. I just think that this shows the strength and dignity of the human spirit that we all share.

    And thank you for this pic. I cried when I saw it-

  8. tomgunns

    tomgunns SFN Gold Supporter

    I'll never forget that day....I was painting the exterior of a stucco house that morning..It was a bit chilly but the sun was out and the sky was so clear (outside of Philly) I was listening to Howard on my headphones as I always do and heard first hand what was going on as Howard found out himself....

    Looking at these pictures infuriates me...

    I am also overwhelmed with sadness...

    Thank you for posting these photos......
  9. Gripweed2216 Full Member


    i was the one who suggested zipping them.

    1) go into windows explorer.
    2) put all the pictures into a folder.
    3) Now theres two programs that do this..theres winzip..and winrar. I have winrar. But I think I remember how to do it with winzip so I will post both.
    In winrar...
    right click somewhere in the "white" part of the windows explorer window. i.e. not on a file or folder. Click New....and then Winrar Archive. Name the archive whatever and hit enter.
    In winzip...
    right click and I believe go to New..and then I think there is a New Winzip Folder? Something along those lines. Again, name the folder and hit enter.

    4) Drag the folder with the pictures on top of the winrar or winzip folder you just created.

    The folder will now be zipped up into that winrar or winzip folder you made.

    As far as hosting goes...theres many different programs. Google file sharing and you'll find something. i've never personally hosted a file so maybe someone else can help with that.

    Let me know if that works or if you need more help.
  10. MadMax

    MadMax SFN Gold Supporter

    Erik , Thanks for taking the time to look through the thread and pick out that little story.
    Every word is true.

    And Tomgunns , thank you too
  11. MadMax

    MadMax SFN Gold Supporter

    Hey Grip, I know how to zip, I just have never did a filesharing or hosting. I'll look into it and get back to you so you know where it is. I know we can file tranfer on AOL IM

    I'll try some things tomorrow . I'm a little sore right now I had surgery on my shoulder yesterday and they kept me in the hospital until this afternoon. I wasn't even going to post tonight but I got carried away. Alot of views and support.
    Thanks again
  12. MadMax

    MadMax SFN Gold Supporter

    thats why I posted about 20 before photos starting around page 20 or so. between 21 and 31 there are a ton of pics
  13. Total Blam Blam

    Total Blam Blam SFN Gold Supporter

    Its good that you posted the before pics after the after pictures. Sort of drives it all home for me. I remember that I kept thinking that the end of the world was very near.
  14. Erik Full Member

    Cut her a break. Before her "I want jumpers" post, she also said this-

    "I want jumpers" may have been a poor choice of words, but I don't think she meant it the way it sounded.
  15. artistbehr Full Member

    The news services are doing a disservice to this country by NOT showing the pictures of people falling. By shielding the masses it only encourages complacency.

    I knew a girl who died on the 93rd floor of building number one. I don't know if she fell or not--she was never found, but so that her death not be in vein WE MUST NEVER FORGET! If that means offending your delicate sensibilities by having you view the most graphic of images--TOO BAD!
    If we don't remember we won't have any sensibilities left to offend....we'll be dead.
  16. Pgh. Wizard Full Member

    I agree, being from Pittsburgh I never saw the inside before, and am glad you showed those inside pictures. Thanks again Max.
  17. Duffman Full Member

    We as Americans need to see pics like this. I never saw the pics from inside and that really hits you hard seeing what even the people trapped had to deal with. Thanks Max!!
  18. Pgh. Wizard Full Member

    Very cool web site

    I was looking threw some of my bookmarks after reading this thread and found this. I have had it for a few years and it was perfectly done. You will see many of the same pictures in this vid. I thought it was truely a moving site. I haven't seen it posted yet.
  19. Stony71 Full Member

    I never saw the WTC in person, and Never Will. Thanks Max...and I don't think showing the Poeple falling is too much...Too much is what the Spanish Univision station in L.A. Did...the day of and for 2 days later...about %80 of the Clips they showed on TV was of the People Falling.... Fucken Mexicans (who own the station and Network)....Again, Thanks.
  20. MadMax

    MadMax SFN Gold Supporter

    Re: Very cool web site

    Thanks for the contribution to the thread.
    It should be viewed all the way through .
    Other people put in links as well.
  21. jroregon187 Full Member

    "9/11 conspiracy theorists thriving By JUSTIN POPE, AP Education Writer
    1 hour, 57 minutes ago
    Kevin Barrett believes the U.S government might have destroyed the World Trade Center. Steven Jones is researching what he calls evidence that the twin towers were brought down by explosives detonated inside them, not by hijacked airliners"

    If this is true every Arab should have there butt kissed from now till the end of time
  22. pocono Full Member

  23. Gripweed2216 Full Member

    hunter s. thompson was working on a book with undisputable proof that the government not only knew it was going to happen..but placed explosives in the towers so when it did happen..they could blast them and knock them down. Then Hunter was killed....he didn't commit suicide..he was murdered.
  24. Total Blam Blam

    Total Blam Blam SFN Gold Supporter

    BTW,5 years ago today, Aug. 6, 2001, the president was informed that there was a planned attack by these kooks on America.

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