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adult forum weirdos

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by mochinist, Mar 12, 2010.

  1. mochinist

    mochinist SFN Gold Supporter

    What possesses a guy/guys to take their time to post pictures for other guys to jack off to?

    example a guy on the front page right now "acerider", if you look at the threads he has started, it looks like he only post in that forum

    I guess it is nice of him, he can go to all the virus ridden porn sites and steal bandwidth to post on SFN, I just dont get the appeal :dontknow:

    If it wasn't for the Hooker thread and the whales of SFN thread, I would never even go in there, no need to download porn with all the tube sites out there and I never want to watch one more than once anyways.
  2. ItsBigForty

    ItsBigForty Closed by User


    When I read your thread title the first person that came to mind was acerider.
  3. supergooch Full Member

    whales of sfn. :spit:
  4. mochinist

    mochinist SFN Gold Supporter

  5. supergooch Full Member

    To his credit, there are two threads he started in :quote:Hot Chick Pics:quote: so it's not ALL in adult.
  6. Maschine Zeit Full Member

    most are ugly skanks also.
  7. mochinist

    mochinist SFN Gold Supporter

    They should rename that the pedo forum, whole nother set of weirdos there.
  8. use

    use SFN Gold Supporter

    link me the whales of sfn please
  9. PoorP-226 Full Member

    I think the only benefit is when they upload higher quality vids to mediafire or rapidshare to download.

    The porn tube sites all work good but they can't hold a light to high quality full screen vids.

    Acerider's sets are mostly shit too. He has poor taste in ass.
  10. Maschine Zeit Full Member

    shut the fuck up. that's the only reason why i go there.
  11. Daveindiego Full Member

    Hooker thread? :scratch:
  12. havoc Full Member

    i read da bababooey2uall thread las month. that fool be crazy, fuckin all them sluts an droppin loads in em. he thought he was about to die las month an was sayin goodbye to everyone but i guess he still postin.
  13. mochinist

    mochinist SFN Gold Supporter

    high quality vids of some of these girls is liking seeing that stripper you thought was hot, out in the parking lot, good lighting can be scary :yes:
  14. Rodaen

    Rodaen SFN Supporter

  15. mochinist

    mochinist SFN Gold Supporter

    I didnt say anything

    its got a new name now.
  16. Tbones

    Tbones Closed by User

    wtf is with all those stupid thread titles acerider uses? Creepy.
  17. PoorP-226 Full Member

    For real. I only need it for about 3 minutes and 8 seconds though so i'm happy with good lighting and the illusion. :)
  18. don fredo

    don fredo SFN Gold Supporter

    i like the suicide girls thread.
  19. Tarpon1965

    Tarpon1965 SFN Supporter

    I think Acerider does a good job in posting threads in Adult. I agree, his thread titles are weird.
  20. mochinist

    mochinist SFN Gold Supporter

    I guess I'm old, cuz I think most of those bitches have ruined their bodies with too many shitty tattoos and giant earrings/face piercings.
    • This user has been removed from public view.
  21. don fredo

    don fredo SFN Gold Supporter

    I think chicks with ink are hot...not a big fan of piercings though.
  22. havoc Full Member

    true that, hoes should never get tattoz unless there lesbians an tryin to look like men
  23. DrivenByDemons

    DrivenByDemons SFN Gold Supporter

    I signed up for that forum, then I found the lounge. Haven't been back there since.
  24. carlito_tx Full Member

    I hope he posts forever. :bwtd:

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