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AARON CARTER Dating HAWAIIAN TROPIC model now-Pics inside!!

Discussion in 'Old Chat' started by hendrix5150, Nov 9, 2004.

  1. hendrix5150 Full Member

    If you guys hated that little shit Aaron Carter, here is more reason to hate him more. He is dating 21 year old HAWAIIAN TROPIC model MONIQUE DECORMIER. Now mind you, he is only 16 years old. This kid has the life. Thanx to his older brother's Gay sounding boy band. Have you guys ever heard this kids music, put it this way Paris Hilton has more talent in her pinky finger then he does in his whole body heheeh.

    News Story:

    Pop teen AARON CARTER has long moved on from wrestling legend HULK HOGAN's daughter - he's now dating a woman five years his senior.

    The 16-year-old I WANT CANDY singer, who was at the centre of a feud between HILARY DUFF and LINDSAY LOHAN when he dated both of them at the same time, revealed he was dating BROOKE BOLLEA in the summer (04).

    But things appear to have fizzled quite some time ago, because he now admits that the new love of his life is 21-year-old HAWAIIAN TROPIC model MONIQUE DECORMIER - and they've been together for five months on the sly

    He tells US WEEKLY, "I love dating an older woman. They're much easier to deal with!"

    Hogan had previously said of Carter, "I told him, 'I know this isn't your first barbecue. But you better act like you don't know how to cook, or it's going to be curtains for your skinny little ass!"








  2. hendrix5150 Full Member

  3. evolcom1 Full Member

    she probably hasn't realized he 16 yet.
  4. sinisterurge100 Full Member

    I hope this kids dick falls off :afs:
  5. Sexmachine Full Member

    Hillary Duff is hotter



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  6. JoeyBoots HATER

    Dirty sluts.
  7. hendrix5150 Full Member

    yeah I know.. personally I cant stand these Blond Bimbo types, but she is hot none the less. But you know she is dating this kid because he is famous. I mean really come on :)

    Check out Pic number 7, she looks like Porn Star Silvia Saint who is a piece of ass man!
  8. JoeyBoots HATER

    yeah she's a goldigging/coattail riding dirty slut.......fuckin' fake tit havin' whore. :boobies: :jerk: :cum:
  9. bc01752 Probationary Member

    What the fuck is wrong with this world. 16 year old no talent piece of shit can get this smoker. No doubt about it, fame pays big time.
  10. psycopnut Full Member

    holy shit, thats unreal. i bet her hand is in his wallet right now.
  11. Slurpdog Full Member

    Long as she looks as good as she does here, i could care less where her hand was, as long as mine in her up to my elbow. :hump:
  12. jimbob999 Probationary Member

    she's making her way up the celebrity chain, he'll be a quick stop.
  13. Michael Angelo

    Michael Angelo SFN Gold Supporter

    somebody must kill this kid. now.

    isn't this the little faggot who started out singing country music???
  14. jimbob999 Probationary Member

    i think his mom might kill him. the kids seem tame compared to their f'ed up parents.
  15. looccy Probationary Member

    ki toy jonson blows them both out of the water. she was in outkast's i like the way you move video....i say hot damn.....
  16. BigDBrad Full Member

    if this clown carter is still trying to get over Paris while dating this broad.................shoot the faggot!!!!
  17. Timmy Full Member

    YA know we should cheer Carter. Hes doing what we all would do if we could. Its the chick that deserves scorn. Star fucking whorethat she is.
  18. The Bad Guy Full Member

    I need to figure out how to lipsync.
  19. The Bad Guy Full Member

    Wrong Carter. Nick is the one you're thinking of, Aaron is his douchebag younger brother.
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  20. WhatRUaRetaaard Full Member

    Anything can happen if u have some dough and plastered on tv. shes a friggin gold digger, she's a cunt
  21. raygun44 Full Member

    watch your money aaron
  22. jtotorio424 Full Member

    Those are the worst fake tits I've ever seen on a Hawaiian Tropic girl. She got the $2000 stripper special.
  23. Daswiz Full Member

    I wish I had a famous brother. Look at all these celebrities that are catapulting their siblings to celebrity status just becasue of their fame. Example is Jamie Lynn Spears, if it wasnt for her sister that little fuckin hick would be working at McDonalds by the time she turned 21, and not putting out albums at like the age of 13.

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